Friday December 17th 2010

What a crappy old week we’ve had. The fun started on Tuesday. Bree and I had gone to Knox to use some Gold Class movie tickets that have to be used by the end of December. As we were walking in my phone rang. I looked at Bree and said that I’ll bet it’s school calling to say someone’s sick. Of course I was right! I ran around as I had to go to Medicare and a couple of other places that I could only do at the big centres, something I didn’t want to do again before Christmas. I felt like crap too but as usual I was trying to fit lots of me time into the last week of school before insanity strikes and it’s me and the kids for weeks on end.

Poor old Bethie was lying in the sick bay with the covers up. She does do sickness well, she would have been a smelling salts girl if she’d been born a couple of hundred years earlier. She had the cough and was hot and quite listless. I took her to see Dr Mark who said there wasn’t really much I could do, it wasn’t affecting her asthma at all and as she’s on medication it’s hard to give her certain things. Basically we’d have to ride it out. Don’t you hate it that whenever you’re sick you can’t even enjoy it because somebody else is sick too. I had Beth in with me for the night, then Bridie had a nightmare and crawled in too. Paul had somehow managed to go to the pub for the evening (waiting til the kids were in bed mind you) so she had no choice but me. Great.

By the time Wednesday came (the day I’d planned lunch out with other prep mums) Beth had the runs too.  Oh and as a little bonus, she got a blood nose first up. Of course this had to happen just after I’d changed all the sheets and doona covers on my bed. First bloodstains on my relatively new mattress too. Bugger. I’m sure this had nothing to do with her feeling ill, it was just a added extra thrown in.

Thursday (osteo appt and coffee) still much the same. This time it was me who had to go to the doctors but I got the same answer. I want it to be like the old movies when they tell you that you need to recuperate in a sunny climate for 3 or 4 months, chuck a nanny and housekeeper into the mix and make it a place right near the sea. No mention of money of course. I don’t even care if it’s in black and white or if there are ghosts involved! But no, rest (yeah sure, with a sickie home with me) and Merry Christmas. We even had to miss the Christmas Carols at school cos I couldn’t wake Beth up by that time (this is a bonus).

Today is the last day of term. It’s meant to be art class followed by a leisurely lunch before assembly and pickup at 1.30. Instead it’s me trying to watch Paul’s crappy filming of the carols and Beth watching Monsters Inc in between frequent toilet trips. Never mind. 2011 is going to be a fabulous year for me and that’s that!

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