Bee Movie

Posted by Sarah on Jan 23, 2011 in Uncategorized |

Just had to write as I listen to Bethie. There must be a part on the Bee Movie DVD where they are interviewing the characters in the movie. These questions are written, then they have them answering them out loud. Beth is playing the part of the interviewer. Beth ” Barry, what’s with the black and yellow jumper?” Barry (a bee) answers something back about why he has the black and yellow stripes. It’s as though Beth has written the interview. She even pauses it after reading it to give Barry time to answer! I’ll have to film her doing it if it doesn’t make her too self conscious, it’s hilarious.

It also has a part on it where the favourite scenes from Pixar movies are on there, including songs, right up Beth’s alley. She has taught herself to click her fingers and counts time to the music while doing this. I always thought you could either click your fingers or you couldn’t. I can’t do it. Maybe I’ll have to get Beth to teach me!


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