A Haggy Christmas Party

First I have to say “Go Stan, very excited that he won Australian Idol!”

We had our Chrissy party today for the HAGS group. It was a fairly quiet occasion but I think everybody had a good time. It was a bugger of a day weather wise, it poured from about 7pm last night right up until party time so there was no way that we could get outside at all in the playground area. We were going to book a jumping castle but it was too expensive so that was just as well as we wouldn’t have been able to have it anyway.

Donna was going to come along and do some music therapy / entertaining with her band but she had to pick her husband up from the airport this morning and his plane got delayed so she couldn’t make it. We’ll have to tee up something in the new year because I think she would make a great therapist for our kids because she gets what they want and where they’re coming from.

We had a couple of new faces at our party today which was nice. Michelle came along with her 2 boys Marcus and Jesse. I met Michelle at our school and she’s not long had a diagnosis for Jesse so it was lovely that she came along. She’s been to a meeting before but it’s hard because Jesse isn’t starting kinder until next year and she’s also got a little girl who is a toddler. I know what a difficult time that is, bloody exhausting! Maybe next year she’ll have a bit more sanity time!

Libby came along with her husband Scott and son Anthony so that was lovely too. We met Libby when she came along to a meeting to check out the HAGS as she’s very enthusiastic about advocacy for schools and is very proactive. She’d heard about the HAGS group and wanted to touch base. As people do, she fell in love with us, and the rest is history! She’s been out to a few dinners and coffees but it was the first time that we’d met her partner and son.

Amanda and Geoff were there with all their mob, along with a very popular chocolate fountain which was heavenly. I’m thinking I might have to get me one of them babies, delicious!

Margaret and Alan came along with Megan and Richard. Their kids are the oldest in our group, being teenagers, so it’s always good to get information from one who’s been there before. I love Margaret, she comes along to pretty much every meeting and dinner and we’ve become good friends. In different circumstances we probably wouldn’t even cross paths but over the last 2 years we’ve slowly got to know each other. Her Richard is one of the kids who was doing Karate with Beth’s group. When it disbanded he then went into Bill’s class at the earlier time of 4pm. At 14 he is the oldest in the class but he doesn’t seem to mind. He’s just got his ghee (sort of the karate uniform). When Margaret asked if he wanted to get one his response was what was the point in doing this if he wasn’t going to get a uniform and be graded! Ok, that’s a yes then! He makes me laugh as he says what he thinks. Today I said hello to him and he looked at Margaret and said “Do I have to talk to these people today?” She said later, sometimes he appears so normal, but sometimes…..

Linda and Sean came along with little Jack too. Jack seems to be doing really well, he’s imitating a lot which is great, he’s attempting lots of words. He’s off to school next year and I’m sure that’ll be a bit of a relief. I hated that kinder year, it’s so stressful not knowing where you’ll be going and whether your child will cope allright. They say the primary school years are the good years, preschool are a nightmare, then later on puberty comes and bites you on the bum! Not long to go now for us then!

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