Spending the day at Lunatic Park

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I’m buggered! I’ve spent the good part of the day with the family at Luna Park. We’ve been promising the kids since last summer that when their cousins came down from Canberra that we’d go to Luna Park. Today was the first chance that we’ve had, usually they’re on a lightning visit and don’t have a spare day.

Tony (Paul’s brother) brought his kids Siobhan (15) and John (13) down with Siobhan’s friend Rose. They live in Canberra and came down at Christmas but decided to come down for a few more days during the holidays. The kids mum Robyn had to work so stayed at home. (Lucky bugger!) They all arrived on Australia Day (Tuesday) so we went over to Bev and John’s  for tea on Tuesday night. Beth must have a boy fetish at the moment (not sure where she gets it from!) She has decided that she’s going to marry John. We have explained to her that you can’t marry your cousin but Beth has an answer for everything and as far as she’s concerned she IS going to marry John. Luckily he takes it with good humour. As she was so chatty with everybody on Tuesday night Tony got to see how well she is talking and said how much she has improved, even since Christmas. It’s so good to hear as he’s not the only person who has said this, my sister’s husband Neil said the same thing last time we saw him. Because Beth is becoming so much more social people get to see her being chatty, especially when other kids are around. It warms my heart to hear this as it means that all that we’ve been doing so far is working and it’s definately all been worth while.

We got to Bev and John’s house at 10am this morning and set off straight away for St Kilda. Beth wanted to go in Uncle Tony’s car with the big kids. We got there just after 11 and got arm bands for everyone. I get to go on everything for free as I have a companion card for Beth. This means that she needs somebody with her at all times, although at 10 years old I think she does anyway. I use it when I can of course, that and my handicapped car parking pass are the only perks in this gig so I may as well use them! Bill was very nervous as he didn’t want to go on any scary rides. Beth is pretty fearless most of the time so I was glad that Siobhan, John and Rose were there to help us out as they could go on the scary rides with her. We started off slow, going on the carousel. We then went on the giant flying elephants, a glorified carousel that was just raised in the air. We then decided to try the ghost train. Rose and Bill sat that one out. Tony took Beth on, I had Bridie with me. It was unbelievably crappy, I had remembered it as being much scarier when I was a kid!

Beth went on a fairly scary ride called G Force. I think she wanted to go on it because she loves the movie G Force! She went on that twice, once with John and once with Tony.

They all decided then to line up for the Scenic Railway. Bill and Bridie gave me the option to cop out and blame it on them! While they waited in line for about 1/2 an hour we went for another Carousel ride and a ride on the little train that goes around the whole park. It was like the trains that go around Knox Shopping Centre. I thought the drivers showed incredible restrain. Even I wanted to shout “Get out of the bloody way” to the morons that gazed around, oblivious to the tooting horn of the train. When we got back to the Scenic Railway we saw them at the exit so realised that we’d missed seeing them on the rollercoaster. Then Tony told me that Beth had backed out. She’d got in the seat and then changed her mind back and forth a couple of times, finally opting to get out. They’d had a go on one of those rides that go up and then straight down again, I think they’re called a bungee tramp or something like that. She obviously hadn’t liked it much and had freaked about the Scenic Railway.

By that time it was 2pm so we went for a little walk to get some lunch. We ended up in Ackland Street and had pies and little chocolates from a nice bakery. It was stinking hot with hardly a breeze. It was meant to be 25 degrees but I’m sure it was hotter. I had put long pants on us all thinking that as we were going to be near the beach it would be windy and cold, but as there were high walls around the park itself we didn’t get much sea breeze. The crowds also made it much hotter so it was a very clammy day. We went back to Luna Park as we still had our unlimited arm bands on but my kids were pretty much stuffed, as was I! There were queues to all the rides so the girls and I headed home and Bill stayed for a little while longer then came home with Tony. Despite my exhaustion it was a fun day and great to spend with the family. They’re all so good with my kids, Beth especially and my kids just love their big cousins, on both sides of the family. We don’t get too much of a chance to see them so of course it was fabulous to spend a whole day with them.

They’re off back to Canberra tomorrow, I think next time they’re here is in August. We’ll see them tomorrow morning as Bev and John have Bill and Bridie while I take Beth to her final appointment with Flaxseed Guy. I hope the virus is all gone, I’ve been so vigilant with the flaxseed oil this time around so it should be. I’ve got an appointment with the Dan Practitioner that Sasha suggested to me. He’s an allergist as well as other things so I think? a step in the right direction. I’ve made it on the 12th Feb, 3 days after our house settles. At least then we can afford it!


Willy Wagtail’s birthday

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It’s my little boy Bill’s birthday today, he’s turned 8. Just like his mummy he likes to celebrate his birthday for days and days so we’ve had a busy weekend.

Saturday we took the kids for haircuts. Beth likes her hair really short. If we fail to get her haircut quickly enough she doesn’t have a problem with cutting it off herself if she finds a pair of scissors that we’ve carelessly left lying around. At least she just does it to her own hair now. When she was in kindergarten she actually cut another girls hair. Luckily she didn’t cut very much off but she did it just because she could! I imagine it is something that you’d get a lot of pleasure from, a real ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ kind of moment. I explained to the hairdresser how short she likes it and that it actually does look pretty when it’s that short so away she went. We decided to leave the sideburny bits longer to make it look a bit girly but Beth would have none of that. When asked if she was happy she answered with “yes ……. but no, you’ve missed a bit.” The sideburns went too. Now that she is starting to develop a bit up the top at least it’s hopefully starting to be obvious that she is a girl.

Saturday afternoon my dad and his wife Helen came up. It was a really nice afternoon. We just got some rolls and chicken and sat around and chatted. The kids played on their DS’s or watched dvds most of the time.

Sunday (yesterday) we went off to rollerskating again. I picked up Bill’s friends Nathan and Will, and Will’s mum Bec came along with us in the car too. Originally I thought Paul could take the boys and the girls and I could do something else but that was when they were going to go to a movie. When Bill decided to go rollerskating Bec and I decided that she really needed to be there. I wasn’t worried about William having a meltdown or anything, just for more practical reasons such as holding hands. Guy came too with his mum Amanda (from the hags group) so we had a merry little band of parent helpers. The kids had a ball. Amanda and Paul both skated (Amanda took her own) and Bec and I just walked around either videoing the kids falling over or walking with one of my unco girls. Bill got the hang of it pretty well and Will was Mr Daredevil. He just went for it with no thought for falling over (which he did numerous times) so he got the hang of it pretty quick. Guy and Nathan were pretty good too, on the sides most of the time but venturing out into the middle on occasion. Beth and Bridie were more cautious so didn’t fall but didn’t skate that well either. That’s one thing I’ve noticed about Beth as she gets older. She used to be more like Will with not a care for her safety, now she seems to be getting a healthy respect for things that can be dangerous, such as heights and falling. We have a deck that is high above the backyard. When we first moved here I was so scared of her climbing on a table and jumping off. I know she wouldn’t do that now as she’s too scared. Mind you I still have to watch her, I don’t know if she has that fear of throwing something or someone off! I don’t really think she’d do it but she does like to experiment with things.

We then went to Hungry Jacks for lunch (mmmmm Grand Angus) for Kids Meals and ice creams. It worked out pretty cheap actually, for the whole day it was about $100, much cheaper than a proper party. It’s easier as they get older for things like that I think, you can get away with just inviting a couple of friends to a quality outing rather than the whole class. Bill and Bridie came back for a play at Will and Kasey’s then back to Grandma and Grandpa’s for dinner and ice cream cake.

We got up nice and early this morning for treasure hunt presents. Beth has been getting up late so will have to get back into the routine for school next week.(Yippeee!) She wakes up and puts on her music. I love to listen to her do her things in the morning. She sings along with all her cds that her cousin Siobhan made for her and it’s like hearing any 10 year old playing in their room. Hopefully she wont get a hangup about any of her cds, she tends to do that sometimes with cds or dvds. There’ll be a part that she doesn’t like, whether it’s a certain noise or something else. She starts by leaving the room when that bit’s on, then eventually she just wont watch or listen to it again. Sometimes she can go back to it in a year or so but most often it’s then in the vast store of things in her mind that are over, never to be heard of again.


We can stay!

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I heard from the Real Estate agent that we can stay in the house today so I’m rapt. We put in that we want a 6 month lease with a month by month option and they said yes (finally!) It’s been frustrating this week because the agent wanted to do it all the right way, we had to apply, then she had to present it to them. They then dawdled around discussing it for a few days before eventually saying yes. As we’ve got about 2 1/2 weeks before settlement I was starting to panic a bit, if they had said no we would not only have 2 weeks to pack up but find somewhere to live in that time that was vacant too. So, so relieved!

We’ve had a couple of nice days. Yesterday some of my ‘posse’ came over with their kids for a play. Bec, who I talked about on Monday, came with her two youngest – Will and Kasey. Prue came along with her two, Zy and Tabitha. Bree came along with her 3, Naarai, Nimi and Aullin. We had another friend along called Laura who hasn’t been to a ‘group session’ with the rest of us before, we didn’t scare her off too much because she stayed until 3. As chance has it all of our little ones are going into prep together this year so we’re very excited as are the kids as they all get along so well together. Beth was so cute when she saw Naarai. She came to the door when they arrived and said hello to Bree and Nimmi but when she saw Naarai she had a big smile on her face and said “Hi Naarai!” He has a friend called Damon who she loves too so she asked Naarai where Damon was.

All the boys ended up playing downstairs on the Playstation 2 or on the DS’s but each time Beth decided to do something she’d check with Naarai to see if he wanted to join her. She’s go downstairs and say “Naarai do you want to watch Spongebob with me?” or “Naarai do you want to play on the computer with me?” It was so sweet. Bree said to me later that she had overheard Beth once over a year ago asking Naarai if he could come to our house for a play. He very sweetly said that maybe one day he would, he’s good like that with Beth, he doesn’t brush her off at all. She’d clearly remembered this and thought that he’d come just to play with her. It didn’t bother her that he played with the boys, she was just happy that he was here at all. She was great yesterday, really switched on. Bree told me that she went downstairs to get the kids at the end and said to one of the others that she’d see them at school tomorrow (today) as we had school book pick up. Beth wasn’t even in the conversation but looked up at Bree and said “Have we got school tomorrow?” When Bree explained what was happening Beth listened to her and took it in, something that wouldn’t have happened a few months ago.

Today we went to pick up the books at school. The kids had a play in the playground for an hour or so while the girls and I sat and chatted. As a joke Prue had bought us all massive sombrero sunhats and we all sat looking like chinamen with our hats on. I saw the cleaner off the school go pass sniggering to himself! Another friend, Sasha was there with her kids. Her son Bo has aspergers and she has been going to see Richard Malter too, with good results. She gave me the name of an allergy specialist that they’re going to, he’s one of the only DAN doctors in Australia. (Defeat Autism Now). I wanted to wait until we had finished with Richard which I’m pretty sure will be next week. There are blood and urine tests that cost a fortune but they got extensive reports with exactly what Bo was allergic to and intolerant of as well as how extreme these intolerances were. This at least would tell them what foods he couldn’t have at all and what they could play around with to see exactly what his reactions would be. I had a look at the lab website and it sounds fantastic. Problem is that the tests alone are $650, and that’s not even for toxic metals, not sure how much more that is. I was going to take Beth to an allergist as our next step so it would be a good thing to go to one that specialises in autism. Still, as you know I’ll try anything so if it seems to be working with Bo then I’m in. I’m so lucky that Paul really goes along with what are really just my gut feelings. I need to exhaust every avenue that I can. Who knows, a little bit of this and that may hopefully be what she needs. There’s certainly been improvement with the chellation, I’d love that much improvement again.


Each child is very different

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Not much happening here today. It’s horrible weather which I’m quite enjoying but I’m sure I’ll be over it by the end of the week. It’s nice to get rugged up instead of sweating all the time but I do enjoy the nice weather more.

We had Bill’s friend Will over yesterday. Bec (Will’s mum) had Kasey (Will’s sister) home sick so the big playdate that we planned wasn’t going ahead but Bill and Will were so looking forward to it that I went to pick Will up. Will is in Bill’s class at school and has high functioning autism. He’s the only kid with autism that I know that I can honestly say that I couldn’t pick. Most kids that I’ve met through the HAGS support group I can tell after a little while are autistic. I can even pick kids that haven’t been diagnosed yet, as can my boy Bill. But Will is different altogether. He’s a lovely boy with lovely manners, a real pleasure to have for a play. I’ve only seen him in full flight once or twice and you wouldn’t want to mess with him in those times, he has a real ‘fight or flight’ sense about him and if people get in his way when he’s like this, more fool them. I think we need to give more understanding to kids like this.

I went to a talk given by an ‘expert’ in the field, Sue Larkey. She used an example of a spider. Lots of people are so fearful of spiders that if somebody was to make them try to touch them they would instantly panic and flail their arms, trying to flee the situation in whatever way they can, knocking whatever or whoever out of the way blindly to get away. Kids with autism are like this. If they are in a situation that overstimulates them or scares them for whatever reason only they know, we have to let them get themselves out of there and calm themselves down. Obviously we can’t let them get into a dangerous situation like running on the road but we have to respect their fear and understand that they can’t help their behaviour. Their fear is very real to them.

Beth’s coping mechanism is to put her fingers in her ears and to make loud noises. It can be very annoying for others as she gets very loud so I and her teachers have tried to get her to quieten down with some success. I don’t bother with the fingers in her ears. If that is how she copes then that’s ok, she’s entitled to block out something that frightens her, we all have our ways of dealing with things.

The night before last Bec called me and I could hear Will yelling in the background, quite incoherent and unreasonable, he was in a frenzy and Bec was ready for another sleepless night. She called me hoping that Will would be able to hear her telling me that they wouldn’t be able to come for a play after all, hoping that hearing that might calm him down. I suggested that maybe I talk to him to tell him about the new DS games that I had got for Bill. He didn’t want to talk to me. I then suggested that he speak to Bill and he said yes. Bill told him that he was so looking forward to him coming over the next day, told him about his new games and the new Wii Fit Plus game that we had. Bec messaged me later to tell me that Will had calmed right down and gone to sleep well. I was just so so proud of my boy Bill. He’s got an amazing empathy for others and is such a sensitive boy. He understands that Will is autistic and we’ve talked about the fact that no, he’s nothing like Beth, but he still has tantrums when he doesn’t get his own way and still does silly things to make other kids laugh so those things were similar. I have asked Bill in the past about what he does when Will is having a meltdown in the classroom. His response was very matter of fact. “I just ignore him” he told me shrugging his shoulders, as if to say, what else would he do. Lots of kids aren’t so kind, Bec knows this and so do I, kids can be horrible at times. Bill is used to Beth so for him, Will’s tantrums are just a matter of course, he knows they’ll escalate but can end just as quickly and that they’re not personal, they sometimes just can’t help it. And Bill genuinely loves Will, they’re good friends which is irrespective or whether Will’s autistic or not, it just doesn’t matter.

The boys had a lovely time yesterday. Will made me laugh because his hair is so long and Bec said he just wont let her get it cut. I’m taking my kids for a haircut on Saturday so I offered to see if he’d come with us. I explained that Bill didn’t want his hair cut either but we were going on Saturday, he was welcome to come too. Will had a little think about it then came back with “I like to save up and pay for my own haircuts thankyou very much, I don’t want you wasting your money on me.” I told him that that would be fine, he could pay for his own. He then told me that no, thanks anyway, he didn’t need a haircut yet. What a clever boy, he thought up some pretty good explanations! I love the way our kids think, we could learn a lot from them if we give them a chance to tell us their take on things.


Another weekend gone

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the kids all enjoyed the roller skating

Paul had Friday off so we took the kids rollerskating. What the hell was I thinking! Beth has been talking about going rollerskating since she went on school camp when they took all the kids rollerskating. I’ve never liked rollerskating myself but used to go when I was a teenager, always in the hope that I’d see a guy from school that I fancied. I was never very good and am clumsy and self conscious at the best of times so having a fall (especially in front of cute guys) has never appealed! Of course now-a-days I do what we think a good mother would do and that is try anything that the kids think sounds like fun.

We got there just after 10 but lots of other mums with their kids did the same. The only difference was that the other mums sat and drank coffees and chatted while their kids did all the wonderful things that coordinated kids do. Not our family of giraffes! Silly me didn’t realise that I was allowed to go onto the rink with normal shoes on and walk around with my kids. On went the skates. Of course Beth needed to go to the toilet as soon as her skates were on. We managed to get to the toilet by hanging on to the walls and by the time we got back to the others we thought we were doing ok. Carpet is a wonderful thing. On the rink it was another story. Bloody Paul seemed to remember just how to skate so he was fine. Not me! I held on for dear life all the way around. That would have been fine if it wasn’t for the 3 kids who decided that each time they fell or nearly fell, mum would be the one they would hold onto! Once or twice around the rink for me then I copped out and put my runners back on, much better!

Finally it was 12 o’clock and time to go. I thought that we could put that one in the book, along with the Mini Golf that we did a few years ago that was nearly as much fun. But no, Bill decided that he wanted to have his birthday there – this Sunday! My back is still killing me from the yanks I got!

The rest of the weekend wasn’t as eventful. Saturday I talked Paul into taking the kids out to give me a break so I had about an hour and a half to myself which was bliss. Today we went to Bev and John’s for lunch. Beth has one of her hissy fit turns because she decided that she wanted to go to the movies. I guess 3 movies in 1 holidays isn’t enough! She had said it so often this morning that she cracked the shits bigtime when we got in the car to go to Grandma and Grandpas and screamed at us the whole way there. Luckily it’s only 5 minutes away. Unfortunately she doesn’t understand that the Toy Story 3D that’s out on Thursday isn’t actually Toy Story 3 but 1 and 2 remade in 3D. Toy Story 3 isn’t out until later in the year. She’s very excited about it coming out and thinks that that’s the one that’ll be out on Thursday. I managed to appease her by telling her I’d go to Carribean Gardens to pick up some games for her DSi that we’d been promising for a while. I got some for each of them so they’ve been playing them since we’ve got home. Gotta love those electronic babysitters!


another quiet week

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Beth getting a lift with our wonderful Speech Therapist Rod

Sorry I’ve been a bit slack the last week but there really hasn’t been much going on, at least as far as Beth is concerned.

The exciting news is that we’ve sold the house, yay! We didn’t get quite as much as we’d hoped for but it was on a no conditions contract which is hardly ever heard of, and a 30 day settlement. We think the people who bought it are planning to rent it out so hopefully we can just rent it back until our house is built. Hopefully we’ll hear sometime today, otherwise we’ll have to look this weekend. Either way it’s a relief!

Other than that we didn’t do anything earlier in the week. The kids are starting to get bored and I’m now completely over the lot of them! Mind you, at times like this, it’s Beth who is by far the easiest to look after. She is easily entertained with games and dvds and would quite happily do this all day if I let her. Bridie likes to do whatever Bill is doing which is fine for a while but starts to get on his nerves (understandably) and that’s when the fights start to happen. You can never tell who’s done what to who as if Bridie gets hurt she sometimes does it to herself to get Bill into trouble. Similarly Bill might hurt Bridie but then yell that she did it to him first or that they bumped heads and he’s hurt too. Roll on school!

We did get out to the movies again. Went to see Princess and the Frog which I can highly recommend. It had lots of Jazz music which was all original for the movie, just fabulous. It was a cartoon as opposed to a movie like Shrek or Up and I can say it’s one of the best kids movies I’ve seen in a long time. Oh, and I think the kids liked it too, though not as much as me!

Paul had the day off yesterday as Beth and I had Sensational Kids. Rod wanted to review our goals for this year. He had been going over his notes for 2009 and said that all the goals that we set Beth has passed with flying colours. Speech Therapy has by far been the reason for the most outstanding changes in Beth’s communication, it’s amazing how far she’s come in a year. I wish we had tried it earlier but of course the funding wasn’t there before. The 20 subsidised visits through Medicare have now run out, it’s awful that the decision to start a treatment should be based on money but unfortunately this is more often than not the case. In the UK once you have a diagnosis you get put into the ‘system’ and all of these therapies are accessible straight away. I’m not sure of the costing but it’s a much more streamlined system than here in Australia. Nearly all of the treatments and therapies that we have used with Beth has been through word of mouth or by me researching via the internet (sometimes a very dangerous tool) to try and find alternative ways to help her. Just imagine how much better kids of Beth’s age could have been if they had access to these services earlier in their formative years. Of course we wouldn’t have met Rod if we’d started early and he really is one of a kind.

Anyway, once again I’m off topic! Rod and I talked about the ‘How does your Engine Run” program again and we both agreed that it sounds perfect for Beth. It would teach her to recognise when her engine is running low or high and how to rev herself up or settle herself down. Rod suggested that we at home and also at school could have a board with various pictures on it as Beth is a very visual learner. She could choose which activity she wanted to do to make her ‘up’ or ‘down’. The benefit of pictures also would mean that there would only be certain things that she could chose, this would be a good thing at school because obviously she couldn’t choose bouncing on a trampoline there. I bought an introductory book on the program for the HAGS library. It used the example of a girl who was very sluggish to get going in class in the mornings. The teacher would get this girl to help carry boxes up to the office, thus booting her system and making her alert. She then could do her work in full alertness, therefore getting the best outcome. It’s something that we have thought about for a long time, seeing how ‘up’ and chatty Beth is after an activity that she’s enjoyed and how we can harness that. I must say that I’m pretty excited about this as it would give her control over how she is feeling.

It was a fairly quiet session though of course Beth got in a lift at the end as you can see from the above photo!

We’re off to rollerskating this morning! Not something that I’ve ever enjoyed but Beth has been asking for ages so I suppose you’ve got to do these things sometimes. I’ll let you know how we go. Thank goodness I’m off to the osteopath tomorrow!


A good few days

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We’ve had a few good things happening in the last few days. Yesterday (Friday) we went to see Flaxseed Guy again. I thought it would be the last time that we would have to see him but the virus still isn’t quite out yet so we’re going back again in a few weeks. It’s my own fault, because there wasn’t that much to go I slackened off a bit, then with Christmas being so busy sometimes I had only given it to her twice a day. I’ll be more diligent for the next few weeks. I also took a few foods for Richard to test with Beth. It seems that cows milk doesn’t agree with her, neither does butter or margarine. Surprisingly weet bix was ok but a white bread roll wasn’t so not sure if it’s the white flour or something else. Bananas were ok but apples were not, suggesting that perhaps a low salicyate diet might be in order, something we had dabbled with in the earlier years thanks to Donna Williams’ suggestion. Richard said that I could bring in all the foods that Beth eats (pretty much anything) and he can test them. I’ve decided to go to an allergist instead though as I need to know exactly what part of certain foods are the problems. Alan (the naturopath that works with Richard) suggested a milk called A2 as lots of people react to something in cows milk that isn’t in the A2 milk. Richard suggested bringing samples of soy milk and goats milk also. I will do this when we go as the milk is the easy part. It’s more the foods where there are various things in them. If Beth is ok with weet bix then it mustn’t be the wheat that’s the problem with the bread roll. I need to know if it’s yeast or additives, otherwise I might be omitting foods from her diet that aren’t necessary. I believe there’s an allergist in Emerald which isn’t far from the kids school so will check it out.

We went around to Deb and Neil’s place again last night because it was a stinker of a day, I think it got to 36 degrees. An old friend who was at school with Deb came along with her kids. Laurene has been around almost as long as I can remember and she has 2 girls, Steph who is 10 and Nicola who is 6. She also brought her nephew Tyler with her who is 11 and her mum Dot. Bridie and Nic took a while to talk to each other but eventually were racing and playing around like best friends. But it was Steph and Tyler with Beth that was the best thing. They were just fantastic! In the beginning I was worried because Beth started doing some of her silly voices and asking Tyler to do Spongebob character voices. I thought “oh, here we go” and actually asked Laurene to keep an eye out as I could see the kids laughing and I didn’t want it to escalate to Beth doing silly things and the other kids laughing at her. After a while though I realised that it just wasn’t like that, Steph and Tyler were enjoying it and interacting with Beth so well. They stayed in the pool from 6pm til about 10.30, all of them playing together so happily. At one stage they all took it in turns to make funny noises and then the other 2 would have to copy. Honestly, it was one of those moments. And the great thing was that the adults could see how Beth can interact with others as so often she just does her own thing and everybody else does their own thing. This time she was ‘there’ the whole time.

I enjoyed the night too. Cos (sorry Louise!) the kids were having such fun us mums got to play cards. Ali’s boyfriend Dan joined us so there were the 3 old boilers and a handsome young 18 year old playing. Poor bugger, Laurene and I started calling him Dangle but he took it all in his stride. I’ve found that all the things I said when I was drinking and put down to being pissed are actually just me, I still say the same things, even 3 years after going on the wagon! Dan made a hasty exit though when we finished up the last round and I told him he could rub all of our feet! I’m such a shitstirrer, I love embarassing the younger generations!

I also had a lovely surprise today. I’ve been reading a blog called Mr Smartypants for years, it’s an episode synopsis for the TV Show the Bold and the Beautiful. The man who writes it, David Martin, has decided that he’s not writing it anymore. I wrote him an email and told him how he had inspired me. It always had me in fits of laughter as his take on the soapie was hilarious and as we all know, there’s nothing like a good belly laugh! David sent me a lovely email telling me that I had made him cry and that he has looked at my blog and loved it! It’s always nice to get feedback, especially when written by someone that I admire. Just thought I’d share. xxxxx


The girl’s got attitude

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Ok, I am officially over the school holidays! Actually it hasn’t been too bad but I’ve had a lot of screaming tantrums from Bridie and a lot of attitude from Beth. She’s been very demanding of late and if she doesn’t get her own way she’ll keep saying what she wants over and over again. This is a typical scenario:

I’m on the computer, checking out facebook or something. Along comes Beth.
“Mum, can I play on the computer?”
Me : In a little while love, I’m just doing something at the moment.
Beth : But I want to play on it NOW.” (Imagine Veruca Salt in the Gene Hackman version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
Me : Not just now, I’m still using it, why don’t you watch (insert tv show) on the telly
Beth : but I don’t want to watch the tv, I want to play on the computer
Me : in a few minutes, when I’ve finished
Beth : You’ve finished now, now it’s my turn
Me : too bad, you can’t play yet (getting peeved)
Beth : too good, I can play now
Me : if you don’t go away now and give me 5 minutes then you wont be playing at all
Beth : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – it’s been 5 minutes. OK Bethie Boo (pretending to be me) you can play now, Mummy’s finished!

All of this lovely banter is said in a high pitched voice, sometimes with a little quaver in it for good measure, sometimes squeezing some crying sounds out if she thinks it’ll get her what she wants. She’s like a dog with a bone, she just wont give up!

Yesterday we had some people looking at the house. Once again the block was too steep. I wish people would take a drive past the house first and see for themselves, then they wouldn’t make appointments to view the house. Sorry, off on another tangent! We went around to Debbie and Neil’s house for a swim while the inspection was taking place. Bridie was very cute, because I think she has a bit of a crush on Ali’s boyfriend Dan, she kept watching him with a little smile on her face, then hiding when he looked at her! Beth kept on wanting to go inside and watch tv but I couldn’t let her in without supervision and I couldn’t leave Bill and Bridie in the pool without supervision. One of the above exchanges ensued along the lines of “I’m cold” or “I need to go to the toilet” or even “I’m drowning, I need to get out now.” Eventually we all got out and went inside for a while before coming home.

Today we went down to visit my aunt and uncle, Peter and Margaret. My cousin Claire was there with her 3 month old baby Jenna. Bridie and Bill were besotted with the baby, we hadn’t seen her before. I was expecting Bridie to be like that as she has spoken about seeing Jenna ever since she was born. Bill was the one who surprised me though, he kept saying how cute Jenna is and on the way home said that she was the cutest baby he had ever seen in his life (much to Bridie’s annoyance!) Beth of course couldn’t give a rats arse about the baby! She did however enjoy talking to Claire.

We went down to the Sand Castle Sculptures on the beach at Frankston. They are very impressive the way they are built. It was quite pricey to get in though, we were lucky that Peter and Marg shouted us. The girls got their faces painted. I was filming the different sculptures and had to stop Beth from climbing over the ropes and trying to pick bits of the statues. Bill wanted me to film all the war statues and the real boysy stuff, Bridie just wanted me to film the man’s willy that she spotted on one of the arty ones!

We went back to Peter and Margarets for lunch and a dvd so all in all had a lovely day. We have an open for inspection tomorrow night so hopefully things will start moving soon!


A fairly quiet week

Posted by Sarah on Jan 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Sorry I haven’t been on here lately, there’s just not been that much going on! We had a very quiet week last week which was heaven after the busy Christmas period. I sometimes let the kids have pyjama days in the holidays and last week they barely had a day that they wore normal clothes! We had nice lazy days when they could have 1 hour baths if they wanted and played games and watched dvds all day. I had received the new Stephen King book – Under The Dome – which I absolutely loved so any chance I could get I would read it. Bad parenting I know but hey, I finished my book – an epic at 800 and something pages – and the kids had a lovely relaxing week.

We went round to Debbie’s house one night (my sister) so that the kids could have a swim. It was a really nice night and the kids behaved themselves well. Dad was coming up to bring Debbie and Neil some chooks that he had bought for their chook run so we all went round for dinner. Neil had been fishing so we had barbequed snapper and salads. My kids spent the whole time in the pool except for eating dinner. Beth does have a dreadful habit of just lying on top of the water with her face in, it takes a bit of getting used to for people when they see it the first time but she’s ok, she just loves being underwater.

On Friday (New Years Day) we took the kids to see Fantastic Mr Fox. It’s had such great reviews I was really looking forward to it, especially as it had George Clooney in it. I found it to be a pretty crappy movie on the whole but the kids enjoyed it so I guess that’s all that matters! Paul agreed with me, he didn’t think it was much cop either. We popped into the Reel Cafe for drinks afterwards and ended up having an early dinner there so it didn’t end up being that cheap a day at all.

On Saturday night we went to visit with some old friends of mine from my school days, or as my Bill would put it, The Olden Days! I was tossing up whether to go alone or with Paul and the kids but my friend Michelle was bringing her hubby Longy along and I hadn’t met him before so I thought it would be nice to bring Paul along too to meet them all. It was at Deb’s place and the kids came along and made themselves at home as they do. Thank goodness for DSi’s and DVD’s, in social occasions a quiet kid that stays out of the way is a good kid in my books! They all behaved so well and as it was time to leave started to go outside and chase each other around, it’s always the way isn’t it, when you’re finally ready to go they find something to amuse themselves. It was lovely to catch up with the girls again, it was a small affair with the above mentioned and another friend Jane, but it was a nice get together and we know that there’ll be lots more to come.

Today I had the phone call from the Estate Agents office “Are you ready for the onslaught?” I think they were closed over Christmas because the 2 open for inspections weren’t on. We had an inspection today at 1.30, one tomorrow at 4 and an open on Thursday night. Saturday is going to be 38 degrees so if it is classed as Catastrophic we wont have an open then so just to be sure Di wanted to have it on Thursday too. Luckily I was prepared and did a massive clean up yesterday, still, it’s hard to keep it clean with 3 kids running around. Even as we were leaving today and Bill and Bridie were putting their shoes on at the front door, Beth popped into her room for a quick jump on her bed! She doesn’t see a clean, tidy room, she just sees a bit of fun to be had while she’s waiting. Will let you know if anything happens. Enjoy your holidays. Stay sane! Speak soon. xxx

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