Grumpy Bum

Posted by Sarah on Jan 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Beth’s in a right cow of a mood. She’s still not feeling the best, it’s that time of the month and she knows she’s only got a week to go before school goes back. Not happy Jan!

I took Beth and Bill for haircuts this morning. Bill wasn’t happy either as his hair had gotten so ridiculously long that it had no style or shape to it at all. I reckon they cut about half of it off. It’s still long and curly, it just looks much healthier. He’s just looked in the mirror for the first time, he’s realised that he can still do a cousin It impersonation so he’s not too bad! He can’t be in a bad mood anyway, it’s his birthday tomorrow. He’s turning 11. Beth’s hair is very short, just the way she likes it. I took the hairdresser aside to explain to her that Beth has autism as we haven’t been there before. I did think there would be comments made (from bad tempered Beth) as the girl who cut her hair had numerous piercings and tattoos. I wanted her to know that if Beth said anything to please not take it personally. I was imagining Beth asking why she had all the piercings or telling her she looked ugly but no, she was too immersed in her magazine to let her caustic side out. She did however continually ask if it was finished yet, turning her head to ask me which of course slowed the proceedings up. Also to shout at Bridie who was using Beth’s ipad. She also kept reading with her head bent down so she kept having to be told to put her head up. The classy comment that she made just put the nail in the coffin. “I’m all snotty!” at the top of her voice as she wiped her nose on the gown they’d clearly put on her for that purpose. Despite all that I love both the kids hair and am going back tomorrow myself while Paul is home.

We then went to Bill and Bridie’s primary school to pick up their book boxes for this year. While there people were very nice to Beth, trying to engage her in conversations, including one of her lovely former aides. Beth of course would have none of this, answering in one syllable whereever possible, showing her annoyance. She also has the annoying habit of answering any questions such as ‘How are you?’ with a cough, to show you just how unwell she is.

Now the girls are watching Ice Age. Bridie put it on and kindly asked Beth if she’d like to watch it with her. Beth said yes then proceeded to try to take over the controls, despite being told repeatedly that Bridie was in charge this time. The first disc had a scratch but as Beth wanted to watch it she insisted that they watch it on something else, it was the machines fault, not the disc. She showed it to me, it’s very scratched. She said “See Mum, not a scratch in site.” She’s being argumentative and bossy and demanding. A surly teenager with a five year olds temper tantrums, that’s my Bethie at the moment!

I’ll leave you with a Beth funny. On the way home from school today Bridie was talking about a game where the lady was pregnant. Beth stated that she hated being pregnant. We were talking about how old people had to be to get pregnant and the other kids were horrified at the thought that Beth could now have a baby. So was I! I stated that no, Beth couldn’t have a baby because she hadn’t had sex yet. Beth then agreed saying “Yes that’s right, I’m a version!” Then Bridie commented that she must be a version too. Thank goodness for that.


A quiet holiday

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Sorry I haven’t written much lately, there’s really not been much to write about. The school holidays only have about a week left and it seems to have gone by way too quickly. We’ve had a lovely break, Paul finished building the deck a week ago so Bridie and I have spent lots of time outside, me reading the paper and her playing in the cubby or having me hose her down. It’s almost unheard of these days, we’re still not doing it too much. I reckon the water restrictions have been around since my kids were born so it’s a special treat to be able to be squirted with a hose. I might even lash out and buy a sprinkler.

I’ve been trying to get Beth outside more. She’s spent half of her holidays watching dvds or on her ipad. Now that we’ve got the deck I can set her up out there, yesterday I took out a box of magazines and she sat reading them. We’re getting the table and chairs I ordered online this week so we can eat outside whenever it’s a nice day. It’s like having a whole new room, I love it.

A couple of days ago Beth got up and started doing feeble little coughs. She seemed well enough so I was worried that she was going back to her old habits of knowing that school was going back soon and bunging on the sickness. It really frustrates me and I told her so, seeing as we still have over a week left of holidays I didn’t want every day punctuated with her coughing. Anyway, it turns out that she really has got a cold as her nostrils are quite red around them. Poor bugger, here I was threatening to take her ipad away if she kept whinging about being sick and the reality was that she really is!

On Sunday I’m having some photos taken of the kids and dogs together. A friend posted some photos of her kids on facebook which were just beautiful so I contacted the lady to ask about having some done. She’s coming out to our favourite dog walking area – Birdslands Reserve in Tecoma. She charges $99 for an hour photoshoot and you get the disc with all the photos on it to get printed out yourself. We got a gorgeous photo frame for Christmas (well I bought it for myself and told Paul it was our present to each other) with holes for various photos. Then I realised that I have hardly any current ones. I emailed the lady to let her know about Beth and she wrote me back to let me know she has two kids on the spectrum so is autism friendly. It’s so common these days! I’ll let you know how we go and put some photos on here. I’ll also put a link to the website.


Happy 2013!

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Well we’ve made it! I can’t believe another year has gone past. What a year it’s been. Beth starting at the new school, us moving to a new house. Me starting at the gym. (Incidentally, I’ve started a blog about that, if you want to check it out its www.gymjunkieyeahright.com )

We had a good Christmas. We had my family over for Christmas Eve and went to Paul’s nephews house for Christmas Day. It was busy and expensive but lovely to catch up with everybody. As usual we ate too much but that’s par for the course really. Beth’s enjoyed her holidays so far, mainly sleeping in, watching tely and playing on her ipad, normal teenage things.

We went to visit our friends Catriona and Jose yesterday with Bec, Will and Kasey. We always have fun, all the boys hang together, Bridie and Kasey go off and play, Beth watches Grandpa in my Pocket dvds (that’s what you do when you go to Joses) and the mums talk and eat as usual. Jose turns 15 today and Beth has always fancied him a bit. He has aspergers and is oblivious to this so I’ve let Beth say what she wants, there’s nobody for him to be embarassed in front of and he doesn’t seem to care. Yesterday though Beth informed me that she had in fact dumped Jose for a new love, Ethan. She has told me about Ethan before. He’s a mammoth! He’s the cute teenage mammoth in the Ice Age 4 movie and she’s decided that she’s in love with him. OK…. Hope she gets over that one before she gets back to school. Mind you they know what she’s like so they probably wouldn’t blink an eye.

I thought I’d share with you a few more of Beth’s funnies. We had a great night last night her and I. Hairspray was on and we watched it together. Beth got Pepe the King Prawn from the Muppets for Christmas, it’s a soft toy and she loves it. He watched the movie with us. He did the dances, always facing us so it looked like he was in the movie. It reminded me of the old days of Hi 5 and The Tweenies. Beth used to study what they did when they sung, then when they were on she’d be facing away from the television doing the singing and dancing part, as if she was actually part of the dvd and we were the audience.

Beth is full of facts, mainly about different characters and actors in movies. She studies them constantly, even to how people die and what year. Not in a gruesome way, just so that if somebody was in a movie who was no longer alive she could tell me who they were, what they died of and when. She decided to tell me about Pepe, telling me he is in love with Rachel Bitterman – a sexy banker lady and vilain of the third Muppet Christmas movie which came out in 2002.

Beth was very chatty throughout Hairspray, talking about John Travolta and Christopher Walken, telling me all the actors names, even the ones who didn’t have big roles. All the time with Pepe dancing. When Queen Latifah was singing Beth told me that it was like Ellen Kennedy. She then tells me to google people such as Ellen Kennedy telling me that she sings songs from the 40s and does voice over work. Indeed she does. I had the ipad at the time so as Beth gave me information she kept telling me to google it. I didn’t have to in the end, she’s always spot on.

The black fellow who the white girl falls in love with (forgive me if I sound racist but I’m just using them as descriptive words) is named Seaweed. Beth was asking me my favourite character and I described who he was and what his name was. She decided to combine it with her favourite black character and called him Cleaweed (Cleaveland and Seeweed!)

Beth also loves using unusual words, especially accented ones. She constantly refers to herself as moi. (Pronounced mwah). Like how some wanky people refer to themselves in the third person such as ‘Beth would like this’ she will answer by saying things like ‘yes, moi would like some icecream.’ She told me about something called putine last night. When I asked her what that was she told me it was potato covered in cheese curd. I didn’t know this.

She also rolled her tounge in a U shape, telling me that people who do this have a very special power. Well I must be magic then coz I am one of those people!

Beth did notice me writing things down so I explained to her about the blog. She loved this and if she said something she found particularly witty she’d tell me to write it down. I told her that I’d sit down with her today to get some insights into what she wants people to know about herself. Stay tuned folks, get ready to be dazzled!

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