Tuesday December 21st, 2010

4 more sleeps to go. Thank goodness I’ve finished my shopping. I went out for lunch with some old friends from school (I can call them old cos they were in the same class as me!) I ended up stopping in at the shops and getting the last minute things that I needed. Paul says he still has a little bit to do and for some crazy reason he wants to take the kids, so he’s got tonight or tomorrow to do it in. Thursday is his birthday and we’re going to Bev and John’s for a dinner that’s turning out to be bigger than Ben Hur. Friday we’re off to Deb and Neil’s for our family Christmas and Saturday is of course Christmas Day.

Beth still isn’t feeling quite right. Her appetite isn’t back yet, always the sign that she’s not too well. Usually she wolfs through her food before I’ve even sat down at the table. Mind you, I do have drinks, sauce, bread and butter and straws to get after I’ve set their food down. Oh and cutlery and whatever else I’ve forgotten. You get the picture. In the mornings Beth has 3 weetbix, often she has 6. Lately she’s been stirring it around, still saying her obligatory “This porridge is too hot, this porridge is too cold, this porridge is just right” before she starts eating it. She has said this ever since I can remember. She doesn’t do it with porridge, just weetbix. Anyway,there’s been more weetbix left in the bowl than in her tummy. She still has a touch of the runs too. I’ve still got this dreadful cough that I can’t shake and Paul is still not the best. Hopefully we’ll get it all out of the way before Christmas I’ve never known a year like it for sicknesses at this time of year. Heaps of kids from school were away sick in the last week. It’s such a shame to miss the last week of school, it just doesn’t seem right.

We had a quiet day yesterday, I had some tidying to do after spending the whole of last week in bed, and the kids watched endless Christmas movies. Bridie and I did some baking, then eating. The weather lately has been appalling, it’s not like summer weather at all. Today we don’t have much on, I’ll drop the kids around to Bev and John’s for a bit as I have an osteo appointment. Uncle Frank is down from Ballarat so the kids will be happy to see him.

I was very excited when I went onto my Google Analytics site this morning. This is the monitor to see how many visitors I have on my blog every day, how many of them are from search engines and how many are direct traffic or referring sites. I’ve now hit the 3000 individuals mark! More than a third of them are from search engines which means that they would be new visitors. This means that I’m creeping up in the search list results. It’s been over a year since I started writing about our journey and I’ve gathered a few loyal readers along the way so thanks so much for reading guys. Hopefully it’s not been too whingey and bitchy for you! I try to put positive things in but sometimes they’re just not there! I hope you’ll stay with me, I promise next year will bring things bigger and better. xxx

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