What a week

Hi folks, sorry it’s been so long, the week has been so hectic. Beth’s been all over the place this last week, she wasn’t well on Wednesday or Thursday. I had her home all day Thursday and she was a right bugger. Bill got given a rubber that was his pride and joy and I told him to keep it in his room. Of course he left it in the loungeroom and Beth, while absentmindedly watching a dvd, bit it’s head off. I called his teacher which is where it originally came from as it was a Star Wars eraser. He informed me that it was from his private collection from when he was a boy! Bill loved it so much that he had even taken photos of it in various locations throughout the house. I googled it and ebayed it to no avail. In the end we managed to salvage it by sticking it’s head on with superglue as the break was at the same place as the helmet ended. Thank goodness. I hate that Beth has no idea of what she’s doing at times and no idea of respecting others property. I know she doesn’t do things like that on purpose but she seems to have no concept of breaking or ruining things, she just does what she does and things get broken. I’m going to ask the new occupational therapist if there is a type of program that raises self awareness. When I asked her about the eraser she seemed truly surprised and stated that no, she didn’t do anything, even though it was still wet with her spit. In a way I believe she meant what she said. It’s so bloody frustrating though, poor Bill shouldn’t have to hide his toys away from his big sister. I banned her from playing on the computer for the day. When we got home from picking the kids up she asked very sweetly “If I’m a good girl now can I please play on the computer.” To which bitchy mumma stated “No!” I have to follow through and she seemed to realise what she had done wrong.

Friday I stayed for assembly at school and Beth got all teary when I went to leave. We were going to see Shrek Forever After on the weekend so I managed to bribe her with that.

Saturday Paul was out for the whole day as he was sailing in the country. Bill had had a sleepover at cubs so we didn’t have swimming and instead picked him up at midday. We then went to the afternoon session at the local cinema to see Shrek. I really enjoyed it which surprised me as sequels often aren’t as good. Number 2 was better than 1 but 3 wasn’t as good. Number 4 was great and a good end to the series. The kids all behaved themselves, it’s a nice way to spend the afternoon. Beth and I got our takeaway coffee and hot chocolate to take in with us. And we only had to have 1 toilet break.

As Paul was so late home on Saturday night we all had a sleepover in my room. Bridie still fits on her little fold up couch and Beth and Bill fit with me in our kingsized bed. Charlottes Web was on, I seemed to be the only one with a tear in my eye!

Sunday we had Donna William’s choir. Donna’s teaching the kids Mr Mistofelees from Cats, or at least the chorus. There’s an autism expo coming up which Donna’s band is playing at and she wants the kids to come up on stage to sing that and Beth’s pick, Pinky and the Brain. They were singing these well until Beth realised that they hadn’t learnt her other pick from High School Musical. She had quite a few teary tantrums with her jumping up and down and screaming. I hate it when she does this as she bangs her hands on her legs while she’s screaming. At least we were with others that got it I guess but it’s still so hard and really embarassing too. We then went out to lunch with Paul’s family which went well and was a lovely feed.

Today is the Queens Birthday public holiday so I went to Knox to do some Christmas shopping in Toys R Us. I did enjoy myself I must say! It’s the only time I can shop til I drop and not feel guilty. I got Beth some toy guinea pigs that make noises and run around with little tubes that they can go through like an obstacle course. I find it hard to buy Beth presents at times because she still loves to get toys but then often doesn’t really play with them. I thought they’d keep her attention. I also bought them all a rubber surrounded digital camera which I’ll pass on to Bev and John to give them for Christmas. I always buy too much but all their birthdays are around Christmas too so often I don’t have much to buy then either. I can always return things if I need to. Not that I often do.

Both the girls have been ratty today as once again I had to ban Beth from the computer. Bridie was banned after running off in the carpark yesterday. Beth’s was because the rabbit went missing this morning. Bridie came to me frantic because she couldn’t find Sam. I went into Beth’s room as she had gone back to bed and she swore that Sam wasn’t in there. When I went back in she had him in bed with her! I told her that because she had lied she couldn’t play on the computer for the rest of the day.

At the toy shop I bought a game of Jenga which we played this afternoon. It’s a girly one with questions like ‘what movie do you like?’ or ‘what boy do you like?’ One of the questions was ‘what do you wish you hadn’t done?’ Beth’s response was “I wish I hadn’t lied.” Maybe her punishment is sinking in after all.

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