Same Sex Marriage

I find it ridiculous that I even have to write those words down. Same Sex Marriage. Or as it should be known – Marriage. My regular readers will know that Beth turned 18 in March. We got letters in the mail reminding us that it’s time to sign up for voting, a thought that was a little scary and almost a little silly. I am not a political person by any means and don’t know half the politician’s names let alone what their titles are. Unless they’ve done something ludicrous, entertaining or benefiting me in some way (Kevin Rudd and the silly payment he gave out to families thankyou very much) then I don’t really care to know anything about them.


When this stupid plebiscite came into existence though I knew I had to make sure Beth was registered in time. I was very conscious of not swaying her in either direction. If she wanted to vote no then so be it. I would be asking why and having a discussion but I wouldn’t be telling her she was wrong. Sometimes I don’t give her enough credit for thinking what she does though. She quickly ticked the yes box and said what many of us are thinking “Why wouldn’t I say yes, why can’t they get married?” And that is the crux of it all in my mind. I’ve raised my kids to be accepting of all. Obviously I’ve got a reason for this, my lovely Beth gets enough discrimination from strangers, I want her siblings to be her safe place. We’ve discussed lots in our long school runs over the years. Including homosexuality much to my father in law’s horror. We discussed this very early on, when we went to visit a couple and Bill wanted to know why the two ladies lived together. It was never a huge deal, it just was what it was. I never brought things up as lessons but if a question came up I would always answer it, even the sticky ones. I think their generation will be as blasé as my generation is about woman voting or people of different races getting married. I like to think so anyway. What gives us the right to decide on other people’s lives? Who makes us heterosexuals the experts in all that is marriage. Because, let’s face it, I know a few who are doing a pretty crap job of that. Who are raising their kids in a miserable relationship but hey, there’s a man and a woman so that’s ok! I also know several same sex couples who adore each other and their kids. Anyway, that’s my bit. And I’m glad to say it’s Beth’s opinion too. As I said, all of my kids are pretty cruisy and all just don’t get why we even have to vote. I’m pretty lucky with my babes!


So, we’re coming to the last term of Beth’s schooling. Thank goodness! She’s enjoyed the last few months, but she’s been doing work experience on Mondays which she seems to enjoy, and excursions on Tuesdays which she loves. So a good end to it all. Today they’re going to ACMI and in a couple of weeks they have some surf lessons. They went to the museum recently which she really enjoyed though she said the other kids said she is weird because she talks to the birds. Stuff them, I know adults who do the same. What’s the big deal? She obviously is comfortable in it. I said this morning they weren’t sure if it was ACMI or the MCG today and she said it didn’t matter if it was the MCG as she’d just talk to the birds. Good on you my lovely. She’s got graduation coming up, she’s decided she wants to wear pants this time so looks like we’ll be shopping soon. I love her in a dress but the reality is that she never wears them again so I may as well get something that she’s happy with.


We’ve made a big thing out of Beth being an adult this year. Bill is friends with the brother of the little girl who passed away with the flu a few weeks ago. Our doctor said it’s an awful year for the flu. Beth is terrified of needles, to the point that she even has fillings without pain relief! I took her to the doctors and we asked if it was possible to get a valium for Beth as well as the numbing cream. I told Beth that it was really important this year to have the flu shot and as she is now a grown up I wanted to include her in the decision making. So off we went to see the nurse with all 3 kids and Paul in tow to hold Beth’s arms while she had the jab, something that would take up to an hour in the past. Well, she was amazing! Gotta love drugs! She didn’t want it and said that but instead of watching she looked at her book and it was all over! I’m so very proud of her!


Well it’s a beautiful day here so I’m off to do some stuff! Beth has kept me honest, making me walk with the dogs and her every day. I am out tonight so we got up at 7 and walked them this morning. What a great start to the day! Have a lovely day peeps and thanks for reading! x

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2 Responses to Same Sex Marriage

  1. Seana Smith says:

    Your daughter sounds like a fine young woman. The step into adult life was really tough for my son, that first year when he turned 19 was very unsettled. But he’s 20 now and very much coming into his own… and he voted YES. Good on him.

  2. Sarah says:

    thankyou Seana, sounds like your boy has his head screwed on and knows right from wrong. I’m glad he is more settled now for you. I hope you’re having a great year. I’m sorry, I only just saw this post!

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