A good session at Sensational Kids

Beth is coming down with a bit of a cold at the moment. She does tend to be a bit of a drama queen when it comes to being sick and milks it for all it’s worth. She also seems to get naughtier when she’s not well. She’s been doing lots of fun things such as drawing on herself or on her walls and getting the honey out of the cupboard to squeeze into a spoon. She’s also been really sloppy lately, not taking much care of what she’s doing. Stuff like cleaning her teeth and wiping her mouth on her clean school top. Or this morning, Beth had her weetbix. Her tactile side means that she keeps putting her hands into the weetbix bowl. It doesn’t matter how often I tell her not to she still does it subconsciously. She had done this this morning and I told her to stop. She then ran her hand through her hair. I told her what she’d done and she just looked at me blankly and said “What?!” She drives me mental sometimes.  I often leave her with a flannel when eating and leave the room to do other things.

On the plus side we had a good session yesterday at Sensational Kids. We saw Rod first. He got her to write a story using 4 sentences. She wrote about the Powerpuff girls. She then had to draw a picture about the story which she did, then Rod coloured it in. She did this quite well. Of course her drawing was in precice detail with the right shade of blue, the right coloured hair and bow, everything. You could ask Beth to draw a Mr Men character and she’ll do it right down to how many freckles they have, she’s amazing like that. Rod then wrote a story about himself calling himself Super Rodney! He wrote 2 sentences and got Beth to write 2 sentences. She then drew the picture. Beth did find this a bit harder and chose a superpower for Super Rod that was Violet’s superpower in the Incredibles movie. She does seem to have a great imagination but most of her things are from a movie or TV show that she has filed away. Rod explained that he likes to start out with something fairly easy at the beginning of each session so that there is a ‘win’. This sets the tone for the remainder of the time.

Whiskers has a good session too. She too focussed on the positives rather than the negatives and has formed a close bond with Beth. As she pointed out, why would you tell a stranger how you are feeling. She needed to gain Beth’s trust so that they could talk about things that friends talk about. I’m so pleased with how it is going, Beth just loves going there.

After Sensational Kids Bethie had McDonalds for lunch and I took her to get a haircut. The hairdressers that we go to is excellent. It’s called Zozo’s in Upwey and the staff there are fantastic with Beth. She loves to get her hair washed as we all do, and chatted away to Zoe, asking her lots of questions as she does. It was a good day all around really.

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