Day 2

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It’s only the morning of day 2 of the holidays and already I’ve had an eventful morning. We spent yesterday literally doing nothing which was wonderful. I’m finding it hard going, lots of yucky things going on that I wont go into, back still hurting, missing Dad and Pat like crazy. I’d like to curl up in a ball and forget about Christmas but I just can’t. Anyway, I’m looking forward to all the lovely presents I’ve bought for myself.

Beth seems to be taking the whole Virgin Mary thing a bit far this year because she keeps telling me she’s pregnant. When she says it I ask if she’s been having sex with anybody and she says no. So I say she can’t be pregnant and she says that Mary was a virgin and she still got pregnant. She says it at least once a day. Last night she came out moaning telling me she was having contractions! I told her to go and do a poo.

I just thought I’d share with you my eventful morning. It wasn’t anything much in the scheme of things, just a series of incidents that make up my life and again remind me that we’d make a good reality show! Bill had his appointment with Miguel, his grief therapist. He’s from Chile. We missed the last 2 weeks as firstly Bill had camp and secondly it was the last week of the year so I didn’t want him to miss any of it. Anyway, originally I was going to cancel today, I am so tired and just over it all, but I got up this morning and thought bugger it let’s get it done. The girls weren’t terribly happy about it. So off we go, we got there a bit early and sat down waiting. Beth states that she hopes that he’s cute so she can ask him out. I told her that no, she can’t ask him out, he’s too old for her anyway. She wants to ask everybody out at the moment. He is pretty cute but as she seems to like the before shots of the boys on Snog, Marry, Avoid I feel he’s probably safe, too pretty for her!  So in goes Bill with him. I look down and notice that my skirt is actually on inside out. Beth is doing things like pressing the button down on the water dispenser. No cup underneath, just into the overflow thing. Bridie is lying in the middle of the floor complaining because she hasn’t had breakfast. Then she says she needs to go to the toilet. I get up to ask if we can use the toilet and a huge fart comes out. Literally falls out of me. I really need to do more pelvic floor exercises, otherwise by the time I’m an old woman I’ll be all fart! I think my talking loudly has masked it but no, apparently not according to Bridie. So off we go to the toilet, I of course let the girls go first as any good mother would, then when my arse is in the air about to hit the toilet Bridie opens the door to go out, straight on to the office cubicles! I was mortified! I am actually crying as I write this, luckily I can now see the funny side.

So Beth and I sheepishly make our way back to reception. Me making sure that she didn’t try to eat the gingerbread house positioned on the table we were walking past. It brought back memories of her first communion when she reached over to steal the bunch of grapes that were there for decoration! Miguel comes out with Bill and asks me to come in for a couple of minutes. Bill says it will be fine, he’ll look after Beth. I remember that I forgot to put my skirt on the right way in my hurry to leave the toilet but in I go. All good. We leave and I asked if Beth behaved herself. Not quite. Apparently she said very loudly to all who could hear that Miguel and I are having an affair! All this before 10.30am!



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First I’d like to share – how bloody gorgeous is my Beth? In fact how bloody gorgeous are all my kids?! beth ric family

The first picture is of Beth at her Middle School Graduation. The second is of me and her and her dashing teacher. I just wanted to put that one in to show how hard it is for me to go to parent teacher interviews. The third one is of the family the next night for my Bill’s grade 6 graduation. Beth looked so pretty in her dress that she wanted to wear it again.  Bill got a fabbo award that night, very proud Mummy moment!

What an exhausting time of year! I’ve been laid up with a bad back for the last week and ended up in hospital twice through spasming but I seem to be on the mend now. I still haven’t finished Christmas yet but as most of my readers know, it’s been a difficult year, and my heart hasn’t quite been in it. I think the kids have done ok this year. Beth is getting Modern Family books and scripts which seems to be her new show of choice. She keeps telling me things that she wants such as a fancy car as she insists that she will be getting her licence. God help us, she can’t even cross the road without assistance so I’m not planning on that happening any time soon.

She’s been just lovely lately, being quite social in fact. Bridie had camp the week before last and we were there to greet the kids as they got off the bus. Beth was like Julie McCoy from the Love Boat. As each of the kids got off she said ‘did you have fun on camp?’ Most looked at her as if she was weird, some who knew her answered nicely. She said their names if she knew them, she did an excellent job in fact! Similarly at Bill’s graduation on Tuesday night she congratulated the kids and told them all how nice they looked.

She’s quite excited about next year and I’ve been told that she got into Media Studies which is what she wanted. Making movies and games, learning computers and ipads, it’s right up her alley. She already does movie reviews at home and apparently that’s part of it. I’m excited for the next step too.

It’s her last day at school today. I was going to give her the day off, I’m finding it hard to drive and can’t take my painkillers when I do, but Paul couldn’t take them this morning. It’s the class parties though and she’ll get her report so I took her anyway.

I’ll leave you with a Beth funny. Clearly I’ve been watching too many grown up shows. I quite like shows like The Midwives and Beth likes more gory ones such as Bones and Castle. We had eaten fish and chips one night and had gotten fish bites. The kids were saying what shape theirs were and most were letters. When it came to Beth’s turn she said hers looked like an umbilical cord! Then a few days later we were eating spaghetti bolognaise and Beth suggested that perhaps that’s what they use in murder shows to be the guts hanging out of people. With that and her obsession with beheading I don’t know what to think!

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