Monday December 13th 2010

Sorry it’s been a whole week since my last post. You know what it’s like coming up to Christmas, it’s been flat out. We’ve got things on all the time, it’s so hectic.

Last Wednesday we had Sensational Kids. Bethie was a bit all over the place with Rod, not really wanting to cooperate much. They did the going to the movies scenario again but she wasn’t as in to it as she was the first time. She still played along but her heart wasn’t really in it and she fluffed around a lot. Rod’s thinking that next time they play it Beth can be another character such as the movie ticket seller so that she can put herself in their position.

This time we decided that the movie would be Megamind. Rod always puts the hurdles up for Beth and this time she had no idea how to get around them. He was deliberately vague as the ticket seller. Beth went up and asked for 5 tickets to the movies. Rod answered “here’s 5 tickets to Schwartzeneger.” Beth said nothing and came back to me. I pretended to look at the tickets and exclaim that no, I wanted to see Megamind, not Schwartzeneger. Beth then went back and asked for 5 tickets to Megamind. Rod then asked for the money again, so she asked me for more money. I of course said that no, I didn’t want 2 sets of tickets. She didn’t get that she could swap the tickets. Beth also has no concept of money so didn’t get that you couldn’t just get more money to pay. We worked our way through it but she found it very difficult and kept saying that she wanted to go to the toilet, Beth’s way of getting out of something that’s too complicated for her.

Alternatively in Beth’s Occupational Therapy session Whiskers (not her real name!) said that she was really pleased with how Beth cooperated. They did lots of lovely messy play which Beth loves. She seemed to stay on task throughout the whole session. Maybe she needed to do something that didn’t require too much mind work, I guess we can all be a bit like that at times when it’s just too hard.

On the way home I decided that we’d stop in at the shops and Beth could pick some shorts out for herself. I’ve always picked her clothes out but I thought it might be nice for Beth to choose. I love how she looks in gypsy / hippy / boho style clothes but that’s my personal taste. Often if I do take her shopping she picks the total opposite to what I like. I ended up getting lost when I thought I was taking a shortcut. Beth was funny as she said to me “Mum, you need to use the GPS!” She’s so aware and sometimes comes up with real corkers when you think she’s not even paying attention.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. The weekend was busy. Saturday wasn’t too bad, Bridie had swimming lessons. Paul wasn’t well and didn’t go swimming and he and Bill went off to the doctors as Bill still isn’t too well either. In the afternoon Bridie and I made a gingerbread house. Well it’s sort of a gingerbread shanty actually as the roof is on a bit of an angle! I used heaps and heaps of icing to make it stay so it looks like it’s got heaps of snow on it.

Yesterday (Sunday) we had the hags Christmas do, this year at Trees Adventure Park in Belgrave. Just a few families went but it was great fun. I copped out this time as Beth refuses to do it, we stayed on the ground and filmed the others. I can’t really not go as I am the head hag! We then went out for lunch for Amanda and family. Bill was supposed to go to a party in the afternoon but still wasn’t able to eat much so decided not to go. I took Bridie to a party at the local pool, then we went around to my sisters house for dinner as my dad and his wife are going to be away over Christmas. That was lovely, my 2 nieces painted Bridie’s nails which she loved, Beth watched Foxtel which she loved and Bill played electric guitar with my nephew which he loved. We got home at about 8.30, tired but happy.

Only this week to go til the school holidays. Beth tried to pull a sickie on me again this morning but I refused to give in. 1 more week of sanity before they’re all home with me for 6 weeks. I’m going to the movies tomorrow with Bree followed by the last of my Christmas shopping. Wednesday we’ve got a prep mums lunch, Friday I’ve got art class. I’ve got to make the most of it while I can!

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