Cooking again!

Posted by Sarah on Nov 18, 2020 in Uncategorized

For those of you who are long time readers you’ll know that every Christmas Beth becomes obsessed with Here Comes Christmas candycanes. Before you ask, it’s from a My Little Pony story. And no, it’s not possible to get one. Or to make one the way she wants. But… it still doesn’t stop her from asking constantly for one. every. single. year. When she was originally doing art with Ash Beth asked and Ash and her made a fabulous large paper mache one with glow in the dark glitter and Ash filled it with goodies for Beth for Christmas. There was a lot of planning and thought went into it. None of it mine mind you! The issue is that we can never make the real deal because it’s magic!

Yesterday Beth had cooking with Lochie again and of course she asked to do something along the here comes Christmas candycane idea. So they made chocolate muffins with sprinkled candy canes on the top. Of course I forgot to buy the peppermint extract. And the icing sugar! I found a packet mix for cupcakes so they used that icing instead and, the muffins tasted delicious without the peppermint flavour. When Lochie went to move his car I found Beth licking the spoon and bowl with it all over her face! She looks really happy with herself here!

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Beth enjoy herself as much as she is in this photo. She loves doing things with me such as pedicures or going to the movies or taking the dogs for a walk. But if I take a photo she forces herself to smile. She used to sing songs and dance around and as she’s gotten older a lot of that enjoyment seems to have gone from her. That’s why I was so excited when I asked her to smile and she let out that beautiful beaming one. Hopefully things are on the up for us all. I want her to feel like smiling more, not just because I’m telling her to.

On the supplement front I truly believe that her Omega Q brain health tablet has been helping. Her mood has been so much better since beginning it. I have only been giving her one a day, even though it says 2, so I will up that when I get the new delivery next week. Her conversation has been better, she’s been asking me questions and truly wanting clarification in the answers. She is suggesting things we can do and really looking into them before suggesting. And she’s been great at work by all accounts. So it’s a big tick for that one! I’ll increase this one and assess before I add other supplements but so far this one’s a winner!

Please let me know if you are keen on trying any of these out and I’ll send you a link. As always, every supplement and treatment is different for every individual, just as all of our kids have individual personalities and reasons that they are the way that they are. All we can do it trial and error at times but so far so good for us with this particular product.


Start cooking!!

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I’m rather excited now that things are opening up again! Yesterday Beth started doing cooking with an organisation called I Hate Cooking. I found them via facebook as I saw they are an NDIS service provider. Beth enjoys cooking but we don’t often do it together. I contacted them and they sent a lovely young man out called Lochie. For their first cook they did scones because it’s nice and easy. That gave them a chance to get to know each other too. Beth is pretty pleased with her goodies. I loved the taste too, though they didn’t agree with the new dentures I got on Saturday and I very nearly had my bottom ones fall out in front of our lovely new friend! Here’s a piccy of the 2 together! BTW I told them to take their masks off for the picture, they were social distancing at this coffee and hot chocolate stage!

The other exciting news is that Beth’s lovely art teacher is coming back! Beth loves art so much and really enjoyed making all her creations as I know a few of you enjoyed when we did the calendar in 2018. This year has been such a shitshow for so many things and Beth has gotten used to doing not very much, so the hope is that there will be something each day now to keep her busy.

As far as the next stage in supplements go we did try the greens in her shake as it’s so very good for you. She could taste it in that though and, even though she drank it, has politely said no thank you every time I’ve asked since. Seeing as I can’t have actual food atm I’m going to make myself up a nice smoothie for lunch with lots of goodies from our lines so will pop some in myself to see what it tastes like then make one of them for Beth. I’m thinking frozen raspberries would make it yummy for us both. So hopefully next time I write I will have more news. As always, progress takes time but it’s worth it! Have a great week everybody xxx

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