Another good Speech session

We had Sensational Kids yesterday which went well. I don’t stay for Beth’s Occupational Therapy session with Melinda but she tells me that Beth is starting to use both hands more consistently which she tends not to do so I’m pleased with that. Melinda had her threading jewellery and cutting with one hand, holding the paper with the other. All things that I should be doing at home with her but often don’t have the time. It’s hard also when you have more than one child because a lot of the games and activities that Beth should have are best one on one for concentration levels and of course the other kids want your undivided attention also. Especially Bridie as she loves all the crafty things. I try to include her and do it as a family activity but she cracks a wobbly half the time if it’s not done the way she wants it and by the time I’ve finished dealing with that Beth’s either lost interest or gone in another direction.

Speech was a successful session. Beth and Rod have been using funny voices and accents which is amusing. Sometimes this means that things are done in a very roundabout way but Rod knows what he’s doing so I just take his lead. Last session, which was a month ago, Rod wrote out sentences and asked Beth to say what emotion was being used in these sentences. He started off very basic and the choices were just happy or sad. Even that she found confusing at times. This time there was a variety of emotions to pick from such as angry, confused, excited etc and she pretty much picked them easily. Behavior wise she was a bit all over the shop as she has been lately but her understanding and comprehension has been fantastic lately. I was also interested to get Rods opinion on this as I had told him several weeks ago about us doing the mercury detox and he’d basically said that there was no proof that this worked and no scientific evidence.  Yesterday he said flippantly to me “what pills are you giving Beth cos keep doing it.” I happily replied “chelation therapy actually!”  He didn’t show much but seemed surprised and expressed a sort of “oh well there you go” comment, can’t quite remember the wording but along those lines.

Eli came in early again and as Paul was picking the other kids up we were able to stay for a bit longer too. They played a card game called Slamwich which was simplified by Rod. Beth had to ask Eli if he wanted for example tomato for his sandwich to which Eli had to respond. Beth would then give him a card with the picture of tomatoes. Eli then had to ask Rod and Rod had to ask Beth. They had to say if they already had that particular food. Beth is getting really good at picking up where Rod has tried to trick her. He had asked her if she wanted apple in her sandwich but there was no apple card as she indignantly pointed out! By the end Beth was starting to take it too far and the game didn’t make much sense anymore but she saved the day by asking Eli if he wanted Grandma’s underpants in his sandwich. Everyone thought that was hilarious and Beth was a happy girl!

I went to a 25 year school reunion last night which was great fun. I just wanted to mention on of my school mates by the name of Paul. He suggested that I start this blog and not only set it up for me but also has put up with my questions on how to do this and that since the beginning. I was a typist/receptionist in my previous life (before kids) but don’t really know much about computers other than emails and facebook so it’s been really great to have someone with computer knowledge and the belief that I could make a go of this. Thanks Paul, I really appreciate everything you’re doing for me. (Note this is in the present tense as I’m sure I’ll still need lots of assistance in the future too!)

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5 Responses to Another good Speech session

  1. Paul says:

    You’re welcome Sarah, keep up the good work 🙂

  2. helen elton-walters says:

    hello. ive just a read of your blog, great idea the blog is, keep up the great work =) its great to read about the kids etc

  3. Sarah says:

    thanks Helen, glad you’re enjoying it

  4. jennie mcquillan says:

    Hi Sarah
    This is such a fascinating and important blog.
    I would like to pass it onto other families who have a child on the ASD spectrum.
    How do I pass the link on?
    Regards jennie

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi Jennie, thanks so much, I really appreciate your feedback. You could just go into file and then in the drop down menu there is send, you could do it as the page by email or a link by email. Alternatively you could just pass on my web address which is Happy reading! xxx

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