A lovely birthday outing

As I’m sure you can tell by the photos in this post Beth and her friends had a lovely time today. 3 of the girls arrived at our house between 10 and 10.30 this morning and off we set to the movies. Beth did the greetings at the door and the thankyou’s for the presents with a bit of prompting. She’s never too sure exactly what to do when friends are over and usually lets her guests take the lead but we weren’t home for that long this morning before we left.

It was nice talking to the girls in the car about things such as what high schools they were going to. I’m still unsure of what to do there with Beth as she does have some nice little friendships there with the kids at her school. I think I’ll have a look at Emerald High just to get a feel for it. I still prefer the idea of the autism specific school if we can get it but only if Beth is with other kids like her. She needs to still be in an education environment rather than in a life skills environment. We’ll see.

Aimee’s mum Colleen had told me that she hadn’t been well so I kept an eye on her. We also had Jessica J and Steffi in our car and were meeting Jessica S at the movies. A friend and aide at our school, Laurine had joined us also as she really wanted to see Alice in Wonderland. Beth was rapt that she joined us and it was nice for me to have company too. All started off well, we all filed in to the movies. Laurine and I sat in the 2 very back seats and the 5 girls sat directly in front of us. I doled out the drinks, popcorn and the maltesers, all brought from home to save us a fortune. Beth being Beth has no concept of being quiet in the movies so of course every once in a while I could hear the demands of “I’m thirsty” or “I want some maltesers”. Of course then I had to help her with opening her drink which had one of those stupid seals on it. Then she couldn’t open her own malteser packets. All this was done with the confusion of whether to take off my 3D glasses to see properly! After all were settled I whispered to Laurine that I was off to the loo for a second. When I came back poor old Aimee was standing at the bin with vomit all over the floor! Thank goodness Laurine took charge, vomit is one of my biggest phobias. The problem was that I didn’t have Colleen’s number. I messaged Bec who said she’d send it to me as Paul couldn’t find it on the internet white pages when I phoned him. As I walked out to call I ran into Lisa from school just walking past, what a godsend! She called Colleen for me who came to pick up Aimee early. Poor love, at least she got to watch the end of the movie though. It was fabulous, very dark, and of course when you get very dark, you get Johnny Depp at his best.

When we got out of the movies Paul was there with Bill and Bridie. They’d never forgive me if I took Bethie to Hogs Breath and they weren’t invited, they love their curly fries as much as the rest of us. It was a good setup actually, the tables only seated 6 and they were attached to the ground so couldn’t be moved. We sat outside on 2 tables, the 4 big girls on one and myself, Paul, Laurine, Bill and Bridie on the other. Beth had to do as the other girls and tell the waitress her order and we all had a very pleasant lunch. Afterwards all the girls came back to our place and had a quick play before being picked up at 3. I half wished that I had said 4, they all got into dressups with Beth (she got a much loved coloured wig from Steffi for her birthday) and played hide and seek. When Steff’s mum Karen came to pick them up they were hiding downstairs not wanting to come out. I had to go and find them and they all had a good laugh at my surprise when I found them all in the cupboard! They all seemed genuinely excited when I told them we were getting a house with a pool that they could all come over and swim in. They really are a gorgeous group of girls.

I can hear Beth in bed now, quite overloaded. Bill had a bit of a bad dream last night so Paul slept in his room. I told Bethie that she could sleep with me and she just couldn’t keep still, she was so restless. I made up an aromatherapy blend tonight to put on her legs and the bottom of her feet to ‘ground’ her but so far it doesn’t seem to be working. She’s singing away at the top of her voice. Looks like another late night for me!

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