Time off

I gave Beth a couple of days off last week. It was her time of the month and it’s always pretty bad to start with, I also thought she needed a Bethie/Mummy day as she’d been rather revolting for a few days, probably hormonal in hindsight. She’s not wanting to go to school again most mornings and does what she can to get out of it. Usually it starts on Sunday night, she’ll be coughing or holding her tummy and complaining about one or another ailment. By the Monday she has the groan included so that she sounds really sick. It’s such a shame as I know she actually quite enjoys school and now that she’s got friends it must be even better. But still, she loved her friends from last year but still didn’t want to go to school.

Beth had a curriculum day today. This week she still tried to bung on the sick noises. I told her that she had today off and that if she kept going I would send her to school today so she’d get no days off this week at all. It takes a small warning, then a big one, then the big threat. I told her that I didn’t want her telling me again or else. So she decided to try another tack. You see I didn’t say anything about talking to herself. As I’m getting changed I can hear her in the background. “I wonder which clothes I should wear for my day off today? Should I wear a tracksuit and a t shirt or should I wear jeans and a jumper?” “Beth, cut it out!!!” says I. “Hmmm” says she “I hope the other kids in the class don’t get what I’ve got, I’d hate them to get sick like me.” “BETH!!!!!” “What Mum” she says, all innocence! Cheeky bugger.

My Dad’s been staying at my sister Deb’s house since getting out of hospital, he’s going home tomorrow. Beth in her subtle way walked into the lounge the first time we visited him. “You’re not dead!” she said to him. Dad is a little hard of hearing and I think couldn’t quite believe that she’d said it. He double checked so she said very loudly and very slowly “YOU’RE    NOT    DEAD”. Well what can you say? “Yes, thanks for that, it’s good isn’t it?”

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