A late entry for Occupational Therapy Wednesday January 19th 2011

We had the car serviced yesterday at 7.30am of all times. As we were getting into the car Paul handed me the notes from Beth’s Occupational Therapy session at Sensational Kids – from last Wednesday! I hadn’t written anything about it last week because Whiskers (not her real name in case you didn’t guess) and Beth usually have a private session, therefore Paul didn’t see anything. She’s written some great notes here though so I thought I’d share.

Whiskers wrote that they had a great session and that she’s getting to know Beth better and better each session. She’s terrific as she knows how Beth likes her girl friendship group so has got to know Beth from that angle, as a buddy. She said that they had continuous back and forth converstion all session around Beth’s interests – movies, actresses, singers, friends and books. The also chatted a lot while Beth completed activities she enjoys there, swinging, painting and drawing. She also loved doing collages and mixing colours.

Beth had said that her engine was feeling ‘too fast’ in the first half of the session and ‘just right’ while painting. More work in future sessions on recognising and labelling pictures of other people and what their engine speeds seemed to be. This would raise her awareness further as to what speed is the right one for her. I love how Whiskers relates to Beth, they really seem to enjoy each others company and Beth seems to trust her. If Beth doesn’t like what somebody is doing she couldn’t really give a shit about what they have to say (pardon my french). She wont be cooperative and can be very rude. She enjoys going to her O/T sessions which really is half the battle isn’t it?

Whiskers also notes that their conversations are best when she follows Beth’s interests, comment rather than directly questioning all the time. There was a little drawing of Beth with her core group of friends and discussions on what she likes and talks about most with her friends. Funnily enough the first one is Justin Bieber though she rarely talks about him at home. One of the friends in the picture is rather obsessed with him though so I guess that’s why! She also has ipads down there, diary and feeling happy.

She then has a drawing of her seating ideas for school which, while a few things are a bit much, most are quite obtainable. She has her table/desk with the theraband going from one leg to the other for her to kick. We implemented this last year, it’s like a big rubber band and is used in pilates. It gives Beth something to do with her feet, therefore making her better able to concentrate. On the desk is a writing slope board, so that Beth would be writing on an angle. Don’t know if that would be possible. She has a move and sit cusion on her seat which we have tried unsuccessfully before, but there is also the big blow up therapy ball in the tyre which I think they tried last year with success to replace Beth’s chair. There is the chew toy options such as mints or straws, and a fidget toy. The problem with fidget toys with Beth though is that she uses them as chew toys and wrecks them pretty quickly. I guess if she has a chew toy at the same time it could work. Then the Beth suggestions come in. She has written – headphones with music while working, a mini trampoline and a big tunnel on the side for learning time. While in an ideal world it would be lovely to have these things (though not sure about the music) there is the rest of the class to think about. There is also the question of available room as trampolines and tunnels (though this could be collapsed down) take up quite a bit of room. Still, I’ll pass on to our grade 6 teacher and leave it to him.

We’re still having fairly quiet holidays as I’m still not quite well yet. The docs have now put me on steroids starting this morning for 5 days as my heart rate is still up and my blood pressure is still down. If this doesn’t change then they’ll do further tests on my heart but the consensus is that it’s left over issues from the pneumonia as it was a particularly bad bout. Beth has been a bossy little so and so, telling us what she wants with no manners whatsoever. When I got up yesterday, she looked at me and said “Get my breakfast.” Of course I wont do it and we tell her. She then overdramatises the whole thing with the hands clasping in a begging motion. “Can you pleeeeeeaaase get my breakfast mum?” This pleading happens when there is a ‘no’ to anything also which isn’t as cute. Oh well, only 2 weeks left of the holidays – well, 2 weeks and 2 days as my friend Bree kindly pointed out. I’ve missed the majority of them by being in bed and poor old Paul has had a crappy holiday break but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Beth has an appointment at the paediatricians on Friday so will let you know how we go. Have a good week everybody! xx

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