Interesting turn of events

Beth and Bridie both went back to see Nerida at the Natural Healing Centre tonight. Beth had today off school as she’s got a terrible cold.

When I picked her up from school yesterday her teacher told me that she’d been very oppositional. For example she may have wanted some water but she’d been told that she would have to do something before they went to get it. Beth just ran off to get her drink. I’ve experienced this at home also and it drives me crazy. If she asks to play on the computer and I say no she’ll just go on anyway. When I call her on it and say that I did in fact say no she’ll lie and say that in fact I said yes. It’s amusing afterwards  as she does it very well, putting on my voice and saying “Yes darling, of course you can go on the computer” but at the time it frustrates the hell out of you. I think they had one of those days at school yesterday.

Today when Beth woke up and said she was sick I wasn’t sure so I made a point of not letting her play on the computer or watch any dvds as I didn’t know if it was just her way of staying home with me. She has been coughing a bit and is quite snotty so I’ll concede that yes, she wasn’t well.

When we saw Nerida tonight I told her about Beth being such a cow and how defiant she has been. She wondered aloud if it might mean that the last treatment hadn’t work. Sometimes if it has been treated but isn’t cleared properly it has an adverse effect. Sure enough one of the biggies showed that it hadn’t worked. This was the food colouring and food additives, something that effects lots of kids. Hopefully she should settle down a bit now. She also tested for emotions with the Bach flower remedies. The emotions that were problematic were no surprise either. There were sadness, betrayal and disappointment. The ones that made me laugh and had me thinking about probably most kids with autism were ignoring and exhibitionism. Not sure if that last one applies to all autistic kids but certainly in mine. Though I did think this way a trait that she got from me! Once again, I do believe there’s a little bit of autism in all of us! There was also disengagement, something very common. It’ll be interesting to see if anything shows in the next few days.

Bridie has been going really well and has been talking heaps at school, also seeming to be calmer in some situations. She was treated for yeast. I’ve had her on a candida diet for a yeast infection and have found it very difficult as it’s very limiting. She’s been a real trouper and has accepted the diet well but she’s not meant to eat much fruit and I must admit that I hadn’t limited it too much as she couldn’t have sugar. I would give her fruit for dessert.  Hopefully this will speed things along a little.

I’ve got my psg tomorrow so I’m bracing myself. I know what Beth’s been like and it hasn’t been pleasant so hopefully we can come up with some strategies. I’ll let you know. xxx

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