Flat tyres

I had to share a bit of a giggle with you all. As you know my friend Bec has a son who’s autistic too by the name of Will. He’s my boy Bill’s good friend. Last night Bec and I were at our friend Michaelas house for an Intimo party and girly catch up and get together. As I haven’t been out since before school broke up I really enjoyed myself as did all the other girls. Bec has a 4 1/2 month old – Angus – and he was the only one of her children she brought along, leaving her others at home with her husband Emmett.

Bec left the party at about 11.30 last night. At about 11.45 my mobile phone rang and I thought it must have been Paul calling to ask where I was. It was Bec calling to say that she had a flat tyre. I asked if she wanted one of us to come and help out but she had called Emmett. He had to wake the kids up to come and change the tyre and get her home. When they had gotten there she commented that she had no idea why her tyre had gone flat. Will piped up with “I know why Mum, I’ll show you.” He then proceeded to take the little black thing from where you put air in the tyres. “See, I put a bit of bark in here!” It had made the tyre slowly go down. Bec thought it was hilarious and thought she’d call and share it with me. You have to laugh at these things don’t you, otherwise you’d be in tears all the time. And as a little bonus, I could here him yelling at Bec for calling them and making them come and get him. Gotta love this life!

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