Beth gave herself a bit of a scare today. We were at Bev and John’s house for lunch. Beth as usual had run in the door and down to John’s study to play on the computer. During lunch Bill and Bridie were both vying to play on the computer after lunch and I had told them that I would make the decision after my lunch and give Beth warning that it was somebody elses turn. Bill clearly had other ideas and jumped on before Beth had got back to the computer.

After lunch the adults were all sitting on the lounge chairs when Bridie comes in to tell us that Beth had called the police and told them that Bill had to be arrested. As we got up to check and see what was going on the phone rang, only to be picked up in the study. Paul went down to see what was going on and Beth was talking on the phone in a panicky voice saying that she had been lying. Paul got on the phone and it was the police calling back to see if they still needed to send a squad car! Paul assured them that they didn’t. Little bugger. She came out and saw me and kept saying sorry that she lied, that Bill was a good boy and hadn’t done anything. What I think must have happened was that Bill had jumped on to the computer in the middle of Beth’s game and she had threatened to call the police and tell them so that she could get back on. We had been talking last week about the difference between the emergency numbers here in Australia and in the USA. This had clearly stuck in her head. Then she had panicked and worried that the police were in fact going to arrest Bill and take him away. It probably did her good to get the return phone call and make it real for her.

Beth takes threats and warnings very seriously and takes peoples word at face value. Bad mum here has threatened to leave Bridie or Bill behind on many an occasion such as when they wont get off the playground and get in the car. (I’m not the only one either.) I’ll get in the car and turn it on, calling out “See you tomorrow then, hope nobody pinches you while I’m gone!” Beth will actually grab my arm and say “No Mum, you can’t leave Bridie here and drive away.” She doesn’t yet get that I obviously wouldn’t do that no matter how much I might feel like it! Bridie on the other hand  at 5 couldn’t give a stuff and keeps playing!

We had the psychologist over yesterday to assess Bridie for her selective mutism and dreadful temper. She was lovely and came armed with games and textas and papers for drawing feelings down. Of course Bridie spoke to her the minute that she walked in. She was a delightful child, laughing and drawing lovely pictures of mummy and her giving each other kisses at the ‘things that make me happy’ stage. Unfortunately at the ‘things that make me sad’ picture she said it was when her brother hits her. I explained that no, this didn’t happen often and when it did it was usually warranted! The psych wasn’t fazed at all and said it was quite a common response. She gave us some things to do with Bridie to keep her occupied as she needs me playing with her all the time. We are also to do a chart of the week so she knows what’s coming and what to look forward to, and backup plans for when things didn’t go her way. She’s coming back at the end of August.

I took the girls for a haircut this morning, they’re both spoilt now and love to have their hair washed. At least they don’t look like ferals now, they’ll look good for school on Monday. Our big news for today is that we bought a new car! We’ve been thinking about it for a while but as my car rego is due next Friday had to decide if it was worth renewing it as it has a cracked windscreen, 3 broken doorhandles and the indicators have stopped turning themselves off. Oh, and it has a broken taillight. Besides that it’s great! And it’s a 1996 model. We put the kids in the back to see if there was much room and it had heaps, it was such a luxurious feel. If it’s not ready by the time my rego runs out they said they’ll lend me a car until it comes in. I’ve never had a new car before so it’ll be a bit nerveracking to start with but I can’t wait.

2 more sleeps to go then school starts again. Yippeeeeeeeee!

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