Pushing the boundaries

Beth’s had a good week. She’s been communicating really well, even telling me things that she is doing on her ipad or who she is watching on the television. She does think I know exactly what and who she is talking about however which was often difficult as was getting frustrated if I didn’t instantly know what she meant. For example she was talking about Halle Berry who was on an ad on tely one night. She told me that she is 46 like me and was born in 1966. I was surprised at this, after all, I look so much younger and more beautiful than Halle Berry, she’s a bit of an old hag really! Beth thought that I knew that she was born in the same year as me, I said I would google it and she then looked it up on her ipad for me on Wikipaedia. Now whenever she tells me something I don’t know about she insists on doing this which is good because it alleviates her frustration and means that she’s communicating to me in the way she can. I don’t really doubt her facts actually, she’s like an elephant with her memory, especially about movie trivia. I still let her look things up though as it means we’re talking. Incidentally one fact I was very interested in was that Will Wheaton who I only really know from the Big Bang Theory was the lead in the movie Stand By Me. I knew he was in Star Trek but I didn’t know he was in anything else. We googled that one and yes, there he was! (It shocked me almost as much as finding out Amy Farrar Fowler was played by the chick who played Blossom!)

We did have a bit of sad news, with Bridie’s rabbit dying. I told Beth and she did all the right noises then the questions started. “Did you take Sammy to the vets?” A. No, he is already dead, there’s no point. Beth “Did you try giving him some water?” A. No, he’s already dead. And on, and on. Poor Grandpa had put the the rabbit in a box for me so Bridie didn’t see him when we got home, he’s also the one who covered our old dog when she died, I don’t cope with dead animals well. Beth insisted on seeing Sammy dead which I let her do when Paul got home. I thought it would be good for her to see what dead means, she doesn’t seem to grasp the concept well.

I’ll finish with a Beth funny. Beth’s been a little inappropriate lately, pushing what she thinks she can and cannot say. Yesterday I had to stop myself from laughing though. She was watching a muppet movie that I had downloaded for her and I was reading the paper in the same room. Clearly not wanting me there she made a suggestion to get me out. “Why don’t you and Dad go and have sex and leave me alone?” I replied that that was a really rude thing to say and very inappropriate. She thought about it and then said “Oh sorry, I meant to say why don’t you and Dad go and have intercourse and leave me alone?”! Cheeky little shit!

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