Friday January 7th 2011. Nothing much going on

It’s been a really quiet week this week. I’ve spent most of it in bed of course. The kids have been muddling along. Beth and Bill would be happy to be at home all the time if we let them, wearing their pyjamas and watching telly or playing electronic games. I can’t blame them, I like a good veggie day too. Bridie however needs to be kept busy most of the time so poor old Paul has been in and our with her.

Beth’s been a bit argumentative this week but not in a big way. I think she’s been a bit out of sorts as she’s still not fully over what she had. She’s been eating copious amounts of fruit, probably to make her tummy feel better but in turn this gives her the runs. I know Bec has similar issues with Will, if the fruit is left out he will eat it all until it’s gone. Beth will eat apple after apple, banana after banana. She doesn’t seem to get the concept of saving some til later and if there’s 3 bananas in a bunch and I tell her to help herself she’ll just grab another on the way back from putting her peel in the bin. It’s hard to tell her to not eat it as it is fruit after all. She could be like the others and wanting crap all the time.

Paul took them all for a walk yesterday to Grants Picnic Grounds. Beth didn’t want to go but in the end did. When they all got home and I asked them what they did the only thing they could remember was what flavour ice cream they had at the end! Paul then took Bill and Bridie up to the local pool for a swim. They then took Minka up to the vets to get her nails cut. Rivetting stuff indeed!

Paul has a meeting this afternoon so it’ll be the first time for just the kids and I. It’s not for too long and I’ve told Bridie that we’re not doing anything. I’m still feeling quite weak and dizzy at times though the pain is abating. I find though that if I’m up for too long I start to almost sink and I have to go back to bed. Bev and John have once again been wonderful, having the kids the whole time that Paul has been sailing.

I’ve started a new blog this week. As I’ve mentioned on here I’m sick of being the weight I am and I want to make big changes to my body and attitude before moving into the new house. With that in mind I thought it was time to start a new blog rather than writing about what’s going on about ME in Bethie’s blog. I will of course shamelessly promote it on here as I write it!

Well that’s all the news I’ve got here. Sensational Kids isn’t until the week after next. Hopefully I’ll have some more exciting stuff for you next week. Have a good weekend all xxx

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