The school year is nearly over

It’s Beth’s last day at school for the year today. Bill and Bridie finish off tomorrow. Beth’s been in fine form this week, saying some really smart, knowledgeable things and all together pretty ‘with it’ which has been fantastic. Here’s a few of her fascinating insights :

When discussing Vincent Van Gogh last night Beth tells me that to be an artist you have to have one ear. When I told her that I do art but I have two ears Beth’s response was “Let me guess. You need both ears to hold up your glasses!” Well yes, good observation and good point!

The song from Ghostbusters was on the tv. Beth says to me “You know Ghostbusters Mum, it’s got The Dan Ackyroyd in it.” She’s never watched Ghostbusters. Thanks for the 80’s trivia 13 year old. You’re absolutely correct.

“Billy West plays the red M&M on the M&M’s ad. ” That’s all she said. Cheers, that’s something I’ve always wanted to know.

I went to the toilet last night and when I came in to bed Beth was standing on her head. She said she was going to watch television that way from now on. It lasted only a couple of minutes thank goodness!

Beth has been particularly attentive lately. When I went in to yell at her (and be prepared to do it five or six times) to put her shoes and socks on I saw that she had put both on without being told. This is a miracle of the 21st Century!

Yesterday she didn’t want to go to school and was being a sad sack about going on a barbecue at the local park near the school. She kept wanting me to say that they were going to the one near our home so that I could pick her up early. I would say it was near her school and she’d say something like “yes, near my old school – right?” Anyway, I told her to have fun and not to spoil it for everybody else even though she didn’t want to go. When I picked her up I asked if she had grizzled and she said “I was told not to mope so no, I didn’t mope.” I hadn’t used the word mope so she must have been told from somebody else too! I had heard her teacher at the end of the day asking Beth and two others if they wanted an icypole. The others had replied yes but I could hear the teacher “Beth. Beth O’Connor. Earth to Beth!” Then eventually from her “Whaat!” They so get her!

I had one of Beth’s friends come up to me yesterday morning. He very cutely asked if Beth could come for a swim in the holidays at their house. I’ve got a soft spot for this boy and his mum so of course I said yes. Yay! She’s got a playdate! It’s funny, when we go to the other campus Beth is constantly being said hello to (especially by the boys) and she’s oblivious to them all. Clearly she goes by the concept “Treat em mean, keep em keen!”

I got an email the other day from a lady who has developed an app for teaching kids how to write. She was asking if I would mind putting a plug on here and I said that no, of course I wouldn’t. Not only was the app a fantastic one but I was so chuffed that she thought my blog was important enough that it would benefit her! So here is a link to their website : or to look directly at the app it’s  It teaches children the right way to start and write letters and would be incredibly beneficial to any child.

Well this will be my last post before Christmas. Thanks everybody for continuing to read my little blog. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas and I’ll speak with you soon. xxxxx

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