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Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve been on here, we’ve just been plodding along and not a lot has been going on. Beth has been amusing me as usual with her amazing knowledge of movies. The other night we were chatting in bed, often that’s when we have good conversations. Usually they’re about movies or actors. Beth said to me “You know there’s a movie called A Man Called Flintstone mum. It was made in the year you were born. (Which is back in the olden days of 1966.) It was the second Warner Brothers movie and was a parody of a James Bond film.” Of course she asked me to look it up and of course she was right. She’s amazing, she knows about movies from the 1940s – if they’re related to Disney, she knows about them.

I had Beth’s parent teacher interview today. I was a tad apprehensive as I know what a bugger she can be. The teacher was totally honest with me, she started off saying “No offence to Beth” then hesitated. Now often when people start a sentence with “No offence” it means they’re just about to offend you. But no, I didn’t take offence to this at all. Ms H told me that she was worried when she found out that she had Beth in her class but after teaching her she realised how much she enjoys teaching her. My Beth! Yippee! Beth is doing really, really well. She’s joining in group activities more and seems to want to get approval from other kids in the class. She even stood up for her table and did a spelling challenge, getting through to the grand final. She’s standing up for herself if kids bother her and other kids are standing up for her too, rather than seeing her as a bother. I’m so proud.

We did have a giggle about some of Beth’s antics. One day she was in an annoying mood so kept rapping (singing and doing funny hand things) in another girls face. When told not to do it she said that she was really cool so she was allowed to rap. They had a karioke day one day last week and Beth got up with two other girls to sing but did it all in a Scottish or Cockney accent. Ms H said that all the kids thought it was hilarious so Beth kept going. Ms H is aware of the difference between laughing at Beth and laughing with her but she said they were all enjoying themselves. Last week Beth was a bit defiant about a maths task, thinking that she’d been told to do only 50 sums instead of 100. She finished and handed it in. When told she had to keep going she tried to talk her way out of it. “I’ve been a good girl and I’ve completed my 50 sums like I was asked to do.” She wasn’t impressed when she had to stay in at recess to do them. I told her teacher about how happy I am with Beth’s vocabulary. She was in the car on the way home and couldn’t get through a level on a game on her ipad. I said that she sounded frustrated and she replied that no, she was contented with the game. She’s apparently very, very good at her English and is even getting there in maths, starting fractions and graphs which is excellent. All in all I am so impressed with her and a very proud mummy!

I have put a little ebook of social stories together so will put a link on here when I get the link to Amazon. I’m very excited, I’m finally going to be published!

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