A busy weekend

We had an eventful finish to last week. On Thursday Beth was to be in the grade 3/4 classroom as the grades 5 and 6’s were off to lightning premiership, a sports day. Beth doesn’t participate in sporting events and between myself and the principal we agreed that it is best that she stays back at school during these times. I felt it was unfair on the other children in Beth’s team as she dawdles along, not trying at all. If there is a relay then this means that her team always comes last. I don’t want the other kids resenting Beth for not giving a stuff if she wins or not.

On Thursday when I went to pick the kids up I was called into the principals office. Beth had gotten into the teachers office, rifled through her bag and got her phone out. She then had apparently tried to download applications. She also painted on other kids artwork. I was so angry at her for both things but especially for the fact that other kids things were ruined, something that my poor kids have to put up with. The principal and I discussed what her punishment should be. The next day was fabulous Friday when the kids get extra time outside to play games. It was also the grade 5 and 6 sleepover on the oval. We decided that Beth should miss both of these things. Of course Beth was most upset when I told her this and went wailing out to the car. My friends Bree, Bec and Prue were out there and wondered what had happened as Beth can be very melodromatic when upset by something. Bree said that she held her hand to her forehead, wailing “what has she done to me!” I was so angry at Beth and let her know it too.

When I got home I called Paul to tell him what was going on. His first question to me was why was she left unattended. I hadn’t even thought to ask that question as I was so cross with her. The next afternoon I went to the principal and talked further with her about it. Bree came along with me as I hate anything that may be construed as a confrontation. I was even feeling a bit lightheaded, that must be where Beth gets her melodrama! Bree started off for me then I let the principal know how I felt. She told me that Beth is not funded for an aide for one half of lunchtime and that is when the incident occurred. I asked if there was anything else that could be done and we decided that when she is not aided that she could walk around with the yard duty staff member. If she is with her friends on the oval then she is fine, but when she is by herself then that’s when she looks for trouble. Much as at times she doesn’t want to be supervised, we would explain to her that it is necessary after she did what she did, at least for the time being. I believe it was a good outcome.

I guess my biggest frustration is what Beth is doing. For those of you who read my blog regularly you know that I hate that she has no respect for others property. I hate that she does things that even a 4 or 5 year old would know isn’t the right thing. As I said to the principal though, awful as it is, that’s the way that she is. In our meetings it’s all been about getting her ready for high school and giving her the responsibility of a grade 5 girl. She needs to be more independant and she needs to get used to less supervision. The reality is though is much as that’s what we want for her it just isn’t going to happen. Rather than worry about what will happen if her aide time gets cut in high school, let’s deal with her the way she is now. I’ll worry about that when the time comes. I am constantly diligent in checking what she’s doing when at home or at somebody elses house. If there’s a quiet time I think she’s up to mischief. Often she’s just sitting reading or going through the dvd pile, then I can relax for 5 minutes and have a cuppa with my friends. I always have to check though. She’s into everything. She doesn’t do it to be malicious, she does it just because. She’ll pull pens apart or draw all over herself with them, she chews on whatever she can find, she pulls batteries out of things, anything she can fiddle with she does. She always has and unfortunately she probably always will. I wish it wasn’t true but the only way to stay sane is to try and prevent it from happening.

Saturday I went to my friend Dom’s wedding so the kids were at Bev and John’s for the day. Sunday (yesterday) was Bridie’s birthday party. In the morning Paul took Beth to Donna Williams house for choir which she’s started up again. She set it up in the garden so that the kids could dance around. Beth didn’t want to go but Paul said she had a good time in the end. In the afternoon we went to one of those awful playland centres. Bridie wanted to have it there as a friend had hers there. She got to sit on the throne on wheels and be pushed around with all of the other kids walking behind her in a train singing happy birthday. She loved it and was beaming the whole afternoon. Bethie had a good time though she got told to get out of the toddlers area. She must have looked ridiculous in there, she’s as tall as me now so probably looks odd enough jumping around in a playcentre.

Once again when we all got up this morning Beth tried to pull the sick child on me. Bill had a bit of a cough when he got up and she looked at me and said  “I’m sicker than Bill, cough cough.” I replied with something like “Tough, you’re going to school!” Nice mummy!

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