A new week

It’s 6.45am Monday morning and as I’ve done all the Frontierville I can on Facebook and the kids still aren’t up thought I’d do a quick blog post. I’ve been so busy lately and today is flat out so I didn’t want to get behind on what has been happening.

I’ve got a HAGS meeting this morning after pilates and another special one tomorrow which is all about appealing the education options that we have for our kids. Pretty heavy stuff but now that we’re looking at high school options, something that is necessary. I still desperately want Beth to go to an autism specific high school but feel that it’s just not going to happen. I’m happy with the choice we’ve made for high school if we go down that path but the whole thing still scares the shit out of me if you’ll excuse my French. Still, I’ve always got the option of home schooling which is still fresh in my mind. So is the part time at school, part time at home option which I’m not minding the sound of. I think I’d go mad if I didn’t get any break at all. Anyway, back to the present.

We went back to the naturopath on Saturday and once again the vitamin B hadn’t taken. As most of them had, they again decided to eliminate 2 allergies at once but I half thought afterwards that we should have just stuck with 1. When eliminating the vitamin B the only thing Beth can have is fish and chips, white rice and cauliflower. We’ve got away with this quite well before, Nerida was ok about Beth having apples the first time but the second time as we were also doing sugar, fruit was out. If you remember, Beth had chips for breakfast that time. This time we were treating iron along with the vitamin B. This meant that she couldn’t have fish. Now Beth is pretty adaptable, especially if she can still have chips, but how bloody boring!

As an added difficulty for myself I decided to get tested also. You have to start from the beginning and the first thing I got a positive on was the chicken and egg allergy. Or egg and chicken, depending on which came first. This meant that I could have neither of these things or touch feathers. As all mothers know though it’s what’s happening with their kids that take first priority and I forgot about the chicken allergy. I took Bill and Bridie to Knox with me to buy some fathers day gifts and called Paul to say that I’d get some Red Rooster on the way home as they have such yummy chips. I’d made crinkle cut and shoestring chips (and by made I mean bought frozen ones) for variety but it would be nice to get a treat. Of course I got a chicken roll with mine! Half way through I realised and stopped eating it, just eating my chips. I forgot that the reason why the chips were so yummy is that they are sprinkled with chicken salt. I can only hope that the allergy problem was in fact with egg though I don’t think it works that way. What a waste.

Sunday morning the kids got up and gave Paul his pressies. Poor bugger had to make his own breakfast though as I couldn’t touch eggs. Bev and John came over for lunch which they brought themselves as they had no power after the big storm on Saturday night. Beth was excellent about them being here. She used to freak out when they came over and tell them to go home, telling them they shouldn’t be here. Luckily they’re thick skinned and know it’s not what she really means. This time she was fine and sat and had lunch with us before going on to the computer. Paul took all the kids swimming with Grandpa in tow after lunch. It’s funny, I always think that Mother’s Day is all about the mum getting spoilt and not having to do anything for herself. Father’s Day is about the dads being a good Dad! Not that I’m complaining. We called my Dad up and the kids dutifully said Happy Father’s Day to him. Bridie wouldn’t talk in the morning so he called back in the afternoon to have a little chat.

We’ve got swimming today with Caprice so let’s hope it goes as well as it has been the last few weeks. Only 2 more weeks left of this term, can’t believe how quickly it’s gone.

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2 Responses to A new week

  1. Hi Sarah

    I would like to ask you some questions about autism and ‘trees’. This is completely unrelated to what you’ve posted but I’m doing research for a magazine article and just need some answers from people who are raising kids with autism (or similar conditions).

    Many children like to have a tree that they can climb when they are angry / upset / need to cool down. I have read that this is even more of the case with autistic children. I am trying to find a touching story of an autistic (or something similar) child has connected well with a tree and benefitted from the “relationship” (if you can call it that) they have had with it. (Our magazine is looking at the unusual benefits of trees to humans).

    Any help, advice or stories that you know of would be helpful.

    Thanks, Chelsea MacLachlan
    Colors Magazine

  2. Sarah says:

    sorry Chelsea, I’ve only just seen this. My Beth doesn’t particularly have an affinity with trees but I can ask around as I have a few friends with autistic kids. Cheers Sarah

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