Beth’s birthday week

It’s been a busy week. It’s been the last week of term one, Beth’s birthday week and Easter to boot. Her birthday this year fell on Good Friday for the first time ever. So I had to make sure I had everything I needed due to shops not being open, also with school ending. It’s all sorted and over with now.

Beth had a market day at school on Tuesday. She had written me an invitation to come, it went from 11am to 1pm, she asked if I’d like to come and have lunch and had added at the end that I could take her home early. I double checked with her teacher at our parent teacher interview and she said that no, she hadn’t said that at all! She did say however that as we lived so far away that it would be fine. That suited me, I hadn’t bought all of Beth’s presents yet so we decided to go shopping on the way to picking the other kids up, seeing as we had a couple of hours up our sleeves.

We went to Endeavour Hills which is a smallish shopping centre. I was a little disappointed as we went to Big W and they don’t seem to have a teenagey section like K Mart does. I had bought her some funky tights a few weeks before and wanted to get her a long black top to wear over the top. As luck had it we saw of all things a muppets t shirt on the sale rack out the front for $7.00 so we bought that. We also bought some nice electric blue jeans from Grandma and Grandpa for her. We then went to the toy section and ended up buying a talking Marty from Madagascar, he’s a zebra. Why not? Beth may be 14 but as far as fun is concerned she’s like a much younger child. She loves it so that’s all that matters. We got her two black tops in a ladies shop outside.

We then went and had a look at anklets as Beth really wanted one. The lovely man was very nice as Beth said thankyou to him for getting them out to look at. She said “Thank you mister Chinese Man!” He laughed and said “I’m from Korea actually but thanks for the manners anyway!”

Afterwards we had hot chocolate for Beth, cappuccino for me, along with the donuts you get cheap with the hot drinks. Those lovely donuts with so much cinnamon and sugar that they end up hurting your teeth. Yummm!

Thursday Beth had her school assembly. All the birthday kids (and adults) get up if it’s their birthday that week. Beth got up on stage, loving the limelight. When it came time to her birthday wish she sang loudly in to the microphone “To be a muppet!” Everybody cracked up, they obviously love her humour there. There was a nice little bonus at the end when one of the male teachers had a wish that three of the young spunky male teachers did a line dance. And they did! Beth handed out lolly pops at the end of the day and had a lovely time.

Friday morning she woke up bright and early and opened her presents. She had also chosen a donut maker which Bill had given her, Bridie gave her some Stewie from Family Guy pyjamas. We had fish and chips next door at my inlaws house as being Good Friday we could only have fish to eat. Then Beth had pancakes for dinner, her favourite. Unfortunately they’re my favourite too and as nobody else ate them we had to demolish the lot!

Yesterday we went down to my dad and Helen’s house for Beth’s birthday and Easter. She was very happy with the herb pots she got from them. She was also chuffed with the Family Guy trivia game she got from my sister Deb, her husband Neil and their kids Ali and Rick. And the Family Guy t shirt. So she did very well this year indeed.

The only downside was that I had paid a bloody fortune for a card to be sent from the US, it was one from the tv show The Office, her new favourite. It says her favourite catchphrase “That’s what she said” in Michael Scott’s voice when you open it. Now I’m a messy person at the best of times and I just couldn’t find it. I prayed to St Anthony, I looked bloody everywhere and it just wasn’t there. I then found it outside, the darling doggy had taken it out there, chewed a little bit of it then left it in the rain, the whole thing was ruined. Bill then told Beth about it and of course she really wanted it so I’ve had to send away for another. So, I hope she appreciates the $40 card!

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