Just another day at the office

Just wanted to share some more photos that Loo sent me today from Beth’s working day. She’s certainly enjoying it. It was funny though. She’s a tad obsessed with Steffi and Liam from Bold and the Beautiful at the moment. I think because she knows I like it so she wants to have something to talk to me about. It’s a weird storyline. Steffi slept with Liam’s dad Bill and of course found out she’s pregnant. The tests show it’s Liam’s child (let’s just wait and see if there’s any switcherooni there) and Beth’s argument is that Liam should just forgive Steffi as it really wasn’t that big a deal! And she wants to know what they’ll name their daughter when she’s born. And she asks everybody she meets. So when I picked Beth up tonight, Loo was laughing and saying that she thought our life was really muddled and that she was getting far too much information. Especially when she heard that Steffi had slept with her father in law! Luckily she figured it out, otherwise who knows what she would have thought of our family! Beth’s at least guaranteed to bring a laugh! Here’s today’s shots xx

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