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Nothing much has been going on here. We’ve settled in to the new year at school without a hitch. Beth seems much happier this year and also a bit more organised, she comes out with her hat on every day when I pick her up whereas last year she kept forgetting it was even in her bag. She’s bringing notices home and tells me about her day. Mind you, I had signed a slip for a circus workshop that she was to do, I had forgotten the date and kept asking Beth if she had done it. She would tell me in a monotone voice (as if to say piss off mum and stop asking me questions) “No, not really.” which is often a stock standard response. She figures it’s longer than just saying no, therefore qualifying for a lenghthened answer. Her yes answer is “Yes of course”, also a sentence, therefore not needing any more elaboration. I was going through some papers on the weekend and found the one for the circus, it was in fact last Monday. Clearly it hadn’t impressed Beth that much who really couldn’t be bothered saying anything about it and couldn’t remember exactly what she’d done in it.

Beth did have a problem with her attitude at school on Friday. I was waiting in the foyer and one of the aides came out to tell me that Beth had been really rude to her. She was meant to stand in line to walk back from the other campus but, being the Queen that she is, obviously didn’t want to walk on such a hot day. She also wanted to make sure that everybody knew it by whinging and putting her hand right in the face of the aide who was trying to ask her to step back in to line. She then spouted her now typical line of “I’m thirteen and you can’t tell me what to do, I make my own decisions.” I’m sure you can imagine that she wasn’t impressed when the ipad was banned for the rest of the day. I had pleading, I had “it was an accident” I had “But I’m sorry, there I’ve apologized, now you have to let me play on the ipad.” I even had the old “Yes Beth, now you’ve apologized, of course you can have the ipad back sweetheart.” I was happy to see when I got home that, being a Friday, there were a few kids movies on tv that night as I had also banned her from dvds. Technically it was just watching tv and my night wasn’t a complete disaster! The good thing was Beth going in to school yesterday apologizing to her teacher. Sometimes you have to do the hard yards to show that you mean business.

Other than that Beth’s been pretty good. We had friends over on the weekend, one friend has tattoos on both of her arms. When we saw her at school yesterday Beth came over and gingerly stroked Jo’s arm, asking about the tattoos. She was particularly impressed with the red queen and the cheshire cat from the Johnny Depp version of Alice in Wonderland. She asked Jo where the caterpillar is and Jo said she wanted to get him but hadn’t gotten around to it. She asked Beth where she thought she should put it and Beth chose a place on her arm. “There please.” It was like putting in an order! Jo was impressed at how gentle Beth was being, as if she thought the tattoos were still hurting.

I have had a bit of interest in my social stories lately which has been very exciting. I’ve decided to put a few little eBooks together and sell them online with five social stories in each. I’ll let you know when I’ve done this. Any suggestions for social stories that would help would be terrific, I can do them on any subject.

I’ll leave you with a Beth funny. I was watching my soapie Bold and the Beautiful last night. It was a very emotional one as it was the one where Stephanie finally died. She’s been dying for a while now and every episode for the last week I’ve braced myself for her eyes to shut, thinking that it’s time, then she’d wake again. I knew it was time last night as Brooke sang When Irish eyes are Smiling. I embraced the tears, glad that I didn’t have to dread the moment now that it was here and enjoying the true soapie tradition of the long drawn out death scene. Then I heard Beth’s voice from the bedroom at full blast “We built this city, we built this city on Rock and Rooooo-oooolllll”. At least it made me laugh! I’m sure there’ll be more sad scenes tonight to compensate!

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