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Well I’m feeling really happy with Beth this morning. One of the conditions of her staying home with me for 2 days a week is that she needs to get more active. This means of course that so do I! Which is good for us both. I’ve let my gym slip somewhat since starting work as I’m on my feet for 9 hours and am stuffed by the time I get home. Now that I’m just working weekends though I really have no excuse not to go back to the gym during the week. I’ve done a couple of classes but always liked to do the early morning workouts before. Anyway, they had a ladies night at the gym a couple of weeks ago so my partner in crime (and gym) Eloise and I went for a sticky beak. We did a butt workout class. Luckily I was standing at the back because it was rather windy! I put it down to age. And poor core muscles. I reckon if I had a baby now it’d just fall out. Anyway, I digress……  You got a prize if you referred somebody so I put my hand up for Beth to do personal training sessions. Anything for a freebie! We’ve also started family tennis lessons at which she does about half a lesson before reading for the other half. I’m ok with this, as long as she tries hard for that half.

I spoke with the gym manager, Jade, about Beth. I said that she won’t want to do it. She’ll say she’s tired/sore/out of breath/thirsty/needing a wee. You name it, she’ll say it. Also, if she had a male trainer she’d try and crack on to him. So, I had a phone call the next day from a lovely young woman called Melissa. She said that they’d do lots of games. So off we went today. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Melissa was gorgeous. I told Beth that she had to do the right thing by Melissa. I was pleased that it was ok for me to go off and do my thing. I tend to over interfere which I know isn’t helpful but I almost over compensate for Beth’s lack of effort! While we waited I showed Beth the interactive bikes and we had a little ride. (Thanks Lois for the suggestion, she loved it!) Then, after filling in paperwork, off I went to do my workout and off Beth went with Melissa. They went to the workout room and I could see them if I looked over the edge of the ladies gym. I tried really hard not to though!

Here’s Beth chasing dragons on the bike. bethdragon

Afterwards Beth came up with a big smile on her face. She said they did an obstacle course, just like she used to do when she was 4 at Irabina! My god she’s got a memory like an elephant! She did throwing the ball to Melissa, she did bowling a big ball, she did the big ropes. Melissa had devised lots of games so as Beth got tired of one (quite quickly) she could pick the next thing to do. And of course with breaks and drinks throughout. The good thing is that she enjoyed it though. It made me start thinking about what she can do with life again. Really, it’s always in my mind. As I’ve been thinking about my career too though I’m always thinking of businesses that we could work together. And I love the idea of a special needs gym! It would have to be fun, with interactive equipment and games, an OT type approach to all the exercises. I know from my own experience how exercise helps my moods and gives me energy to do other things. Kids like Beth can be very sedentary, she likes to lie on her bed watching telly and playing on her tablet. She does like to take the dogs for a walk and I’ve seen how that will regulate her mood. Anyway, we’ll see how we go, it’s early days yet. I’m so proud of her though. We went to the local supermarket afterwards where she chose her crispy m&ms for her reward.

Speaking of memory, we went trick or treating for Halloween. I decided this year to put a post on facebook asking who was doing it to save the embarrassment or annoyance of people who don’t celebrate Halloween. So we drove around rather than walking. An old friend from my HAGS support group said that they were doing it. Beth hasn’t seen her in several years but when we turned up she said ‘Hi Nicky, I remember you babysitting me!’. I can’t even remember it but it was years and years ago! She’s just amazing my girl.


Going well

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Sorry, I just realised that it was May since I last wrote. I had to read over what I had written to see where I was up to! Lots of things have happened this year. I turned 50 in July. I got a job. I became a finalist in the Rapid Challenge competition. I go to Bondi in 10 days and 21 hours for a few days with the other finalists for pampering, yoga and makeovers. Not that I’m counting…..

Beth has been rather excellent I must say. After going and having a look at the media school in Ringwood she had a trial day which she loved. The subject she chose was creative writing so I believe she wrote for their newsletter.  Next year she’s booked in for one day a week. For the first term it’s the creative writing class that she’s chosen. I think it’s partially because she likes the Wednesday as currently she’s doing cooking at school and doesn’t like standing on her feet all day.

She’s currently at school 3 days each week. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. When she starts at Your DNA one day a week next year she’ll still only be gone for the 3 days at this stage. We’ve upped her medication which has done wonders but going part time has also worked a treat. She knows that she’s not allowed to whinge about going on the other days. Even if she’s not feeling fantastic she has to suck it up for those 3 days, otherwise we go back to the other way.

I’m trying to get Beth involved in doing things with me on the Thursdays and Fridays but it’s going slowly. She does art class with me every second Friday morning and is going fairly well. The compromise is working for an hour, then she’s allowed to read for the second hour. Tiff is really good with Beth and we’ve had varying success with artwork. We’ve also started family tennis lessons on a Friday night. We’ve done this twice. The first time she was more interested in perving on the boys. She’s needing to wear her glasses most of the time and she forgot them that time so wasn’t great. She worked ok for 5 or 10 minutes though. Last time she was pretty good. She wasn’t happy about going mind you. Gilmore Girls finishes at 6.30pm and we can’t tape it. Lessons start at 6.30pm and we walk there. So she carried on big time but ended up going. The deal was that if she played well for the first 15 minutes she could read her book for the rest. She chose to take her dictionary. She did really, really well actually and played for a big longer, then she sat down and the rest of us continued on. It worked well and I was ever so pleased with her. When walking home she was nearly running up the hill, something I’ve never seen her do before. Unfortunately her pants seemed too tight so half the lesson she was pulling them up! I got her Disney workout leggings yesterday though so she can wear them now! The other exciting thing (let’s hope I say the same thing next week) is that I’ve got her into personal training! She starts next Thursday morning at our local gym. They have a special 3 for $90 to try it out. I’ve spoken to the trainer who plans on organising games to get her into doing it. I’ve explained that Beth will whinge and carry on and say that she’s sore but she needs to do something and it will be really good for her mentally as well as physically. And I can do a workout while she’s doing it so it’s win win. I’ll let you know how we go.

Beth has been so good since I started work. I was working all weekend plus 2 days during the week and she was just fine with Paul taking her on those days. Once she even had to change her day off but it didn’t worry her at all. Now I’m just on the weekends until business picks up. I’m missing being with the kids  but the money is good as I get penalty rates and after Christmas I can change my days around hopefully. It’s actually been really good for Beth I think. She’s ok about me going to Bondi too and wants to come with Paul to pick me up from the airport.

I’ve got a few things up my sleeve but until I know further details I won’t share yet. Suffice to say I’m sussing out a promising lead that links the gut to some symptoms of autism. Beth has always had gut problems so hopefully there’s something we can do about it. I’ll keep you posted.

See you after Bondi! xx

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