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I heard from the Real Estate agent that we can stay in the house today so I’m rapt. We put in that we want a 6 month lease with a month by month option and they said yes (finally!) It’s been frustrating this week because the agent wanted to do it all the right way, we had to apply, then she had to present it to them. They then dawdled around discussing it for a few days before eventually saying yes. As we’ve got about 2 1/2 weeks before settlement I was starting to panic a bit, if they had said no we would not only have 2 weeks to pack up but find somewhere to live in that time that was vacant too. So, so relieved!

We’ve had a couple of nice days. Yesterday some of my ‘posse’ came over with their kids for a play. Bec, who I talked about on Monday, came with her two youngest – Will and Kasey. Prue came along with her two, Zy and Tabitha. Bree came along with her 3, Naarai, Nimi and Aullin. We had another friend along called Laura who hasn’t been to a ‘group session’ with the rest of us before, we didn’t scare her off too much because she stayed until 3. As chance has it all of our little ones are going into prep together this year so we’re very excited as are the kids as they all get along so well together. Beth was so cute when she saw Naarai. She came to the door when they arrived and said hello to Bree and Nimmi but when she saw Naarai she had a big smile on her face and said “Hi Naarai!” He has a friend called Damon who she loves too so she asked Naarai where Damon was.

All the boys ended up playing downstairs on the Playstation 2 or on the DS’s but each time Beth decided to do something she’d check with Naarai to see if he wanted to join her. She’s go downstairs and say “Naarai do you want to watch Spongebob with me?” or “Naarai do you want to play on the computer with me?” It was so sweet. Bree said to me later that she had overheard Beth once over a year ago asking Naarai if he could come to our house for a play. He very sweetly said that maybe one day he would, he’s good like that with Beth, he doesn’t brush her off at all. She’d clearly remembered this and thought that he’d come just to play with her. It didn’t bother her that he played with the boys, she was just happy that he was here at all. She was great yesterday, really switched on. Bree told me that she went downstairs to get the kids at the end and said to one of the others that she’d see them at school tomorrow (today) as we had school book pick up. Beth wasn’t even in the conversation but looked up at Bree and said “Have we got school tomorrow?” When Bree explained what was happening Beth listened to her and took it in, something that wouldn’t have happened a few months ago.

Today we went to pick up the books at school. The kids had a play in the playground for an hour or so while the girls and I sat and chatted. As a joke Prue had bought us all massive sombrero sunhats and we all sat looking like chinamen with our hats on. I saw the cleaner off the school go pass sniggering to himself! Another friend, Sasha was there with her kids. Her son Bo has aspergers and she has been going to see Richard Malter too, with good results. She gave me the name of an allergy specialist that they’re going to, he’s one of the only DAN doctors in Australia. (Defeat Autism Now). I wanted to wait until we had finished with Richard which I’m pretty sure will be next week. There are blood and urine tests that cost a fortune but they got extensive reports with exactly what Bo was allergic to and intolerant of as well as how extreme these intolerances were. This at least would tell them what foods he couldn’t have at all and what they could play around with to see exactly what his reactions would be. I had a look at the lab website and it sounds fantastic. Problem is that the tests alone are $650, and that’s not even for toxic metals, not sure how much more that is. I was going to take Beth to an allergist as our next step so it would be a good thing to go to one that specialises in autism. Still, as you know I’ll try anything so if it seems to be working with Bo then I’m in. I’m so lucky that Paul really goes along with what are really just my gut feelings. I need to exhaust every avenue that I can. Who knows, a little bit of this and that may hopefully be what she needs. There’s certainly been improvement with the chellation, I’d love that much improvement again.

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