I’m such a proud mummy

Beth has been such a good girl these last few days considering what an upheaval her life has been. It’s a big thing to get your period even if there are no other issues to deal with so for Beth to have taken it in and dealt with it brilliantly. She’s now happy to talk about it to a degree. She’s even asking me questions. One I had to have a giggle at, “Mum, do ducks get their periods?” I must admit I didn’t know the answer to that one!

I got an email from Beth’s aide who told me that she was very proud of the way Beth handled herself on Friday. She said she was very quiet and seemed a little bit sad though she had a good day. It was lovely of her to let me know. They are taking her to the staff toilet for privacy. Once again I cannot fault the school with how they’ve dealt with Beth, they’ve been absolutely wonderful with both her and myself, I thank my lucky stars that we’re there. I’m also so pleased that Beth has got her period in primary school as she’ll be in a routine by the time she starts high school.

We had a fairly quiet weekend. Saturday we went to Bev and John’s for lunch. Sunday we had a quiet day at home. Paul took Bridie and Bill swimming and Beth and I stayed at home.

I’ve been to Knox shopping for a good part of today. Beth is growing out of her clothes so quickly so I went to good old Best and Less for knickers and bras as well as some pyjamas. Of course I had to get the same for Bridie. Poor old Bill just got a pair of pyjama pants, he really doesn’t need much. Beth needs lots of new clothes but I’ve decided to take her shopping and let her pick her own out. I like hippy style clothes and furry jackets which she looks gorgeous in, but other kids her age don’t wear things like that much. On the few times I have taken her shopping she’s been quite particular about the clothes she likes so I’ll let her choose some herself.

Bethie should have a swimming lesson tonight but still can’t go so not much else to report here. I must get on to the allergist but I haven’t got the report yet from Richard Malter so will have to chase that up. Then we’ll be on to the next step in our journey.

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