I have been taking Bridie to see a naturopath. It’s only the second time she’s been, at least this time around. I know that Bridie isn’t my child with autism but as I originally started taking Beth to the naturopath for the same thing I thought I’d go through our treatments with you all on here as the differences achieved should be much the same. I had taken Beth four years ago now, after we had tried chellation. The clinic we go to does allergy elimination. It’s through kinesiology, it sounds as ridiculous as the guy slapping fish over the body on the health insurance ad shown a couple of years ago. (Sorry to those not in Australia.) It works with the persons arm standing out straight. When holding a vial of whatever you’re testing for in your other hand the practitioner tries to push your straight arm down. If it stays solid then you don’t have an allergy or intolerance, if it can be pushed down easily then there is a problem with it. I have done it myself so I know it’s true. We had done it with Beth and Bridie a few years ago but had been too intense, twice a week for both of them, so it was too expensive and we decided to stop until the house was built. Now that I’ve been having so many issues with Bridie I thought that I would give it a try, especially as the osteopath said that her neck problems stemmed from her gut.

As we had been a few years ago Teresa (the naturopath) retested all the ones Bridie had been treated for and all had held (stayed as not allergic.) Last time she treated for milk. This means she is tested for it, then the vial plus any relating to milk products were put in her socks, she does lots of breathing and back tapping, then she is cleared of it. You can’t have any products containing what you’ve been treated for for 24 hours. When we went this morning Bridie was tested again for milk and it was clear. I was excited because all the foods have now been cleared and we could go on to hormones and feelings. Teresa knew of our behavioural problems so went straight for the vials that would help this. There was an anxiety one, the pituitary gland, brocca speech and the pineal gland. All are to do with anxiety or speech problems. They were all extremely weak, especially the anxiety one. The good thing about these ones is there is no fasting for them. Teresa is lovely, Bridie really likes her. She also treated Bridie’s sore neck while we were there and then read the Faraway Tree to her while we were waiting for the time period between treatment and taking the vials out of the socks (20 minutes.)

I’m sure that many of you would be thinking how wacky the whole thing sounds but we’ve done some of this before and it worked. And Bridie’s a good one to try it on again.  If it works well on Bridie then I’ll take Beth back too. But Beth does have autism and who knows what behaviours are due to autism and what ones are due to allergies or intolerances? I can only help Beth with so much, I know that, she is who she is no matter what. But Bridie can be helped and as her moods are so extreme I will be able to tell the differences much easier than I ever could with Beth. It’s relatively inexpensive, it cost mr $60 this morning including fixing her neck and I can claim it back on Private Health. I’ll give anything a try if it’s non invasive. And it’s much easier than taking Bridie off everything then reintroducing it. I’ll let you know how we go.

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