Birthday shopping

It’s Beth’s birthday in a couple of weeks so I’ve been to Knox to look for birthday presents. It’s one of the only times I can spend money without feeling bad. I find it hard in a way to buy for Beth because she’s turning 11 so is wanting things other kids her age want but she is also so young for her age that I want to get her things that she will actually use. She has been asking for a charm bracelet for a while now so I decided that I would get her that for her ‘big’ present. Those bracelets that you can make up yourself are all the rage at the moment and they’re great because they don’t break easily. I picked some nice pink beads and some charms that she will love such as a little dog, a dolphin and a pink heart. A handful of beads later and the bracelet came to $61! Still, it’s in a pretty gift box and looks very special so I know she’ll like it.

I also bought some of those funny looking fluffy slippers. She’s been asking for some for ages. They had some white and some rainbow ones to choose from. Once again I had to remind myself that I was buying for Beth and I knew she would prefer the rainbow ones so that’s what I got. I also went to Toys R Us as I wanted to get her some sort of a toy that Bridie wouldn’t snaffle up as her own. I thought about a barbie but being a doll it would end up in Bridie’s dollshouse horde. I wanted to see if there were Alvin and the Chipmunk toys or G Force. I found some G Force dolls on the sale rack and got her a Hurley. They had 3 of the 4 to choose from, if they had all 4 I probably would have got them all so I hope I picked the right one. I’ll have to ask her tonight which character is her favourite again as I think it changes. I also got her some wonder pet toys, just little figurines really but she does love the little ones and reads them stories so I think she’ll like them.

It’s now nearly 1.30pm so basically there goes my day of cleaning! The plan was to be out for a little while but I did lots of wandering, checking out nose rings (I have to pluck up the courage for that one) and clothes that I can buy myself when I lose weight. I was meant to come home and have a diet shake but as I didn’t anticipate being out for as long as I was the lure of a bacon deluxe from Hungry Jacks was too tempting. I only had the burger and not the chips so it can’t be that bad for me can it? And I left the tomato and lettuce in there so really it was quite healthy!

Whilst there I went to the Village Cinemas and bought the tickets for Alice in Wonderland. Beth has chosen 3 friends to take with her to the movies and then to Hogs Breath for lunch. It’s a good movie for her because it’s a bit scary for Bill and Bridie so they don’t want to go. I told her 3 friends so that we can all go in one car so it’s quite a grown up version of a party. As the kids meals at Hogs Breath include ice cream after the meal it means we wont need to do cake and I wont be doing lolly bags either. Hopefully the girls wont be expecting any.  She’s chosen the 2 Jessicas and Stephanie from school who are just fabulous with her so I’m expecting it to be a lovely afternoon. If all goes well, we’ll be in the new house by her 12th birthday and I’ve promised her that when she turns 12 she can have a slumber party. Hopefully she’ll be over the whole ‘rolling in the mud’ by then!

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2 Responses to Birthday shopping

  1. Bronwyn G says:

    The charm bracelet and the G-Force toys sound great. (Especially Hurley: I’ll have to find out a bit more about his/her/its personality).

    So do the rainbow slippers! (I had doggy slippers when I was about Beth’s age, with big ears and a big nose).

    Hooray for icecream after the meal. I haven’t eaten at Hogs Breath, but I have liked Outback Jack in the past.

    As for rolling in the mud: that’s what music festivals are for!

  2. Sarah says:

    Yes, I’d love to think the way Beth does, rolling in the mud does sound like lots of fun. I went shopping with a friend this morning and we were looking at books on decorating girls rooms. I joked that in the new house we’d have to have room for a mud pit!

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