Pushing the boundaries

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Beth’s had a good week. She’s been communicating really well, even telling me things that she is doing on her ipad or who she is watching on the television. She does think I know exactly what and who she is talking about however which was often difficult as was getting frustrated if I didn’t instantly know what she meant. For example she was talking about Halle Berry who was on an ad on tely one night. She told me that she is 46 like me and was born in 1966. I was surprised at this, after all, I look so much younger and more beautiful than Halle Berry, she’s a bit of an old hag really! Beth thought that I knew that she was born in the same year as me, I said I would google it and she then looked it up on her ipad for me on Wikipaedia. Now whenever she tells me something I don’t know about she insists on doing this which is good because it alleviates her frustration and means that she’s communicating to me in the way she can. I don’t really doubt her facts actually, she’s like an elephant with her memory, especially about movie trivia. I still let her look things up though as it means we’re talking. Incidentally one fact I was very interested in was that Will Wheaton who I only really know from the Big Bang Theory was the lead in the movie Stand By Me. I knew he was in Star Trek but I didn’t know he was in anything else. We googled that one and yes, there he was! (It shocked me almost as much as finding out Amy Farrar Fowler was played by the chick who played Blossom!)

We did have a bit of sad news, with Bridie’s rabbit dying. I told Beth and she did all the right noises then the questions started. “Did you take Sammy to the vets?” A. No, he is already dead, there’s no point. Beth “Did you try giving him some water?” A. No, he’s already dead. And on, and on. Poor Grandpa had put the the rabbit in a box for me so Bridie didn’t see him when we got home, he’s also the one who covered our old dog when she died, I don’t cope with dead animals well. Beth insisted on seeing Sammy dead which I let her do when Paul got home. I thought it would be good for her to see what dead means, she doesn’t seem to grasp the concept well.

I’ll finish with a Beth funny. Beth’s been a little inappropriate lately, pushing what she thinks she can and cannot say. Yesterday I had to stop myself from laughing though. She was watching a muppet movie that I had downloaded for her and I was reading the paper in the same room. Clearly not wanting me there she made a suggestion to get me out. “Why don’t you and Dad go and have sex and leave me alone?” I replied that that was a really rude thing to say and very inappropriate. She thought about it and then said “Oh sorry, I meant to say why don’t you and Dad go and have intercourse and leave me alone?”! Cheeky little shit!


Happy days

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Well for the first time in a long time Beth’s enjoying going to school! I expected that it would never happen, especially as I hated school with a passion throughout my whole school life. I’m sure my whingey kids were sent to me as payback for the hell I would put my mum through each and every morning. I would scream so hard that when mum would eventually look at my throat it would be red raw so she couldn’t tell if I really was sick or not. I’d have weeks at a time off. I’m much more bitchy as a mother and I will threaten lots to make my kids go to school. Bill is the only one of my children who loves school so much that he even misses it during the holidays. Strange boy!

Anyway, I discovered this dirty little secret of Beth’s when she received an email from a school friend from last year. The girl had just sent one line which was rather sad. It said simply “Oh Beth, I miss you so much!” I think the reality of high school has hit and she longs for the simpler life of primary school, even for the simpler life of playing with Beth as only children and special needs people seem able to do. I made Beth write her back and she answered that she missed her friend too. She was going to just put this but I encouraged her to write something more, perhaps to tell the girl about school. She wrote simply “School is cool.” I was dumbstruck. Since when? I questioned her and she let me know, she does think school is cool. Yippeeeeee! Since then she hasn’t grumbled about going to school much at all. She still does the little coughs now and again but on the whole she has enjoyed going most days. She tells me what she’s doing on the day and smiles when she says goodbye in the mornings. It’s taken 10 long months but at last she’s happy.

I too am so happy with my choice. When I picked Beth up last week her teacher came out to see me to talk about her lack of traffic awareness. There is an awareness program that is offered to senior students, I guess for readiness for using public transport and being a bit more independant. She suggested that Beth started this earlier than most. I think Miss L was a bit relieved when I didn’t baulk at the idea that perhaps Beth may not be able to work independantly, I’ve known this all along but I guess it’s a touchy subject for many parents. As the school is for higher functioning kids it makes me feel even luckier to have gotten Beth in as I think she’s probably one of the most dependent kids there. I suggested that they give Beth a turn at working in the library sometimes to see if she enjoys it. As she loves books I thought it may be a good place for her to work, even if it is working for the pension. I guess if she’s not getting paid as such it wouldn’t matter too much if she was found lying on the floor reading the books once in a while!

Last week Beth brought home a Christmas wish list that she made. Unlike most high school students Beth still believes in Santa and they didn’t discourage it which is rather cute. The list reads as such : Dear Santa, I want a hot tub for Christmas, a Family Guy DVD, a cruise on the Disney fantasy, A Limo, Tickets to Universal Orlando Resort, A discoball, A rainbow, Muppet movies, a ticket to Unicorpia and money. I think perhaps the disco ball may be possible! As for the rest, yes please Santa, I’ve got my companion card ready!

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