End of June 2021

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We’ve had a good month. Beth seems a bit more settled as far as obsessional behaviour is concerned. She still isn’t happy about Paul if he coughs or yawns loudly but it is slowly getting better. She’s becoming a little more tolerant which is lovely.

Mind you she had a doozy of a tantrum a couple of nights ago. One that only comes around once in a blue moon thank goodness. When she has those I just want to run from the house. She goes on and on and I know I’m making it worse by reacting badly but it gets me so on edge! She pretends that I’m talking to her and says what I should say. We went to visit my family on the weekend and she wanted to go for a sleepover but we changed it to a drive there and back on Sunday. So she starts off a little whingey and I hear the shake in her voice and know it’s coming. She starts with her saying ‘we can go up for the night’ then, being me, saying ‘yes sweetheart we can go for the night, good idea’ and there’s me in the background saying ‘No, I’ve told you we’re not going for the night!’ This escalates until I am saying that she’s really pissing me off and her saying (in my voice, really high pitched) I love you Beth, and kissing my hand. It was really horrible as I knew I had to calm her down yet I just wanted her out of my face! Usually I’m ok and am the one to calm her down but Paul ran her a bath and she settled down after that. Not a proud moment but hey, I’m only human!

Other than that big tanty Beth has been pretty happy. Still only doing one day a week at work and one PT workout a week. She was really good at the last 2 workouts and didn’t whinge or carry on or need to wee or need to poo or say she’d vomit or have to sit down! She did the workouts and Mel told me that she was really good and made a huge effort. She even gave Beth a surprise chocolate bar this week as a reward. On the way home we were chatting about Mel and I said ‘I love Mel!’ and Beth said ‘I love her too!’ It was so sweet!

Beth went to visit her aunty on Saturday when I was at work. Paul took her and his parents and she got to meet their new dog. So I’ve popped in a photo of Beth getting to know Frankie. I love how much she loves her animals. Also some of her at work and a cool one of her as a cartoon. If you’ve not seen it, get the app Voila, it’s so cool, there are a few different types you can do. Have a great week everybody! xx

May be an image of dog


June 2021

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So, we’re in yet another lockdown! 4th one since last year. I’m so pissed off. My beautiful niece had a baby last week and I’m desperate to visit them but because they live in the country I’m not allowed to just yet. As I work on Saturdays I only really get to visit on long weekends, which we have next week. I know we’re keeping everybody safe but I’m a tad over it. And really, compared to so many others, I’m not really affected much at all. Just having a whinge!

Beth is doing well. She’s still doing her one day a week at work. We haven’t had a chance to organise another day or 2 yet. One art school hasn’t gotten back to me with a time to visit and with lockdown again it’s hard to pin people down. Because Beth has a low immune system too, we keep her home through the hard lockdowns. We’re starting to give her jobs again, she needs to start doing more. She’ll lie in bed all day and watch tv, playing on her tablet if she’s allowed. Hell, so will I! It becomes habit though and it’s harder to get her up and around.

I went to Queensland the weekend before lockdown started. So bloody lucky we squeezed it in! It was a training weekend for my business that supplies the amazing tablets that Beth and I are on. I’d taken Beth to any catchup meetings we had before the weekend away as they’ve been at friend’s houses and, working on Saturdays, I don’t get to spend as much time with the kids as I’d like. So of course she was mighty pissed off that I was going away with them because they’re her friends too! We kept in contact while I was away but as the plane landed back home I had several messages, worried that I hadn’t told her I’d landed yet. Mainly because I hadn’t! I couldn’t get signal of course, but she’s terribly impatient and will send messages every minute asking why I’m not answering her.

She’s doing well on the tablets. Let me know if you’re interested in knowing more and I’ll send you some info. The latest thing I’ve had happen is when we went shopping. She’s more involved in picking the foods and carrying them which isn’t something she’s been keen on before. Also, and she’s never done this before, as the bags were being filled Beth independently took the bags and put them in the trolley for me, then pushed the trolley! This is a new development and, like the others, not huge for most people but huge for us. It’s another independent process, from actually thinking about it to doing it without being asked.

The other thing I’m loving about my business is that it’s growing each month. As most of you know, my eventual plan is to open a gym for adults with disabilities. I can see that happening now which gives me a huge goal for Beth as it will (along with myself and my friend Eloise) be her future security that I so desperately want for her, even if she (at this stage) doesn’t. I really hate to think about when I’m not here but one day it will happen and I suppose I’d better get my shit together and be prepared!

So, have a wonderful week everybody! Good luck to those in lockdown. To those who aren’t, enjoy you lucky buggers!

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