Another small step

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I’ve been out for half the afternoon today, I went to my lovely cousin Claire’s baby shower, horrible day for a drive as it rained all day but I had a very nice girly afternoon so it was well worth it.

Paul decided to take the kids for a swim to Monbulk Pool where they have their swimming lessons. When I got home Paul was keen to tell me about how good Beth was at the pool. Usually Beth isn’t a very independant child at all, some of this is of course me as sometimes it’s just easier to do things for her rather than waiting for her to decide whether or not she’s going to do something. Usually when she has her swimming lesson Bridie goes in for a dip too and then I take them into the showers and get them dressed. The usual thing is for me to dry Beth while Bridie stays in the shower. Then I hand her her clothes and ask her to put them on. I must admit that she’s been pretty good lately but sometimes it can take several attempts at me asking before the job is done. If I have Bill with me too we all go into the family change room which is really the staff change room and the kids all shower and dress in there.

Anyway, as Paul had all 3 today he was going to take them into the family change room but Beth got quite indignant and insisted that she go into the ladies change room and change herself. Paul said he gave her her towel and clothes and off she went, only to come out all dry and dressed! When he commented that she hadn’t brought her bathers out she went off and found them and brought them out too. What a giant step, it’s clearly time to start more independance, especially as it’s being initiated by Beth herself. I don’t know if the flaxseed oil made any difference in this instance or not but it’s still a huge leap forward for her. Paul did say too that she was showing him her swimming strokes too and she did really well there so it’ll be interesting to see how she goes in her first lesson back for the term.

We’re off to Sandy Point tomorrow until Thursday so let’s see how the holiday goes, really looking forward to a few walks with Minka on the beach so it should be nice. I’ll of course jot it all down when we’re back!


A new development

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Well things seem to be going pretty well so far. I think I have to scale back my expectations a bit. I suppose I’ve had a bit of a fantasy about the day that Beth is healed and her not being autistic anymore but I have to remember that she’s been autistic for 10 years so her learned behaviours of those years wont magically go away with treatment. I think I was looking out for that miracle moment when I would think “oh look it’s working” but it’s going to be a lot slower than that and a lot more subtle than that I see now.

For example Beth speaks in a high pitched voice and it’s quite monotoned at times. This is fairly common in autistic kids as in some instances that’s how they hear things so that’s how they learn to speak. That will probably always be the case whether Beth is autistic or not because that’s how she’s been taught in her mind. I know people still have accents 60 plus years after moving to a new country, some things can’t be changed completely. Also, there are of course many many things that she’s behind her peers in being able to do, socially and academically, these things don’t all of a sudden get better whether she’s well or not. Of course once the fog has cleared it should hopefully be a lot easier to teach her and believe me, she can be a pretty quick learner when she wants to be. (Unfortunately she quite often doesn’t!)

Anyway, one of these subtle changes has been taking place over the last couple of days. It’s been 5 full days since we started taking the flaxseed oil in earnest and Richard Malter said we should see rapid improvement so I’ve been looking out for the signs.

One thing that has always frustrated me about Beth is that her short term memory seems to be nonexistant at times. She’ll remember things from years ago but if you ask her about something 5 minutes ago she’ll have no idea. The worst of these times are when she’ll be playing with something that she probably shouldn’t or has taken from one of the other kids, then it goes missing and when you ask her she will either make something up, stare into the distance or just say “I don’t know.” I don’t mind the I don’t know answer so much because this is a development that has only happened this year. In the past she would just tell me something and I would be looking all over the house and it just wouldn’t be there. Then it dawned on me that I had never taught her that she could say “I don’t know” if she had no idea. She was either trying to shut me up or wanting to tell me an answer that was required so was just telling me what I wanted to hear. Problem was, the thing was never there!

Yesterday we’d been at Grandma and Grandpa’s and I’d given her her medicine. She had the magnet on her finger and I’d forgotten to take it off. When it came time to go home I asked her where it was. She looked at me blankly and then when I prompted her by asking if it was in the study she just said yes. Well I looked up and down and couldn’t find it anywhere. When I got back out to the car I opened the door and told her that no, it wasn’t anywhere to be found. Then the lightbulb went on! “It’s in the bathroom, that’s where I took it off.” Lo and behold, there it was! This was a good 5 or 10 minutes after the first time I asked her, not sure how long it had been since she’d actually taken it off. I was blown away as this is the first time she’d answered a ‘where is’ question appropriately.

Then this morning it happened again. The kids were all playing with the Simpsons Stickums characters that had come with the Herald Sun recently. Beth loves the Itchy and Scratchy characters and these 2 were the only ones missing. Bill said in a resigned voice “oh well, guess Beth put them somewhere and we wont be able to find them.” Without any prompting Beth piped up with “No, they’re in my room.” Bill said that he’d looked there but of course being a male he couldn’t see them! Beth insisted that they were there and went and got them to show him. Wow, how fantastic that was! It’s going to be the little things that make the differences but add them all up and they’ll make all the difference in the world.


HAGS rule OK!

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While I’ve got a quick five minutes I couldn’t go any further without mentioning my wonderful band of friends, the HAGS girls. We all went out for dinner last night and it was such a good night, full of good belly laughs.

HAGS stands for Happy Autism Group Support. It started with just 4 of us and has grown to about 12 or 13 regulars plus about 30 on our mailing list. Jen and I met at Irabina in early intervention days and met Clare once at a function there. I ran into Clare again at Weight Watchers of all places and did the whole “I know your face from somewhere”. We decided to have dinner with Jen and have a catch up, then Clare asked if she could bring her friend Amanda from school who also had an autistic son. Of course, the more the merrier was the consensus. I have to add that Amanda had a back up plan, she was to signal her husband Geoff somehow to get him to call with an emergency if it was too stressful! I guess it was like a blind date of sorts.

We had such a great night and we jokingly said that we should start a support group. We had all been to depressing ones where people just sat around and bitched (mind you, we do our fair share of that!) and that’s not what we wanted for our group so we wanted the emphasis to be on the word happy. We juggled the letters around and had a laugh when we realised that they could spell HAGS. (We could have been SHAGS if we had added another letter but we’ve left that title to our partners!) We said “why not!” It’s a catchy name and it shows that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Thus, HAGS was born.

At the time I was doing Pilates at Selby Community House on Mondays and they have a lovely room there, along with child care, so I said I’d talk to them there about hiring a room once a month and we’d take it from there. We put flyers out at Irabina as well as to all the schools in the district and it’s grown from there. We usually meet every 3 weeks in the school term and go out for dinner about once a month. We’ve had the HAGS and SHAGS dinner (due for another soon I think) and a night away in a city hotel with dinner at Nobu no less. We have a Christmas party and school holiday activities for the whole family. We’ve all bonded really quickly bound by the common denominator that we all have a child on the spectrum, we all get each other. And it’s got to the stage that if we go out for dinner, sometimes we don’t even talk about the fact that we’ve got autistic kids, we just love each other’s company. 

And most importantly we always have a good laugh, what’s better than that. Once we were out for dinner and all the receptionists from our local doctors were there, I’m sure they thought we were all pissed as farts cos we just couldn’t stop laughing! And it was like that last night too, there was Amanda, Clare, Libby, Linda, Nicky, Margaret and myself .(done in alphabetical order so not to favour!) The food was lovely, the company sensational. All along with a few good fart stories to get us cackling!

So thanks girls for just being you, I love our group, it’s inspired me to do this blog and inspired me on to do better for myself and my gorgeous girl.


A Slight Setback

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Well after a slight setback we’re back on track. Beth was ok with the drink (so I thought) but then on Friday night she vomited during dinner saying that she didn’t want the oil anymore. I tried her again a bit later and the first mouthful she vomited back up.

On Saturday morning I took Bill and Bridie swimming so stopped in at the Chemist on the way back. I spoke to Kerry there who said she would talk with the Chemist when he came in on Monday and ask his advice on disguising the disgusting flaxseed oil. It’s not so much the taste that’s so offensive, it’s the fact that it’s 3 teaspoons of oil, making the juice really oily. I then went to the Heath Food Store who suggested either honey or stewed fruit. As you can’t cook it I thought that would be a good solution. On a positive note, when I talked to the lady in the Health Food Store about the fact that Beth is doing chelation therapy she asked who it was with. When I said “Richard…..” she said “Not Richard Malter, he’s wonderful!” She said we’re really on the right track there. As he’s in Frankston and we’re in Belgrave I thought that was a pretty high recommendation indeed.

We got home and I heated a dessertspoon of honey, added the stewed apple and then the oil. Beth had a slight gag but kept it down and then ate the whole thing. So far so good. She has to have this four times a day and I am spoon feeding it to her but hey, whatever way I can get it into her that’s what I’ll do. I’m not all that keen on giving her that much honey each day but it’s only for 6 weeks all up and I think it’s more important to get this stuff into her than anything else at this point in time.

Well as it’s school holidays at the moment I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to get on here. I thought now would be ok cos Bear in the Big Blue House is on but of course Bill has to tell me each funny bit as it happens and as I’m sure a few of you know, Bear’s a pretty funny bear! Bridie’s standing in front of the telly so the others can’t see and running a car up and down so that they can’t hear either. Beth’s being pretty good, just have to occasionally tell her to take her feet off of the table next to the chair. It’s high up but as Beth sits with her feet in the air half the time her feet knock stuff down left right and centre! Of course the computer wont be free at all in a few hours when I let the kids play their games. One day maybe I’ll be able to get a nice little laptop and be able to hide myself away somewhere writing to my hearts content. One can only dream!


Mercury Doctor visit 18th September 2009

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Well we’re back from seeing the mercury detox doctor. Mercury all gone, yay, phase one is over! Wasn’t too much of a stretch, except for the fact that Beth couldn’t have anything citrusy or with the citric acid 330 which is in so many things! It’s not a bad additive or anything, just that it’s got citrus. Which meant that we couldn’t have things like tacos because the taco seasoning mix has it in it. Quite a few other things too, and the only juice she could have was a particular apple one. Luckily she’s pretty cruisy with her foods and adapted well. The other thing she couldn’t do was use her DSI or the Wii which was a bugger, it was like she was being punished. The computer was ok because it’s got a flatscreen. Apparently anything wireless has too many electrodes or something, anyway we managed.

For this next phase which is getting rid of the plaque like virus in her brain, Beth has to drink flaxseed oil which is vile. She has to have 3 teaspoons 4 times a day, then after each time we have to put a pointy magnet on her middle finger, five minutes for left then change it to the right and five minutes on there. Luckily she can now have whatever juice she wants so will tolerate it in apple and blackcurrant juice, but only just. If she wouldn’t then I would have had to try her with capsules that she would have had to have had 40 each DAY. I tried her with one while we were there, explained what to do and tipped the water in. She swallowed and said “delicious” but when I made her open her mouth it was still there! After the third try I realised it just wasn’t going to happen! The other alternative was a machine that all together would have to be on between 300 – 500 hours, strapped onto her arms with little straps. He said we could do that when she’s sleeping but she would have to try to stay still and there was only a 90% chance of that working. I really want to make sure we give it a bloody good shot, if we use that I might think it’s all a croc and the problem is actually just  the way we’re doing it. Or (and picture this) Beth could go there and lie still for 5 – 7 hours with a drip in her arm, twice. Yeah sure, that’s an option! Anyway, so far so good, she’s taking the oil. The magnets are meant to be on the pressure points to send it straight to the brain. We go back in 3 weeks. Hopefully we should start seeing some improvement in that time he said, should be quite soon. In the meantime she still can’t play the hand held things AND she has to sit 4 metres away from any TV that’s not flatscreen cos the electricity is so bad from normal TV’S. Guess I’ve got some work to do on Paul then! I can feel a Good Guys trip coming on.


Sick again

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Well the last week of term is here and, as seems to be the norm, my kids are sick again! It’s always the last week, sometimes also the first week back, you know those times when you’re really looking forward to having a bit of a break knowing that holidays are coming up/ending. And it’s such lovely weather too! I’d love to take Minka for a walk but Bill is throwing up sporadically so not really fair to expect him to walk around with a bucket in his hand!

Beth has got yet another bout of asthma. She’s such a sickly kid, hopefully this doctor that we’re off back to on Friday will help with that. She’s had asthma for years and gets it really bad and the medicine she has to have for it makes her so hyper. As if we need that added extra energy, she’s hyper enough without it. You’re meant to give prednisolone up to 4 times a year, she’s had it 4 times this winter. We went to see Jeff Lindenmayer on Monday, he’s such a lovely man and a terrific doctor. He’s so hard to get into so I jumped at the chance when they said they had a spot available. He’s put her on another preventor twice a day plus the singulair tablet that she takes nightly and it seems to be working so far.

One of the things I like about Jeff as a doctor is that he doesn’t make you feel stupid about trying new things. I told him about Richard Malter (the mercury detox doctor) and he seemed genuinely interested. I keep telling professionals even though I say I’m not going to, I just can’t help myself sometimes! As I explained it all to Jeff I said “I know it’s unorthodox” and Jeff simply said to me “If she was my daughter I’d do exactly the same thing.” It was lovely to hear as lots of professionals talk things down and basically make you feel like a bit of an idiot for trying them. I really believe that if I didn’t have the confidence in some of these therapies then I would be talked out of trying them. And them I might miss the very thing that just could make a difference. Then he surprised me even more by telling me about a book about a boy taken to the Shamans in Mongolia to be healed by them. He said that the author – Rupert Isaacson – had been out promoting his book and Jeff had heard about it. Jeff said that it seems that lots of autistic kids seem to respond well to alternative types of healing like this. How nice of him to volunteer this information and not be one of these people that scorn these therapies. As we both said, everything when it’s new is thought of as alternative, hopefully one day these therapies will go hand in hand with each other. I told him that I am in fact reading this book at the moment, it’s called The Horse Boy, really good reading. I laughed that when I started reading it I called my mother in law and said “Well, think we’ll be off to Mongolia soon!

I’m so excited about seeing Richard Malter with Beth on Friday. We’ve done the mercury detox, now it’s time for the next stage, getting rid of the plaque like virus in her brain. He said this clogs the receptors which makes communication slow – a huge part of autism, at least in Beth’s case. This is the stage when we should start to see the big differences. After that it’s the liver, she’s got the same virus in there which is why she’s always so pale and has big bags under her eyes. And she farts all the time, really really smelly! While I’m quite proud of the fact that she farts so well it really is quite disgusting! I asked him about gluten free etc and he said that anything would react with this virus in the gut so he’ll assess her again after that’s gone. Even if we just heal that part, it’s got to make her feel better as it’s probably been there always she doesn’t know what it’s like not to have it there.

Hopefully the kids will be well again tomorrow, Bill’s school play is on and the kinder kids are going to watch it. He’s a clown (as was Beth in prep) and is very excited! So is Bridie as it’s her kinder and teachers going to watch. Then at night after karate we’re back to the school to watch it again. I’ll let you know how it goes!


Movie time again

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Well we just got back from a lovely time at the movies followed by lunch at Hogs Breath, a favourite for all our family! Unfortunately I wont be able to eat for the next 2 days as my weight watchers weigh in on Tuesday night wont be kind to my yummy greasy lunch!

It’s taken a long time to get to this point at the movies with Beth. Sometimes she has fears that, if you don’t realise really early on what the problem is, escalate to huge proportions and the snowball effect means that you have no bloody idea what the problem was in the first place. For example she still wont watch Sesame Street. This is probably her biggest one and took ages to figure out as she seemed to love the show. She does have hyper sensitive hearing and after a while we realised that the sound of an elephant trumpeting was actually painful to her. Through various therapies and probably with age she seems to have grown out of this thank goodness, but the fear is nevertheless still there.

So there we were not being allowed to watch Sesame Street anymore, then it was the whole of ABC kids. I finally figured out that she was worried that Sesame Street had Oscar the Grouch and Oscar the Grouch has a pet elephant that makes loud noises. Now that means that if we happen to watch ABC Kids and an ad comes on for Sesame Street it might just have Oscar the Grouch on it and if so then it might just have his pet elephant on it which might just make a noise, therefore I must avoid ABC Kids at all costs! The mute button did a lot to alleviate this, now she still runs out in the ads (and how many of them are there on a channel where shows might only be 5 minutes!) As we have 2 other kids it really wasn’t fair to never watch it so we always turn it over when Sesame Street is on which seems to be a good compromise. There are a few others, Curious George, In a Night Garden, The Wiggles, but I just can’t be fagged figuring out what the problem is with them when it really doesn’t matter in the long run. The others will grow out of them before long!

Anyway, for some reason the movies have been an issue for Beth since she was about 4. I thought it was probably the previews as we can’t predict what is going to be on so I came up with a plan. Earlier last year I said to my husband that we were going to go as a family to the movies and explained to Beth that Daddy, Bill and Bridie  hadn’t been to the movies before and didn’t know where they were, let alone where to sit. Poor Paul, he cops the whole Daddy’s not very bright thing when it comes in handy but hey, whatever gets you through the night! The main thing is that it works! So off we go with Beth trying every strategy in the book to get out of it. “I called the movies and they said that the movie wasn’t on, it’s full, no kids allowed” anything really to get out of going. Thing was though that I knew that once she was in there she’d be ok with it.

So there we were in the foyer of the theatre with Paul buying the tickets, asking if I was sure we wanted to go through with it as Beth’s having the full blown screaming tantrum in the middle of the floor, fingers in ears, flailing around with everybody staring at the awful mother who was forcing her kid to go to the movies! I walked up with Beth, Paul and kids following, trying to get her to hear that we’ll just get them to the door and then we’d go to get ourselves a nice donut. That’s when Bridie did us a huge favour and decided that she wouldn’t go in without mum. Off goes Paul with Bill and there’s Beth and I sitting out there with Bridie and I slap my forehead and say – oh no, I don’t know where Daddy’s sitting and Bridie’s going to miss the movie, we’ll just show her where they are and then we’ll be off. Well, fingers in ears and making her noises to drown out the movie in we went, eyes wide and luck be with us the movie had started. Her fingers slid out of her ears and she could barely make it to her seat watching mesmerised, chomping on popcorn the whole way (which is always all over the place by the time we leave!)

That was a year and a half ago. I made a point each school holidays to find a movie that we could all watch, we had a bit of a turn in the next holidays and a bit of an objection the one after, but now she loves going to the movies and picks the ones she wants to see. In fact we went to see Coraline a few weeks ago because Beth wanted to see it in 3D and the others didn’t want to see it, it was lovely just the 2 of us, I felt almost normal!

I do need to add though that I thought we’d have a relapse at the last family one. We went to see Night at the Museum 2 and who would be the last person/thing you think you’d see in a movie like that – Oscar the Grouch! Beth freaked big time, thank goodness he was only on it for a minute. I did think that would put her back right to the beginning but luckily it was ok!

Anyway, Up was a terrific movie to watch, a bit sad for us oldies (or me anyway!) but that washed right over the littlies. Bloody expensive though this 3D thing though definately the way to go. I suppose though that  it pays for the cleaning after our family has left the building!


Diary beginnings September 11th 2009

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What an ominous date to start my diary entries! Oh well, can’t be helped. I thought I’d best get on here while the Simpsons is on, after that the computer isn’t mine again until after bedtime.

We’ve had a busy couple of days. Yesterday we had our best ever sessions at Sensational Kids. Every second Thursday Beth has the day off school and we trek to Ormond for occupational and speech therapy. I used to take her to school for the morning but then it was hard to get anything out of her for her sessions so we now take Bill to school, Bridie to kinder and Minka for a walk at Birdslands in Belgrave. Then we drop Minka off to Grandma and Grandpas for the day and go off to Ormond. Grandma and Grandpa pick Bridie up from Kinder then after our session we drive back to school to pick Bill and a friend up. We drive back to Grandma and Grandpas, pick up Bridie and drop Beth off for a bounce on the trampoline in the back yard  while I take the boys and Bridie to the boy’s karate lessons. To quote my very amusing friend Clare : I used to be confused, now I’m not so sure!

Then it’s back to pick Beth and Minka up and pizzas for the night! For a while there we also had a lesson for the autistic kids at karate but Beth  just didn’t enjoy it and it really did make the day even bigger than usual (if that’s at all possible!)

Anyway, as I was saying, yesterdays session was especially good. The doctor had told us that we wouldn’t notice any difference in Beth with just the mercury detox so he either didn’t want to get our hopes up or it was just a co-incidence but either way she cooperated brilliantly and I was so proud of her. She did her occupational therapy where she often flits around the room as if she owns it, telling us in no uncertain terms what it is she wants to do. Yesterday she was really focussed and really seemed to be keen to do what was asked of her which was great. But it was in speech that she really excelled. I’m always amazed when we have a good session there, she really goes in speaking one way and when she learns the rule of the sentence or phrase she just gets it and goes with it. Yesterday Rod had her playing a game called Hullabaloo. It has various pads with pictures, shapes and colours and the annoying American voice tells you which one to move to. Rod was telling her to tell him where to put these pads by using words like on top of, underneath, next to etc etc. First she used the game pads, then he said she couldn’t do that anymore so she used either us or parts of the room and furniture. Well by the end of the session she was using two directions at a time. For example she’d say :I’ll put the yellow spaghetti in between mum and the slide and next to mum. It was just amazing to watch, she just got it.

Rod has also decided that for the last 15 minutes of our session and the first 15 minutes of the next session Beth and another child Eli would have a bit of a shared session. Beth seemed to really enjoy this as did Eli. It’s always nice to observe how Beth and other autistic kids are with each other, there’s always such an ease that they are what they are and they couldn’t really care less about what other kids would think are silly. I’m really looking forward to our next session in 2 weeks time.



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Beth, Bill and Bridie with Minka the wonder dog

Beth, Bill and Bridie with Minka the wonder dog

I’ve been wanting to write down a bit of a diary about our amazing  journey since we first got our diagnosis 8 years ago for a couple of reasons.  Firstly it would be lovely to have a record to see how far we’ve come. Secondly, I’m egotistical enough to think that some people might actually want to read about our life, perhaps learn from some of our mistakes (and hopefully some of our successes too) and have a bit of a laugh along the way.

I know that I’ve read (devoured more like) books that have inspired me to better my life, to better my daughter’s life and to not sit down and accept that this is it. I hope that I will do the same for others. I certainly don’t profess to have all the answers but at least I feel like I’m giving 100% to try and find them.

In the interests of privacy I had originally decided to change the names of the people in my entries.  I came up with some names that were a bit like soap opera names and for those of you who already know me would know that makes it right up my alley! In the end I found it was just too hard to enjoy writing my story and have to keep remembering what our names were. I’ve decided instead to use first names only and if we must use last names I’ll use fake ones.   And the therapies, schools  and businesses that are mentioned are real also, if needed, further information will  be available if requested.

So let me introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I am married to Paul with 3 beautiful children. Beth who’s 10 (she’s our extra special gift), Bill who’s 7, our wonderful middle child, the only boy, and Bridie who’s 4, the devil in disguise.  I was pregnant with Bill when Beth was diagnosed. I was in a midwife appointment and the midwife (who had delivered Beth) was asking me about how she was. I had a bit of a nervous giggle and replied – oh God, she’s a bloody monster – in a joking tone. It’s hard to admit that your child is out of control, what a terrible mother I must have been, other’s could cope really well with tantrums, why couldn’t I. She called the doctor in and when I went through with Jeff all that was happening he said then and there that perhaps she was autistic.

Well, being a tv and movie addict all my life, my first thought was the little girl in the Elvis movie, you know the Mary Tyler Moore one where she’s a nun? Change of Habit. That girl screams and screams but eventually Elvis picks her up, rocks her and sings to her and she quietens right down. Well really, who wouldn’t if Elvis sang to you! I answered that no, Beth doesn’t rock and sit in the corner, she’s also very affectionate and really, no autistic child ever wants to hug people do they?! Jeff explained about the very very wide spectrum, arranged a referral and ever since then it’s changed our lives in unimaginable ways.

We’ve tried various therapies, currently we’re doing speech and occupational therapy every second Thursday. We’re also starting a new biochemical treatment which is to do with the metals that are in the body. I’ve heard the theories about immunisations before and always thought that they didn’t apply to us as Beth never regressed, she was always the way she is but I never thought about the fact that they give new born babies an injection on the very first day they’re born. They assume that all babies are born with a healthy immune system and as Beth was born 7 1/2 weeks premature she more than likely didn’t. Of course that’s not saying at all that all therapies work for all autistic kids, after all, they’re all autistic for many different reasons but some do and as long as they’re not invasive and painless then really we’ve got nothing to lose. Over the next few days I’ll start writing about the therapy that we’re embarking on, as I said, if nothing else it’s a good record of what we’ve tried and what is working or not. If I can improve Beth’s life by 10% then I’ll grab it with both hands and move on up to the next rung. I hope that some of you that get a chance to read this will join me on this journey, it’s much more fun with an audience!

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