Poor old Bethie’s been sick lately. Poor old me had had to deal with it. It’s not been too bad, having an enforced stay at home has been quite lovely but also very restricting at times. I’ve been trying to catch up with good friends for weeks and just haven’t had the chance. I need my girl time!

Beth had all of last week off. I’m so conscious of trying not to give her too much time off. She had a few days when Dad was sick, then a few more days after he died. She’d only been back two days and she got sick. She’s had a lot of sick days this year too. She had the week off and I didn’t bother taking her to the doctors as it was basically just a bad cold, or so it seemed. On the weekend she got wheezy for the first time in ages so I took her to the doctors on Monday and she has bronchitis. She’s on prednisone which is fabulous because it means that my child who finds it hard to sleep anyway has an extra boost of stay awake help. (I’m holding up my sarcasm sign in case you’re wondering). She’s pretty good in herself but the cough is horrid and she’s still a bit wheezy. Of course she was most excited when told she’d need at least the rest of this week off too. Bill and Bridie have a school production today, luckily they haven’t been sick this week too. Bill had gastro last week, there’s so much going around with all the weather changes, it’s vile.

Beth’s been coping pretty well since Dad died. She does say a few things though so I know she’s thinking about him. She worries so much when others get sick, even when she saw my friends pet goldfish that had died, she talked about it later that night. It’s a hard thing because it’s a part of life but as I don’t get how her mind works at times I don’t know quite how to explain things to help her. She was being pretty inappropriate to start with, which is just her way. It’s difficult when you’re grieving though, I know she doesn’t mean things to be insensitive but it’s just how she words things. For example we were watching an episode of Modern Family where they were talking about eating blood sausage. She asked me what it is and I said it might be the same as our version of black pudding which we used to have often for breakfast with a cook up when I was a kid. She asked whether my mum or my dad cooked it and I said I couldn’t remember. She then said “You know they’re both dead don’t you?” I said that yes I did and that it was an insensitive thing to say when I am upset. She then said “I miss Gransha – is that better?” So I said that yes, that was a better thing to say. She said the same thing to Bridie in the car one day when I had said we would do something as a tribute to Gransha and Bridie said “woohoo go Grandsha!” Beth said to her “You know he’s dead don’t you Bridie?” Followed by a look to me and saying “I know, I know, I miss Gransha!” At least she’s trying.

I’ll leave you with a Beth funny or three. One of them may not have ended up as funny mind you. She stuck a 5 cent coin up her nose the other week. Dopey bugger. I think it was because she had a runny nose and she thought it may have stopped it. Rather than going into the toilet and blowing her nose and risk missing some of her show, she chose to stick a coin up there instead and couldn’t get it out. Luckily Paul was home, he made her hold one side and blow and out it came. She was annoyed with me for keeping on at her to blow her nose. When I asked her to do it she said to me “Why do you have to be such a psycho control freak?!” Another one was to do with a movie. We were watching a kids movie, I can’t remember which one. I went to the loo and when I came back there was a strange boy who I hadn’t seen before. I asked Beth who it was and she said “We haven’t formally met”. I take it that means she didn’t know! And last but not least, Beth and I were talking about how cuddly boy cats were compared to girl cats. I said about how I had thought our old cat Henry was a boy when I got her and went on to explain that I was mistaken. Beth chimes in with “Oh, so she had a sex change then?” She’s entertaining to say the least!

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