Another small step

I’ve been out for half the afternoon today, I went to my lovely cousin Claire’s baby shower, horrible day for a drive as it rained all day but I had a very nice girly afternoon so it was well worth it.

Paul decided to take the kids for a swim to Monbulk Pool where they have their swimming lessons. When I got home Paul was keen to tell me about how good Beth was at the pool. Usually Beth isn’t a very independant child at all, some of this is of course me as sometimes it’s just easier to do things for her rather than waiting for her to decide whether or not she’s going to do something. Usually when she has her swimming lesson Bridie goes in for a dip too and then I take them into the showers and get them dressed. The usual thing is for me to dry Beth while Bridie stays in the shower. Then I hand her her clothes and ask her to put them on. I must admit that she’s been pretty good lately but sometimes it can take several attempts at me asking before the job is done. If I have Bill with me too we all go into the family change room which is really the staff change room and the kids all shower and dress in there.

Anyway, as Paul had all 3 today he was going to take them into the family change room but Beth got quite indignant and insisted that she go into the ladies change room and change herself. Paul said he gave her her towel and clothes and off she went, only to come out all dry and dressed! When he commented that she hadn’t brought her bathers out she went off and found them and brought them out too. What a giant step, it’s clearly time to start more independance, especially as it’s being initiated by Beth herself. I don’t know if the flaxseed oil made any difference in this instance or not but it’s still a huge leap forward for her. Paul did say too that she was showing him her swimming strokes too and she did really well there so it’ll be interesting to see how she goes in her first lesson back for the term.

We’re off to Sandy Point tomorrow until Thursday so let’s see how the holiday goes, really looking forward to a few walks with Minka on the beach so it should be nice. I’ll of course jot it all down when we’re back!

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