Sick as a dog

Finally all the lurgies that have been around this winter have caught up with me. Feeling much better now but I felt like I was hit with a sledgehammer on Sunday night.

We went out for lunch on Sunday with Paul’s family for John’s birthday (Grandpa). It’s a lovely place that’s central to all of us. Beth was a bit off her food which concerned us a bit as she’d been sick from the Friday lunchtime. She kept saying that she wanted to be sick though she wasn’t. On the way home she had the back window open most of the time and she seemed to get a bit better with the fresh air. I on the other hand started to feel dreadful and by the time I got home I had to climb into bed. I was finally sick around 8pm but basically felt like crap for the whole night. Monday morning came and I realised that thank goodness, Paul had taken the day off to help me out. But no, as is always the way, he wasn’t home to help me out at all but because he too felt like crap! Great, I can’t even enjoy being sick in peace! I ended up calling my friend Prue to pick up Bill and Bridie for school and kept Bethie home with me as I still wasn’t sure if she was ok. Bill and Brides were great and can get themselves ready and being a Monday it was lunch order day which was a godsend. I spent the day in bed and Paul spent the day on the couch. Beth seemed to be having a Charlie and Lola marathon as the whole day all I could hear was their theme song! Whatever, as long as I could sleep I really didn’t care!

Tuesday I was nearly back to normal but Paul still wasn’t too well so I took all the kids off to school and went looking at bricks for the new house with my wife Bree in tow. The last thing I wanted was to spend the day at home with a sick man!

Last night the girls had an appointment with Nerida. Nerida is going to send me some information that she thought my readers might be interested in. In America they did a blind trial on 60 autistic kids. 30 of them did the NAET elimination diet on and 30 of them they did a placebo type trial. Of the placebo none of these children were affected. Of the NAET trial children something like 23 of them improved so much that they went from a special school setting to a mainstream school setting. I guess in Beth’s case we wont see such dramatic differences because in some ways she’s not as severe as other autistic kids (though in lots of ways she’s worse) but I would love to see these findings and put them on here for interests sake if nothing else. Nerida is having problems at the moment because people who practice NAET are being sued in Australia for putting any information on their websites about it. Apparently the medical board is saying that it is false advertising. I therefore will put my NAET link to the NAET website in America so that people can read what I am talking about as it is no longer on Nerida’s website, at least for the time being.

Of course we are only in the beginning stages of our treatments but I chose to take my kids there of my own free will and as it is just dietary elimination that we are doing I don’t see any harm.  I wouldn’t profess to be any sort of expert on anything that we try or even try to convince people to do what we do, every treatment is different for every individual. I personally believe that if it doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t break the bank then there’s no harm in trying anything. I also believe that while at this stage there is no cure for autism, there can be improvement as autism can be caused by many different things. Each little improvement that we see is a milestone that people with so called ‘normal’ kids take for granted. I also believe in freedom of speech so am happy to advertise on here something that has already made a difference to our lives. Our most noticable difference is actually with Bridie who talks so much more now to people that she wouldn’t have dreamed of talking to before. And that can’t be refuted, others have commented on the change in her.

Last night both the girls were treated for the same thing, wonder upon wonders! Bridie is clearly sailing through everything though she didn’t have to do the brain testing. Both were treated for vitamin A which was fairly cruisy, no coloured fruits such as bananas, no milk products, no fish. Chicken and chips were fine for dinner. This is supposed to help with bronchial problems and eyesight so will be interesting to see if it aids Beth’s asthma as once again this will be concrete proof of it working. Will let you know.

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