Back to School

Other than Beth’s party the rest of the holidays were fairly quiet. We had our usual lovely catchup with Catriona and Jose. We met them when Beth and Jose were doing horseriding with riding for the disabled. Cat then joined the HAGS group (happy autism group support) and we’ve been friends ever since. We sometimes go down to their holiday house with them in Inverloch too. Bec always comes along to our lunches too, all the kids nick off and do their own thing and all the mums sit and chat and eat. Always a good afternoon!

We’re back in the routine of school now as the kids went back on Monday. Monday was a bit of a disaster of a morning, I couldn’t find Beth’s shoes until we were just walking out the door, she had her boots on until then! So it was a mad panic trying to find them. I was a bit concerned though relieved that I had heard Beth’s muttering to herself the night before. This is how it went. “I have three options. Number one; I can say “That’s what she said” as many times as I want, number two; I can go to school and have a good time, number three; I can get kicked out!” Hmmm glad I heard it. So I came back with “Number one; you can say “that’s what she said” when you’re at home alone in your room as many times as you like, number two; you will go to school and enjoy yourself, number three; if you go to school and get kicked out you will never again be allowed to play on your ipad or the computer or any internet for the rest of your life. Understand?” The response, a groan then “Understand.”

I’ll leave you with another Beth funny. We stopped at the bakery last night on the way home to buy some jam tarts. When I got back Beth was calling out the window at a crow who was sitting on a rubbish bin. She told me his name was Evan. When I asked why she had called him Evan her response was “Because that’s his name!” Well ok then, makes sense now!

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