Products we use

Beth has been using an amazing probiotic for her gut as well as an omega product for her brain health and heart health. She is also using products called NRF2 and NRF1, these help oxidative stress levels and energy amongst other things. We have an affiliation with the company that sells them so if you’re keen to give them a go the link is here. It links to Beth’s store and gives $16.50 off the first order. Any questions just comment and I can fill you in a little more! Here’s the link x

Beth uses a melatonin that we’ve found terrific. We purchase from iherb. It’s a slow release melatonin. Beth used to have trouble going to sleep but I found she also had trouble staying asleep. She would drop off nice and early then wake up at 2 and be ready for the day, making sure she woke us all up in the process! We used to buy the slow release Natrol 5mg but have lately moved to the 10mg. It’s all natural and I use it too. Here’s the link to where we buy it and what sort it is x