Second go

hello there lovely readers! Last time we spoke I was talking about the drink that I was going to try Beth with, a lovely calming drink. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to agree with Bethie. It is an adaptive drink, meaning it zeros in on what the body is having issues with, so it could have been helping in other ways. As she was getting tummy aches though I decided to stop it for the time being.

The good news is that I have other products that I am going to try and, if and when they work I can then go back to the drink. She has always had gut issues so I believe if that’s not quite right then things won’t work as they should. I’ve started her this week on an Omega3 supplement. It’s to help with brain and heart function. Interestingly I’ve already seen an improvement! Mainly in alertness in conversations. In the past if I said something to her she wouldn’t bother responding if it didn’t actually interest her or suit her needs. Typical teenage behaviour really! I said something to her last night and she responded quite ‘normally’ and I was pleasantly surprised!

I am pretty excited about having an array of products at hand that are all natural and I can use with Beth without worrying about side effects. Long time readers of my blog will know that I try pretty much anything that isn’t non invasive and painful. We’ve done metal detoxification, allergy elimination, homeopathic remedies, you name it, we’ve done it! I’m a big believer in helping issues within the autism, therefore helping improve actual physical ailments, rolling over into mental wellbeing. An atypical person has the knowledge and awareness to explain how they are feeling, physically and mentally. Some people on the spectrum can do this too, absolutely. In our case, Beth may just say she’s feeling yucky, or may just appear teary and we don’t actually know what the issue is.

We also have the problem of things that often work with others don’t work with Beth. When trying homeopathy she had the opposite reaction to what she should have. I made sure not to go to somebody advertising in the local paper (yes it was that long ago!) but went instead to the college where they teach homeopathy. I know that some locals would be brilliant at it but I also know it can be claimed that they are very experienced and have done a short course. I wanted somebody who lives it and is invested in it. Anyway, it didn’t work unfortunately. Same thing happened when she was 1 and we went to the UK. The doctor prescribed medication to help her sleep on the flight and we should have clearly tried it beforehand. She ended up wired the whole bloody time!

Anyway, we had tried lots and lots of things. Looking promising when faced with a list of alternatives. Looking quite sad when we got to the bottom of the list and realised that all avenues that weren’t quacky, expensive or dangerous were finished. So I am excited to be in a situation that I can have access to products that help with various aspects of her autism. Gut health, brain health, probiotics, anxiety helpers, lots of bits and pieces. But as usual, one thing at a time! So far the brain health one is working and she’s just at half strength so far. So will keep you posted.

Now, I’ll share a quick Beth funny to finish off. I know you’ve missed them! I went in to give Beth her hot chocolate and kiss her goodnight. I went to close her blinds and she said no, I had to keep them open so she could still see Caleb. I asked who Caleb was and she said he was a spider. I asked how she came up with the name and she said ‘He told me his name!” Of course he did, silly Mum!

Look after yourselves! It’s Friday eve! Have a great week xxx

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