The girl’s got attitude

Ok, I am officially over the school holidays! Actually it hasn’t been too bad but I’ve had a lot of screaming tantrums from Bridie and a lot of attitude from Beth. She’s been very demanding of late and if she doesn’t get her own way she’ll keep saying what she wants over and over again. This is a typical scenario:

I’m on the computer, checking out facebook or something. Along comes Beth.
“Mum, can I play on the computer?”
Me : In a little while love, I’m just doing something at the moment.
Beth : But I want to play on it NOW.” (Imagine Veruca Salt in the Gene Hackman version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
Me : Not just now, I’m still using it, why don’t you watch (insert tv show) on the telly
Beth : but I don’t want to watch the tv, I want to play on the computer
Me : in a few minutes, when I’ve finished
Beth : You’ve finished now, now it’s my turn
Me : too bad, you can’t play yet (getting peeved)
Beth : too good, I can play now
Me : if you don’t go away now and give me 5 minutes then you wont be playing at all
Beth : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – it’s been 5 minutes. OK Bethie Boo (pretending to be me) you can play now, Mummy’s finished!

All of this lovely banter is said in a high pitched voice, sometimes with a little quaver in it for good measure, sometimes squeezing some crying sounds out if she thinks it’ll get her what she wants. She’s like a dog with a bone, she just wont give up!

Yesterday we had some people looking at the house. Once again the block was too steep. I wish people would take a drive past the house first and see for themselves, then they wouldn’t make appointments to view the house. Sorry, off on another tangent! We went around to Debbie and Neil’s house for a swim while the inspection was taking place. Bridie was very cute, because I think she has a bit of a crush on Ali’s boyfriend Dan, she kept watching him with a little smile on her face, then hiding when he looked at her! Beth kept on wanting to go inside and watch tv but I couldn’t let her in without supervision and I couldn’t leave Bill and Bridie in the pool without supervision. One of the above exchanges ensued along the lines of “I’m cold” or “I need to go to the toilet” or even “I’m drowning, I need to get out now.” Eventually we all got out and went inside for a while before coming home.

Today we went down to visit my aunt and uncle, Peter and Margaret. My cousin Claire was there with her 3 month old baby Jenna. Bridie and Bill were besotted with the baby, we hadn’t seen her before. I was expecting Bridie to be like that as she has spoken about seeing Jenna ever since she was born. Bill was the one who surprised me though, he kept saying how cute Jenna is and on the way home said that she was the cutest baby he had ever seen in his life (much to Bridie’s annoyance!) Beth of course couldn’t give a rats arse about the baby! She did however enjoy talking to Claire.

We went down to the Sand Castle Sculptures on the beach at Frankston. They are very impressive the way they are built. It was quite pricey to get in though, we were lucky that Peter and Marg shouted us. The girls got their faces painted. I was filming the different sculptures and had to stop Beth from climbing over the ropes and trying to pick bits of the statues. Bill wanted me to film all the war statues and the real boysy stuff, Bridie just wanted me to film the man’s willy that she spotted on one of the arty ones!

We went back to Peter and Margarets for lunch and a dvd so all in all had a lovely day. We have an open for inspection tomorrow night so hopefully things will start moving soon!

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