Enjoying the holidays

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Well so far so good, we’ve had a lovely time these holidays. On Friday the kids and I went to the zoo with one of our friends from school – Laurine. It was fabulous to have her there as she is an integration aide so is much more aware of what’s going on with Beth than other friends would be. She helped out big time and it was nice to have just our little group together. We got there fairly early and stopped first for the necessary coffee and snack. We then wandered all around, seeing pretty much every animal except for the Australian ones. We figured that we can see them at Healesville or occasionally even near home wandering around, so if we were to pick, they’d be last. We got to see the new baby elephant (guess who wanted to name him Bill?!) We didn’t have to wait long at all in the queue and watched them for quite a while. The 2 babies were playing together and hated to be seperated. We then sat down to have lunch and headed off to see the rest of the animals.

Bill was our map guide for the day and he did a great job. Bridie wanted to get a pusher – one of those that have a plastic car that the kids ride in. I was glad that I got it in the end as it had a basket on the back of it so I could put our lunches and bags straight into there. I enquired if they had lockers to put bags with lunches but they didn’t. Beth only disappeared once but luckily Laurine had seen her go into the frog display, otherwise I would have panicked and there would have been an announcement over the loud speaker.

I was so pleased to see how well Beth behaved. Only 3 or 4 years ago I still had to have her wrist strap on to stop her from running off anywhere. I was also petrified that she would climb a fence into an animal enclosure. Of course it’s gotten easier since Bill and Bridie have got older as I don’t have to worry about them at all, they always stay with me. Laurine commented too how well Beth was doing as she has worked with her on and off over the last 6 years. Beth was reading for all of us about the animal’s habitats and where they came from, all in all she was excellent. We finished the day off with icecreams and coffee and a quick trip to the shop before setting off for home, getting well and truly lost on the way! It was an overcast 21 degree day, just perfect for the zoo. Thanks Laurine for sharing it with us and helping out so much.

Yesterday was Grand Final day. Now I’m not a football fan at all, never been into it at all. I know some of the footballers if they’ve been in the news or in celebrity gossip columns but I don’t know the rules and have always found it boring. Yesterday however St Kilda was playing and as Paul barracks for them, so do the kids. Paul however was off sailing, not even his team in the finals could change that, so I felt it was my duty to watch the Grand Final for the family. The kids and I went to Bev and John’s for lunch, then the adults settled down to watch the match. Well, I was rivetted! I loved it. I don’t think I could watch it all the time as it’s such an edge of your seat game, especially yesterdays when they were so close. In the end however they drew even with Collingwood, only the second time in history (I think) that there’s been a draw in the Grand Final. This means that they have to play again next week. And the scary thing is that I’m looking forward to it! What’s happening to me?

Don’t really know what this week holds. Tuesday Beth and Bridie are off to see Nerida together, hopefully this will help a bit with Bridie’s moods. We’re then off for haircuts. Bill is dreading it as his hair is very long and curly at the moment. I like it long but it’s ridiculous at the moment as it hangs over his face. He keeps cracking it with me when I tell him to brush his hair so I threatened to us the clippers on it this morning. That shut him up!

Wednesday Paul has the day off as Beth’s Sensational Kids appointments are being rescheduled from last week. We’re also going to see a play for the kids in the morning. Other than that I’m sure they’ll be playdates to organise. Hope you’re all enjoying the school holidays as much as us. xxx


Allergy clinic

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We’ve come home from our appointment at the naturopath. We were meant to be going to Sensational Kids this afternoon but they’ve just called me to let me know that Rod is sick so we’ve rescheduled til next Wednesday. It’s a bugger as Bill and Bridie are at Bev and John’s for the day and I was looking forward to seeing if Rod saw any difference with Beth at all. I have noticed that she’s speaking better but really no more so since we started treatment, nothing new since the last visit. She’s also been acting more autistic in some ways, jumping up and down in excitement even more than usual.

Nerida is treating for the individual areas of the brain now. Some were fine, some came back very weak. I will have to refer to Wikipedia for descriptions of the areas that we are treating as neither of us really knew what functions the areas had. One of them is the frontal lobe. It explains that this area deals with long term memory, knowing right from wrong, reward, attention, planning and drive. It affects understanding consequences and socially acceptable norms including unacceptable social responses, something that is extremely common in people with autism.

Interestingly it says that damage to the frontal lobe can mean that mental flexibility and spontaneity are impaired but IQ is not reduced. Perceptions regarding risk taking and rule abiding is impaired and creativity can be diminished or increased as well as problem solving skills. Distraction also occurs more frequently.

Something else we are treating for is the lateral sulcus which divides the frontal and parietal lobe. It doesn’t seem to have much about it on wikipedia, I suppose it’s because it’s attached to the frontal lobe that it’s affected here.

There is also polarity plus that we are treating. When looking this up it tells me that to do with the neurons in the brain. I’m not really following exactly what purpose they have in the explanation. In another site it explains that polarity therapy is centred upon the concept of a human energy field. I’m not even going to try and explain what that’s about cos really I don’t know!

Anyway, I’m a bit excited about the frontal lobe treatment. It sounds like it makes sense and if it works I hope that we will be seeing some difference over the next few days.

We popped into a coffee shop on the way home for hot chocolates and I explained to Beth that we’d have to cancel our next Sensational Kids session as Beth has school camp that week. She told me to shut up and wouldn’t talk about it so I’m not sure what’s going on there. I said we could talk about it later and she said that she wouldn’t talk about it again. After she calmed down she insisted that she didn’t know whether she wanted to go to camp or not, even the lure of sharing a cabin with her favourite girl wasn’t enough to tempt her. I’ll have to talk to her teacher next time I see her.



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After all my moaning and bitching I’ve actually found that so far I’ve enjoyed these school holidays. Mind you Bridie has been having lots of playdates so she’s either been behaving cos she’s looking forward to them or busy having them. Still, even when we are at home together I think the slackness about getting up and ready has been good for all of us. We’re still usually ready by about 9 anyway but it’s been more casual and I haven’t had to make lunches and find school things.

We went and had a play at my friend Kerrie’s house on Monday. She has a son Bridies age and another son who’s four. Beth basically just watched dvds and read books which was fine. She used her manners nicely and appropriately and (or maybe it’s wishful thinking) I really think she’s using better spontaneous eye contact. The bugger did do one thing that I find sooooo frustrating at home but still so typically autistic. She was watching a dvd and each time Kerrie and I would start to talk we’d hear it go up again. I swear I think it was at least 20 or 30 times. In the end Kerrie had the remote and kept turning it back down to Beth’s annoyance. The thing is that she does turn it down. Then she just turns it back up again. In her mind she’s done what she’s been told. ‘But Mum I did turn it down’ she pleads as she’s blatantly turning it back up again.

Instructions for our kids need to be so specific. ‘Sit down’ just wont do. They sit down then pop back up again. Even ‘sit down and stay there’ isn’t good enough. How long do we stay for? If we make it too specific it causes stress as it may seem like an endless task.

I often think to myself how difficult the sex education thing will be. If and when Beth decides to have sex (much as I’d like her to remain a virgin ’til she’s married a nice boy) the rules have to be so specific. How to put this to an autistic person. You can’t say “when you fall in love” as you can fall in love in an instant. You can’t say “If you’re boyfriend and girlfriend” as that could be straight away too. I almost feel like at the time I’ll have to write a manual. “When you’ve been dating for 1 week it’s ok to kiss, 6 months he’s allowed to touch your top half” so on and so on. I don’t think a social story about the powerpuff girls losing their virginity will cut it! I know I’ve got many years yet but sometimes my mind wanders, it comes about so quickly. Hopefully she’ll marry a nice aspie boy who thinks that a night of romance is sitting side by side watching a movie!

We’ve got Nerida in the morning again followed by Sensational Kids in the afternoon. On Friday we’re off to the zoo to check out the new baby elephant. Bill of course thinks it should be called – Bill! Then the first week of holidays will be over. And I’m still relatively sane. Well, sort of!


Having a nice little break

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We went to Bev and John’s yesterday and Bridie organised with Bev to have a sleep over at some stage during the holidays. I was thinking how good it would be later in the week when we’re more over the holidays but she wanted to go today. Bill also decided that he’d like a sleepover too so they’re off at Bev and John’s now and it’s just Beth and I at home. Paul is sailing and Beth is watching a dvd so I thought I’d take the opportunity to pop on here.

We went back to see Narida yesterday morning. The amino acids were cleared which was exciting. She’s going to get us some protein powder to get the amino acids into Beth so apparently we should see a big difference with that. She then tested for digestion and found that there were problems with dairy and with sugar. I asked why, if Beth had tested negative to dairy and had been cleared of sugar, it had shown up. Nerida explained that often people aren’t necessarily allergic to something but that they can’t digest them properly. That explains why some people have a reaction to gluten yet test negative to the allergy. She also tested Beth’s brain and the signalling that goes to the brain. This was all very weak so she treated for these along with the sugar and dairy. This was quite an easy diet to limit. Any brain work means no red meat. She also couldn’t have fruits as that was the type of sugar, and no dairy. Bread was ok, as was chicken and most other things. This meant that she could have a chicken roll for lunch, nuggets and chips for dinner and toast for breakfast. It was hard for her not to have fruit as she loves it, but she understood that it was just until lunchtime today so coped well.

A friend Fiona went last week with her daughter and commented how scarily accurate Nerida is with her iridology. More and more people are coming forward to comments on Nerida and how she changed their lives. I’m quite excited at this as there are only 5 NAET practitioners in Australia, or at least 5 clinics. I’m expecting big things as always. I’m also the guinea pig for the group so I hope it works so that others will follow. We can only see I guess. I’ll keep you posted.


A pretty quiet week

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I haven’t done much this week, preferring to lie low. I think I’m saving up my energy reserves for the school holidays. Emotionally it’s been a tough week. As you know Monday was the forum with the politicians in regards to the Education Department. It really brings home to me how inadequate the school system is as far as special needs kids are concerned. I’m happy to feel like maybe (just maybe) I’m making a difference somehow by taking a stand and speaking about my personal situation. Still, it’s so raw and so confrontational that it often drains me. It’s been such a lovely experience on the most part during Beth’s primary school years. We’re in a supportive school environment and she’s flourished in many ways, whether it is through her peer group at school or the different treatments and therapies that we go to. Either way, she’s done so much better than I ever could have anticipated. Now’s the scary part. High school is only another year and a bit away, it’s come about far too quickly. I’ve been dreading it happening for so long, been looking at high schools for nearly 3 years. All I can do is prepare her as much as I can and hope for the best. I need to expect more of Beth and expect more of the other children that I’m already thinking of as horrible teenagers. I guess through bad experiences at my own high school I expect the worst of other kids. We’ve been pretty lucky with bullying with Beth, because she doesn’t react she’s no fun to pick on, hopefully that will be the case in high school too. We can only wait and see.

I’m also very over Bridie’s attitude at the moment, I’m constantly being abused by her for whatever thing I’ve supposedly done wrong. I’m looking forward to taking her to the allergist to see if there’s an underlying problem. I hope to God there is, otherwise what the hell do I do?!

School has been very emotional in the last few weeks. A gorgeous little girl in grade 1 has been diagnosed with liver and lung cancer. Even as I write I feel the tears welling, it’s incomprehensible what her poor parents are going through. Our school has an amazing little community with parents raising money and organising food to ease the lives of the family. It’s hit so hard though, being such a small school, everybody is effected in some way. My kids are constantly asking about Mikayla and about her sickness and we’ve looked at photos of her with her head shaved, it’s just so hard for kids to understand. I’d love it if everybody could say a prayer to whoever their god is to bless Mikayla and her family at this dreadful time. No matter what issues we may have with our children, how hard they may be, they’re still here and ours and I’m sure everybody would agree with me here, we’d die for them if we had to.

Beth had a bit of a problem at school this week. I was doing a reading assessment with Bridie when the principal came up to me to talk about Beth. She had pushed her aide and run screaming into the classroom afterwards. Beth and her sixth sense always seems to know when the bell is about to go, even if she doesn’t know what the time is. For some reason she’s got a bee in her bonnet about the morning bell and was running out of the classroom after it rang with her fingers in her ears. She would scream “I need to go to the toilet” and off she would go. Often I’d see her and go in after her and she’d be waiting until somebody came and got her or taking her sweet time just running water into the sink. Her teacher suggested that I bring her to class 10 minutes early and she could go into the teacher’s office and play on the computer. This worked well as she could do mathletics which is work anyway, then come into the classroom after the babble had died down. After a while we tried to wean her off of doing this but if she doesn’t play on the computer she still does the going to the toilet thing.

On Wednesday she had been playing mathletics but had decided to change it to another site, more than likely you tube if I know Beth. She loves to watch clips of movies or tv shows, even songs, and she hates it when we try to turn it off before the particular clip is finished. Her aide had caught her out on this other site and Beth had pushed her out of the way and run into the classroom yelling something. She had instantly got a red card and had to write a letter to the aide and teacher apologizing. The principal wanted me to be aware as it meant no ‘fabulous Friday’ for Beth (extra play time). Beth brought a sheet home that I had to sign outlining the incident. I tried to talk to her about it but she really just repeated what I said. I never would have heard about it if it had been up to her. As today is Friday it will hit home what she did but I think it went out of her head as quickly as it happened. I know she wouldn’t have meant to hurt anybody but I hate it when she does things like this. She’s not violent in any way but she is strong and a push from Beth isn’t gentle. Hopefully she’s learnt her lesson.

Only an hour to go until school holidays begin. I’m not sure how often I’ll be on here during the 2 weeks of joyful family bonding time but I’ll write again soon. Sorry I’ve been on a bit of a downer lately, hopefully they’ll be something good to share soon!



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I’m feeling very out of sorts today. I’ve had a busy few days and am feeling overloaded. I’m also mentally exhausted from Bridie who is getting worse and worse, abusing me with her temper for most of her waking time. I’m going to take her to see Nerida along with Beth and see if there is anything underlying her behaviour cos I’ve just had enough. I got home after dropping them off this morning and burst into tears. I thought if I could get Beth under control then it would all be lovely, now I’m finding that, as far as behaviour is concerned, she’s the easiest one to deal with. There’s only 3 days left until the holidays and I’m dreading it. I’m madly cleaning the house this week so that I can be prepared to do nothing but play all day, that’s the only way I’ll get through it. Friends have kindly offered to have Bridie for me which we will do at times, but I don’t want her to feel like she’s being rewarded for her behaviour by going for plays all the time. Anyway, back to the blog.

Paul worked all weekend as their work is moving to the other side of the city. He had to supervise and left each morning before the kids got up, getting home at 10.30 on Sunday night. Saturday we went to Bev and John’s for lunch after swimming lessons. Sunday I decided to take the kids to the movies to make up for the fact that the kids wouldn’t be seeing their Dad much. We went to see Despicable Me. What a good movie! I loved it. Oh and the kids enjoyed it too! We then popped into the Belgrave Book Barn where Bethie picked a joke book, Bill picked a Horrible Histories book and Bridie picked a sticker book which we spent the afternoon doing. It was quite a pleasant afternoon but I was glad the kids went back to school on Monday. I take my hat off to all you single mums out there, I don’t know how you do it.

Monday was quite mentally exhausting too. One of our local members, Tammy Lobato, organised a forum with other members of parliament to address the needs of individuals with a child with a disability. The HAGS group were invited and I was pleased to note that on the letter that went out to others our name was mentioned as being invited. This means we are getting a name in the area. Along with myself were Catriona, Amanda and Margaret. I think there are great strides being made as far as education for special needs kids, I’m just not sure whether it will be done in time for my Beth going to High School. There is already talk of annexes in schools for the autistic kids, with better training for teachers in mainstream schools. There was also a clear need for speech therapy, occupational therapy and psychologists to come to schools, dedicated to these students rather than the whole school. All parents have the experience that these are things that we have had to source ourselves at a high personal cost. Most schools do have specialist services but only once a fortnight, and for the whole school.

I did speak and I even managed not to shed a tear though my voice was rather shaky! I spoke briefly about the need to cater for the higher iq levels such as Beth. One member spoke of the rights of parents to give their child an education with their siblings in the mainstream school system. In response to this I replied that yes, they should have that right, but they should also have the right to send their child to an autism specific school if that is their choice. I spoke of High School being so much more difficult for our kids and how it wasn’t fair that the new school opening up for autistic kids would only cater to those with an iq score of under 70. As Margaret pointed out, kids with the lower scores are already eligible for the special schools so they had several choices. We seem to only have one. After the main speakers we spoke in groups about our issues. We spoke to the man who was the driving force behind the Autism school being there in the first place and he was most interested in what we had to say. In the end we decided that we would organise another forum ourselves and invite people higher up in parliament, outlining our stories and making it ‘real’ for them. The general consensus was that finally they are sitting up and taking notice, something that has taken a while. Still, who knows how long until it effects us.

We had an appointment with the Naturopath again last night. Beth’s amino acids were mainly clear but there were a few individual weaknesses so we treated them again. This just meant no red meat or cheese again which was fine. By the time we got home it was after six so we had tinned food on toast anyway. The only difference to her diet was that she couldn’t have cheese in her sandwich. Our next appointment is on Saturday (if Paul doesn’t have to work) so hopefully she’ll start on the brain work then. More and more I hear from people who have seen Nerida on a professional level and said how she has changed their lives. I’m so pleased that for each different treatment we’ve tried we seem to have hit the right people. There are so many quacks out there that take advantage of you. Not everything will work for everybody but if there is a little bit of improvement then it’s worth it to me.


So proud of my girl

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We’ve had a good week this week. We had swimming on Monday but Beth wasn’t feeling the best so we ended up coming home early. I had a feeling that she may have been getting her period as she was feeling a bit out of sorts all day but it didn’t happen. She was due 2 weeks ago but as it was only her second one I figured that it wouldn’t be regular. I convinced her to wear a pad that night though and she wore one to school just in case the next day. When on Tuesday nothing eventuated I gave up and she went off to school on Wednesday as usual. Wednesday night when she went to the toilet before bed I heard her in the bathroom putting a pad on so went in to reassure her that she didn’t need to wear one after all. Well low and behold she did have her period and was changing her pad from earlier that day. When I checked with her teacher she told me that no, they had been checking on Beth each time she went to the toilet and she hadn’t got it at school. That means that she must got it when she got home and dealt with it herself! I’m so, so proud of her. I can’t believe how freaked out we both were and now she’s dealing with it like a pro. It really gives me such hope for her to be an independant person one day, she took on the challenge and dealt with it.

We went back to the naturopath/allergist today. Nerida said that Beth was clear of the vitamin B. Woohoo, about bloody time. I know it was only really 3 times but it was very limiting. It’s good to move on. She tested Beth for several things that didn’t show. She was fine with Vitamin A which is mainly in fish. Likewise with mineral mix, salt mix and grain mix. This was interesting as this is the gluten test. That’s why I chose to do the elimination diet allergy testing rather than be hit and miss. It’s a huge lifestyle change to cut gluten and casien (also clear) out of your kids diet on the offchance that there may be an allergy. I don’t mind doing it if it’s proven to be there but I’ve always felt that I could take Beth of gluten and it may be some sort of additive that Beth has a problem with and not the wheat. I’ve said before, lots of kids like Bethie have such poor or restricted diets due to their ‘rules’ as to what they can eat that you can’t stuff around with what they DO eat. This way we know exactly what the problem is. The plus is that we only have to eliminate it for 25 hours at a time. How easy can it get?

Anyway, yeast mix was ok, so were stomach acids. Hormones were ok as were lots of fats and beans. It was great to get through the list so quickly. When we came to the Amino acids Nerida said she wouldn’t be surprised if there was a problem as it is common for kids with autism to be allergic. She said that she has had amazing results with autistic kids when this one was sorted out, she had dealt with kids who didn’t speak and they started to. She asked if Beth is an angry girl and I said that no, she does get upset though and has whopper tantrums but usually they culminate in her bursting into tears. I do know several kids that do however have anger issues. Nerida said that eliminating the amino acids will help that as sensory overload is lessened and they can cope with things much more. I asked if this would happen after the treatment and she said that when we go back she would get some drops for me to replace the amino acids in her system. This should bring improvements. Similarly she gave me some iron medicine to boost Beth’s iron which in turn should give her some much needed colour as she is very pale.

Next Nerida said that she would veer away from the foods and work on Beth’s brain. She said that there were 6 different areas of the brain and she would treat them one by one. I’ll have to get her to fully explain this as she’s doing it as there is nothing about this in the handbook that I bought. Hopefully I can relay it fully here. The only real limitations to Beth’s diet today were no meat or cheese. No biggie, she loves her veggies so I made her fried rice for dinner.

This afternoon we had Sensational Kids. Rod was away sick today which was a shame (he popped in to say hi though) but I had a good chat to Whiskers (Beth’s nick name for the Occupational Therapist) and we came up with some good things. She wants Beth on a sensory diet which involves an activity each morning, noon and night. This means something physical to rev up her engine. She then wants me to do some sort of pressure on Beth. This could involve lying on Beth or using a type of special brush to go up and down her arms and legs. This will ground Beth and hopefully help her to sleep at night. I can massage her and brush her, something that she’ll love. My difficulty will be in the morning. I suggested waking Beth up by using the pressure techniques then having a dance before we go to school. It must be the other way around though. Bridie is my difficult one so she might crack it if we stop dancing so that I can give Beth bear hugs or massages. Still, I’ve got to give it a try. At school it could be a combination of the 2, Beth could carry something to get her activity and the weight of the box/chair could act as the pressure. It’s very interesting, hopefully I’ll have one of Beths aides with me one day when we go as it’s always good to get the explanations first hand rather than through me. I can relay the things we need to do but find it more difficult to explain why we are doing them.

All in all we had a good day. Dare I hope that she may just be getting a wee bit better?


A new week

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It’s 6.45am Monday morning and as I’ve done all the Frontierville I can on Facebook and the kids still aren’t up thought I’d do a quick blog post. I’ve been so busy lately and today is flat out so I didn’t want to get behind on what has been happening.

I’ve got a HAGS meeting this morning after pilates and another special one tomorrow which is all about appealing the education options that we have for our kids. Pretty heavy stuff but now that we’re looking at high school options, something that is necessary. I still desperately want Beth to go to an autism specific high school but feel that it’s just not going to happen. I’m happy with the choice we’ve made for high school if we go down that path but the whole thing still scares the shit out of me if you’ll excuse my French. Still, I’ve always got the option of home schooling which is still fresh in my mind. So is the part time at school, part time at home option which I’m not minding the sound of. I think I’d go mad if I didn’t get any break at all. Anyway, back to the present.

We went back to the naturopath on Saturday and once again the vitamin B hadn’t taken. As most of them had, they again decided to eliminate 2 allergies at once but I half thought afterwards that we should have just stuck with 1. When eliminating the vitamin B the only thing Beth can have is fish and chips, white rice and cauliflower. We’ve got away with this quite well before, Nerida was ok about Beth having apples the first time but the second time as we were also doing sugar, fruit was out. If you remember, Beth had chips for breakfast that time. This time we were treating iron along with the vitamin B. This meant that she couldn’t have fish. Now Beth is pretty adaptable, especially if she can still have chips, but how bloody boring!

As an added difficulty for myself I decided to get tested also. You have to start from the beginning and the first thing I got a positive on was the chicken and egg allergy. Or egg and chicken, depending on which came first. This meant that I could have neither of these things or touch feathers. As all mothers know though it’s what’s happening with their kids that take first priority and I forgot about the chicken allergy. I took Bill and Bridie to Knox with me to buy some fathers day gifts and called Paul to say that I’d get some Red Rooster on the way home as they have such yummy chips. I’d made crinkle cut and shoestring chips (and by made I mean bought frozen ones) for variety but it would be nice to get a treat. Of course I got a chicken roll with mine! Half way through I realised and stopped eating it, just eating my chips. I forgot that the reason why the chips were so yummy is that they are sprinkled with chicken salt. I can only hope that the allergy problem was in fact with egg though I don’t think it works that way. What a waste.

Sunday morning the kids got up and gave Paul his pressies. Poor bugger had to make his own breakfast though as I couldn’t touch eggs. Bev and John came over for lunch which they brought themselves as they had no power after the big storm on Saturday night. Beth was excellent about them being here. She used to freak out when they came over and tell them to go home, telling them they shouldn’t be here. Luckily they’re thick skinned and know it’s not what she really means. This time she was fine and sat and had lunch with us before going on to the computer. Paul took all the kids swimming with Grandpa in tow after lunch. It’s funny, I always think that Mother’s Day is all about the mum getting spoilt and not having to do anything for herself. Father’s Day is about the dads being a good Dad! Not that I’m complaining. We called my Dad up and the kids dutifully said Happy Father’s Day to him. Bridie wouldn’t talk in the morning so he called back in the afternoon to have a little chat.

We’ve got swimming today with Caprice so let’s hope it goes as well as it has been the last few weeks. Only 2 more weeks left of this term, can’t believe how quickly it’s gone.


Take 2

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sorry, don’t think that part 2 worked before of the interview. Here it is again




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Bethie has an assignment due tomorrow on immigration so her Gransha has come up from Rye to let her interview him. We sat and wrote our some questions the other night and she went through the questions one by one. Here is the interview in 2 parts.

part 1

part 2

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