Christmas Eve over

I’m waiting for Beth to go to sleep so that I can let Santa know. It’s 10.20pm and I’m buggered! It’s such a huge time of year isn’t it?

We have Christmas Eve with my family so today we took the trip down to Rye to my dad and his wife Helen’s house. We got down there just before 3 and then my sister Deb, her husband Neil and their kids Ali and Rick arrived about 4. By the time we got there I was over my kids already. We have a fairly small sedan and have been talking about getting a people mover for some time, now’s the time I think! Imagine three kids in the back (one with a booster seat) and me in the front with a labrador at my feet. As soon as we took off it started. Bridie wanted to play eye spy and Bill kept changing the rules or asking people to vote on what game they’d play. As a rule my kids play really well together and they were playing well for the most of the trip but they NEVER shut up! Bill just gets louder and louder and they all escalate, then I yell really loudly, then silence for a few minutes and then it starts all over again! It’s like this on most journeys, it’s just too cramped. And of course Bridie says every 2 minutes “when are we going to get to Gransha and Helens?” Beth kept putting things in her mouth like an old tissue that she found on the floor or she’d find an old bottle of something and nearly drink it. I almost leapt out of the car in relief to be out of that confined space with THEM!

Beth had obviously decided that she really didn’t care about the naughty or nice threat anymore, she was just going to be a real shit today. The spa was fixed after about a year so we thought that that would keep the kids entertained for a while cos they love going in there. Beth started off sucking the water out of the sponge used to clean the spa, then she kept drinking the water. She was doing jumps from the side and calling people names or telling them to shut up. It was horrible, she hasn’t been like that for ages.

We decided that we’d do the presents as we were leaving after dinner. Beth cracked it because there weren’t enough presents for her. She got a High School Musical 3 dvd from Deb and Neil and I was hoping that she’d watch it but no, she got a bee in her bonnett and refused to watch it. She wasn’t too bad when we were having dinner but was very demanding saying things like “I want more water” or “I want ice cream”. Then she kept wanting to go home. When I finally said we’d go after my cup of tea she jumped up as soon as I’d finished and said “bye” very loudly and went to walk out the door. When I called her back she stated that I’d finished my cup of tea and it was time to go home! On the plus side she was lovely on the way home, singing Christmas songs with the other kids and looking out for the decorations on all the houses. Hopefully tomorrow she’ll be a bit more cooperative!

I hope all of you have a safe and sane Christmas. Thanks so much for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my disfunctional life as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about it! xxxxx

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