so….. this one is for all my fans and air conditioners who were subscribed to my blog and stopped receiving notifications! I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise this was happening until a friend said she wasn’t receiving them any more. You must have thought I’d stopped writing! I wasn’t writing as often but I still wrote fairly frequently and lately have been writing a lot.

There was a change of host for the blog and a lapse on my behalf and then, when it was back up and running, I typed away and shared on facebook which people could still see, but no posts were going out to subscribers.

So, you’re in luck. The fabulous duo of Sarah and Beth are still around and as amazing as ever! If you get this and feel like it, go back and check out the last couple of years. I am tempted to start either another blog or add another name to this one to make it more about Beth as an adult and how it effects me. I’m thinking autism and me. But, I don’t want to lose all of this as I’ve been writing this one for years. Even though Beth is now an adult, there are people out there who would still benefit from our early years posts and my witty and scintillating banter.

We have new challenges as I’m sure you can appreciate, and more ahead. But fun things going on too, and lots of new experiences for our girl. So please stick with it for me, and share if you fancy doing that too! Welcome back! xx

About Sarah

Mother of an autistic child wanting to write about my personal experiences
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