I’m stuffed!

What a busy weekend we’ve had! It’s 9pm and I can hear that Beth is nowhere near ready for going to sleep. It might have something to do with all the lollies that she had at the movies this afternoon!

We went to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs at the Cameo in Belgrave today. It’s a good movie, one I’ve never heard of before so had no idea what was coming. I was pleasantly surprised. It took a bit to convince Beth to see it at Belgrave because as they don’t have 3D it means that we have to watch it in normal view. It’s a pain in the arse to go to Knox to watch it because it’s hard for parking (especially at this time of year) and usually it ends with lunch or dinner at McDonalds or Hogs Breath which takes the grand total spent to over $100. I got away with it by telling her about all the other movies coming out over Christmas that are also in 3D (the makers have worked that one out alright) and if we did it today we’d have to miss out on one of them. I made it the 2.30 session so it was after lunch and too early for dinner when we came out. Amanda and her kids joined us for coffee afterwards as Paul and Geoff had gone to the hockey so it was a very pleasant afternoon. I was excited because Beth had her first hot chocolate which she loved. Now I can imagine the two of us going shopping and stopping for hot drinks together!

The kids spent most of yesterday at Grandma and Grandpa’s because we had our first open for inspection. That’s why I’m exhausted, I spent half of yesterday cleaning. And half of today trying to maintain it! Now I know why the Stepford Wives acted the way they did, they must have been on something to keep up their beautifully maintained houses! We’ve got hardly any toys out but it manages to get messy just with what we’ve got. And all the floors and tops have to be done each time, if we have a shower we have to wipe it all down and put the towels in the wash so that basically it looks like nobody lives here!

Bridie and I went and bought our Christmas Tree today. Bit of a bargain, $15 at the Reject shop for a 180cm tree. It’s not that wide but by the time we put our hundreds of strands of tinsel on it you can’t see the tree anyway! It’s probably bad luck to put it up on the 29th November but I figure I’ve used up my bad luck for my lifetime so stuff it, close enough. We’ve got somebody coming to look at the house tomorrow. I haven’t put up all the photos of the kids at Christmas over the years so hopefully the tree wont look too personal. Anyway, I’m not not putting a tree up just because we’re selling, that’s not fair on the kids (or me!)

I don’t know if it’s just me but Beth seems to be communicating better this weekend. She’s answering questions quickly and asking questions too which is quite unusual. When Paul and I got to Bev and John’s yesterday after the big clean up she asked me if we had sold the house yet. She’s also been asking about different people and asks why people are behaving the way they are if for example she sees somebody having a tantrum or crying. On Friday Bridie met her buddy and had her teddy bear’s picnic. This is when the preps for next year come to school for a transition day. The buddies are this year’s grade 4 kids and will be the prep buddies for next year. This means Beth also got to be a buddy as a senior. Afterwards she asked Bridie who her buddy was and if she had fun. When we got home she held Bridie’s hand as she got out of the car and was looking after her so she must have seen that that’s what you do with the littlies during their picnic. It’s things like that that are quite new so hopefully things are starting to improve.

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  1. Funix says:

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  2. Sarah says:

    I don’t really use my twitter at all. I’m happy for you to quote my blog if it’s in a good light! Could you please send me a link when you’ve done it. Cheers, Sarah

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