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Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I had my gallbladder taken out two weeks ago and haven’t been feeling great since. I’m feeling much better now, still getting a bit tired, especially as I’m now driving again, but so much better than I was. I’m on a mission now, starting at the gym in a month and planning on getting healthy. I’m sick of feeling like crap all the time, the sun is out, it’s time!

Anyway, on to Beth! We’ve actually had a quiet couple of weeks, not much going on at all. Once again I thank goodness for my inlaws, they took the kids to school and home for me each day last week which was a godsend. Beth’s coped ok with that considering that she doesn’t like it when we change things. It’s not so much the change in routine but the reason behind it. I made sure that I warned her about me being in hospital, that I would be ok, that I just couldn’t drive for a short time. When my Dad was in hospital I didn’t tell the kids much not to worry them but of course they still hear you talking and that makes them worry even more. “Why aren’t they saying anything to us, is it more serious than they’re letting on?” Beth played up a lot in school during that period out of worry so I was determined to tell her the full story with my hospital stay.

On the whole Beth’s been pretty good. She’s still bunging it on so as not to go to school. She wasn’t well on Friday with a persistant cough but it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. I basically have to tell her that no matter what she’s going to school, then if it persists then at least I know it’s real. Even so, over the weekend every time I mentioned school she would do a feeble little cough. Like “Beth, you have some homework.” cough cough. “Beth did you bring your Subway lunch order envelope home?” cough cough. You get the picture.

On Monday this week Beth’s teacher told me after school that as per usual on a Monday Beth was badly behaved until recess then was ok afterwards. She was sent outside and when she came back in she was fine. On asking Beth she told me that she had been disrespectful but didn’t elaborate. So either she had insulted her teacher or sworn at somebody. She insisted she hadn’t sworn so I’m assuming the former!

I’ll leave you with a bit of a Beth funny. When I was recovering I had Beth’s ipad in the bedroom when she was at school. I liked to check my Facebook and mustn’t have logged out. On ipads a message pops up if people have written on your Facebook status’ or answered something you have written. I was out in the lounge on the computer and having a bit of a message conversation with my friends. Now Beth likes to read out loud and quite loud at that. As I was writing I could hear her in the bedroom. “Eloise Kate said such and such, Bree said such and such”. I called out “Hey, stop reading my facebook messages!” She had quite the smirk on her face when I saw her!

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