Back on track

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Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I had my gallbladder taken out two weeks ago and haven’t been feeling great since. I’m feeling much better now, still getting a bit tired, especially as I’m now driving again, but so much better than I was. I’m on a mission now, starting at the gym in a month and planning on getting healthy. I’m sick of feeling like crap all the time, the sun is out, it’s time!

Anyway, on to Beth! We’ve actually had a quiet couple of weeks, not much going on at all. Once again I thank goodness for my inlaws, they took the kids to school and home for me each day last week which was a godsend. Beth’s coped ok with that considering that she doesn’t like it when we change things. It’s not so much the change in routine but the reason behind it. I made sure that I warned her about me being in hospital, that I would be ok, that I just couldn’t drive for a short time. When my Dad was in hospital I didn’t tell the kids much not to worry them but of course they still hear you talking and that makes them worry even more. “Why aren’t they saying anything to us, is it more serious than they’re letting on?” Beth played up a lot in school during that period out of worry so I was determined to tell her the full story with my hospital stay.

On the whole Beth’s been pretty good. She’s still bunging it on so as not to go to school. She wasn’t well on Friday with a persistant cough but it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. I basically have to tell her that no matter what she’s going to school, then if it persists then at least I know it’s real. Even so, over the weekend every time I mentioned school she would do a feeble little cough. Like “Beth, you have some homework.” cough cough. “Beth did you bring your Subway lunch order envelope home?” cough cough. You get the picture.

On Monday this week Beth’s teacher told me after school that as per usual on a Monday Beth was badly behaved until recess then was ok afterwards. She was sent outside and when she came back in she was fine. On asking Beth she told me that she had been disrespectful but didn’t elaborate. So either she had insulted her teacher or sworn at somebody. She insisted she hadn’t sworn so I’m assuming the former!

I’ll leave you with a bit of a Beth funny. When I was recovering I had Beth’s ipad in the bedroom when she was at school. I liked to check my Facebook and mustn’t have logged out. On ipads a message pops up if people have written on your Facebook status’ or answered something you have written. I was out in the lounge on the computer and having a bit of a message conversation with my friends. Now Beth likes to read out loud and quite loud at that. As I was writing I could hear her in the bedroom. “Eloise Kate said such and such, Bree said such and such”. I called out “Hey, stop reading my facebook messages!” She had quite the smirk on her face when I saw her!


Needles are over thank goodness

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Beth had her last cervical cancer vaccine on Thursday. Well that was fun! Poor kid was petrified. I had been to the doctors on the Monday and gotten the cream that numbs. I had considered not doing this as Beth is 13 now but realistically she is much younger mentally and I was so glad that we had it in the end. Not that it helped beforehand but as it ended up not hurting I’m hoping that she remembers that.

I had given Beth the day off as she was so anxious. I put the cream on in the morning before we dropped Bill and Bridie off and we got to the doctors nice and early. Everything was fine until the needle came out. Poor love started sweating and had a ‘fight or flight’ response. In other words there was no way that needle was going near her. She kept shouting out phrases such as “it packs a powerful punch” as well as just yelling that it was going to hurt and she didn’t need the needle after all. I tried bribing, soothing, yelling, all to no avail. I even said in desperation “it’ll stop you getting cancer” which technically is sort of true but made we wish I had explained all of that to her before so that she understood what cervical cancer was. Instead it was like I was saying that she’d never get cancer but I was frantic to stop her from getting any worse. Beth was dry retching into a bag by this stage and kept saying she needed to go to the toilet, a tactic she uses often when not wanting to do something. She flailed around, grabbing the needle from the nurse and knocking over whatever she could to get away from us. In the end I had to hold her in a grip turn her head around and hold it against me and shout “quick, do it now!” as the nurse jabbed it in her arm. And then Beth relaxed and conceded that it was in fact not as bad as she thought it would be! She said that she had been so scared and was hot from all the sweating from her fear. That’s why I didn’t want her to be immunised at school, she’d never want to go back and I didn’t want to give her another reason to not want to go to school. In the end I got out of it pretty cheaply, a Total Girl Magazine, a Cinderella dvd and a chunky Kit Kat bar! And she got to have the day off school. As we went to the toilet afterwards she spouted out another classy line (probably from a movie) – “goddamned son of a bitch!”

On a happy note Beth is ok about watching the Big Bang Theory and is actually enjoying it again. She loved it last year until I made the mistake of borrowing series one on dvd. She refused to watch it, on the dvd and from then on on the tely too. The new series started last week and I told her that we were going to watch it. I reminded her how she was scared of Sesame Street for 10 years and now loves watching it. (I know they’re just tv shows but it’s about facing her fears.) Anyway, she wanted me to mute it, she had her fingers in her ears, then it came on with Mrs Wolowitz (her favourite character) being in the first scene and her smile lit up her face. I haven’t suggested watching repeats again yet but slowly, slowly.

That reminds me of the time I decided I’d conquer her fear of going to the movies. I know she’d like it once she got in but getting her in was the issue. The time she finally went in I tricked her and told her that we had to show Bridie where Bill and Dad were sitting, then we could go out and get a donut. I’d worded Paul up and taken the girls to the toilet on purpose. Even just being in the foyer was a problem. She lay on the floor saying we had to leave, she had her fingers in her ears the whole time and kept yelling at me. (A bit like the needle.) Other parents must have thought I was such a bitch, making my poor child go to the movies when she was clearly scared stiff.  I pulled her in to the cinema with me, the movie was just starting so no problems with previews and the fingers came out and the smile lit up her face. I’ve made it a point ever since to go to the movies every holidays at least once because it was so bloody hard to get her there in the first place.








School’s back

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The kids went back to school today. For the first time Beth wasn’t saying she is sick so I’m hoping that she’s actually starting to enjoy school. Not that she’d let me know. I asked her last night if she was looking forward to going back and she said not really.

Another first, I really enjoyed these school holidays and didn’t want them to end. Having to drive up to three hours a day may have something to do with it but I think it’s more that it’s the first holidays in our new house. I don’t feel panicked at what needs to be done and we can enjoy our time together. We had lots of playdates and sleepovers but also had lots of quiet days at home. It was bliss.

Beth’s friend Jessica came over on Friday. We went to the movies to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog Days which was really funny. It was lovely to see Jess though they didn’t have too much to say to each other. We hadn’t seen her for a while and Beth was really excited but as Beth does, she tended to want to play on her ipad or on Jessica’s iphone. That’s why I thought the movies would be good, it gave them something to do and something to talk about afterwards.

Poor old Bethie. She was due for her third immunisation for the cervical cancer vaccine. Paul took her on Saturday morning and she was worried but willing to go. Paul called me while there saying that the vaccine wasn’t in the fridge, had I checked with them? I said that yes I had and it had been there. So after all that worrying she had to come home and we had to reschedule. I was at the same doctors this morning and he apologized and asked the nurse to order it in again. She came out with it in her hand! As the doctor had said, he did have a ‘man’ look so had also asked the nurse but she hadn’t been able to find it either. It was at the bottom underneath some other medications. I made an appointment for Thursday so will give Beth the day off as she’ll still be quite stressed.

Beth’s been sleeping terribly lately. She’s been waking me up at 12, 1 sometimes even 2am having not gone to sleep at all. Another first, she actually fell asleep in the car on the way to school this morning! I let them know at school, hopefully she’s not coming down with something. She sort of prewarned me that the day wasn’t going to be so good before we left this morning. She said she was allowed to make her own decisions, usually I hear this when she’s been a right bugger at school and is getting in to trouble over it. I told her that if I heard she had been naughty there would be no ipad or dvds tonight so hopefully that was enough. I went to the chemist and bought some natural melatonin, something that worked for a little while in the past. I hope it helps this time. Mind you daylight savings doesn’t help it, it gives her an extra hour. It’s so bloody stupid, they start it on the day before kids are going back to school so they’re tired anyway. This morning didn’t seem too bad though, at least until Beth fell asleep.



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Well we’re half way through the school holidays. I can’t believe that it’s already October! Luckily I’ve already started my Christmas shopping. Beth is always a bit hard to buy for as she’s emotionally like a child often but wants to be like a teenager. The problem is that if I buy her teenage things she’ll say all the appropriate things but doesn’t really want them. If I ask if she wants something teenagey she’ll say “totally” or the latest abbreviation “totes” but only because she thinks it’s what she should want. What she really wants are toys but unless they’re something she really resonates with there’s no point in buying them either. I’ve found a Pepe toy from the muppets which is her favourite character so I’ve got her that. I’ve also got her a Miss Piggy wig, ears and nose. That’ll do for her younger side, I can plump up the presents with other bits and pieces. And of course all the kids have already gotten their big present of the tely’s for their new rooms.

We’ve had a very pleasant school holidays so far. We went to see Madagascar 3 last Monday with a few friends followed by hot chocolates at a chocolate cafe. Beth was very impressed that the marshmallows came on skewers to dip in the hot chocolate. We’ve had a day at Bec’s house where the kids mostly disappear except for my Beth who sits and plays on her ipad or watching her dvds. We’ve had sleepovers for Bill and Bridie and an extra special visitor from the UK, my Aunty Coral. I’m always talking about my family overseas to the kids, as I moved here when I was two we don’t often get a chance to visit. They were so excited to meet Aunty Coral and Bridie made her little cards to let her know how excited she was. Bridie finds it hard to talk to people but she’s wonderful with making cards and pictures for them. Beth came out to say hello in her usual ‘I guess I’ll have to pretend to be one of the family’ moments, happy to scurry back into her room as soon as a respectable time had passed.

We caught up with some friends today at Healesville Sanctuary. We didn’t actually see that many animals, I was walking with my friend Louise and our kids and we wandered into a beautiful area, walking around it for some time. It was like we were the only ones there but although it was part of the sanctuary it wasn’t the animal area, more like a marsh area for the birds. Still, kids are free and I didn’t pay either thanks to my companion card so you tend to not mind so much not seeing things if you haven’t paid anything. I think if we’d paid for all of us we’d have been in more of a hurry to see everything we could. Beth put her hand in bird poo then tried to wipe it off on me, much of the time she spent trying to pick the glittery bits out of rocks that we saw along the way. She had a parrot on her arm feeding it which she loved. She did amuse us by giving all the birds names, unusual ones not heard of before such as Alagel, almost like she was speaking in tongues. Apart from my coffee and icecreams at MacDonalds on the way home we didn’t pay for anything as I had taken lunch and snacks so I got away with spending under $10 which is unheard of these days.

A couple of other friends with kids on the spectrum were with us too, one who had her daughter in one of those leads you have to put on kids who run. It was nice to reflect back to the old days when I wouldn’t go anywhere with Beth unless she had one of those on. Or let her near the water like I did without her jumping in. Or be able to walk ahead a little way and not think that she’d pissed off in the other direction! Slowly but surely she is getting better.

We’ll do some more visiting this week and then it’s back to school next week. I’m having my gallbladder out the week after so might be out of action for a little while. I’m expecting the coughing and tummy aches to start about Wednesday from Beth in readiness for school next week. Poor love, I know how much she hates school but it’s just too bad really.

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