Wednesday 17th November, 2010

Just a quickie today. I wanted to put a link to the newspaper article that the HAGS got into the local paper. The photo is also here


Please forgive me for the fact that I look like I’m wearing a towel. I blame my stylists for that as they told me that as it was a 33 degree day it was perfectly acceptable and I didn’t need to wear my chiffon wrap that I had brought along for the occasion. Of course the stinking hot day wasn’t captured in the photo nor in the words. Therefore girls I’m afraid you’re fired! I also need to point out that Amanda, you do pissed off very well! We were all told to have serious looks on our faces, hence the non smiles. It does tend to go against what HAGS stands for (Happy Autism Group Support) but it was called for on this occasion.

I’ll also post on here the files that we have sent out to many politicians and also to newspaper and current affair type shows. As an election is looming we thought it was good timing to get out there what our issues are. There are so many more kids like Beth out there, kids who are clearly autistic as far as behaviour is concerned but quite bright with it. It seems that the stereotype is still out there of the child who sits and rocks in a corner and wont let anybody touch them. I’ve met a lot of kids with autism over the years and over 90% of them have been higher functioning and nothing like the movies version of autism. That’s where we need the government to take notice. Get out of your caves and see what is in front of your face now, not what you think is there. I believe that something will be done about this, I fear however that it will be too late for my Bethie and high school. Still, in the wise words of Mary Poppins “If you reach for the stars all you get are the stars. If you reach for heaven you’ll get the stars thrown in.”

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